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## Welcome to JSON Schema
-This repository contains the current, and historical, JSON Schema
-specifications, along wit a CommonJS implementation (authored by Kris Zyp, one
-of the initiators of JSON Schema).
+This repository contains the current (draft v4) and historical JSON Schema
-## Call for reviews
+## Draft v4 is now the official specification
-Specifications are starting to get written. Reviews, comments and suggestions
-are of paramount importance to JSON Schema. It is humbly asked to you, dear
-reader, that you bring your contribution.
-Proposed specifications are here:
+* <a href="">core specification</a>;
+* <a href="">validation specification</a>;
+* <a href="">hyperschema specification</a>.
-Pull requests _will_ be considered.
+Reviews welcome.
## The wiki
-The <a href="">wiki</a> contains
-a detailed description of JSON Schema, and discussion about the next version of
-the specification.
+The <a href="">wiki</a> is
+currently out of date. It contains a detailed description of all keywords in the
+previous draft for reference.
+Pull requests to bring it up to date will be considered.
## The website
-The JSON Schema web site is at
+JSON Schema has a <a href="">web site</a>.
-Note that the content of the aforementioned web site is available from this
-repository (branch <tt>gh-pages</tt>). Pull requests to improve the content of
-the site will be considered.
+The content of this web site is available from this repository (branch
+<tt>gh-pages</tt>). Pull requests to improve the content of the site are welcome.
## License

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