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Since JSONModel is becoming more and more popular I need to set some ground rules.
# Contribution Rules
Reporting an issue on GitHub
## General Help/Support
<a href="whattoreport"></a>
#### What to report?
If you're struggling to use JSONModel, the following options are available to
Be sure you are reporting either 1) a bug you have discovered or 2) a feature request.
- read the [readme]( in detail
- check out [StackOverflow](
People have been abusing the GitHub issues system for a while to ask all kind of vague questions and I’ve been helping some, but to be honest I just don’t have the time to clarify with the reporting what they need and try to find a solution for each and every case.
You should not open an issue on GitHub if you are simply struggling to
understand JSONModel. Issues are only for bugs and feature requests.
Long story short - make sure you are reporting something and not just asking how this or that is done.
## Issues
<a href="howtoreport"></a>
#### How to report a problem/request a feature?
### Bugs
1. Describe what you expected to happen.
2. What actually happened instead?
3. Add the piece of JSON relevant to the problem
4. Your Objective-C model code.
First and foremost - you must be running the latest version of JSONModel. No
support will be offered if you are running anything other than the latest.
Even if you think you're on the latest version, please quickly check for any new
I need to be able to **reproduce the problem** in order to fix it.
First, create the smallest/simplest possible example which exhibits the bug.
Of course the best would be if you already have fixed the problem yourself, then create a pull request. If you do - before you send a pull request run ALL TEST CASES on both IOS and OSX! Add a test case for what you have fixed, since it obviously haven’t been covered with one if there was a problem to be fixed.
Then open an issue providing the following code:
<a href="helpwithcode"></a>
#### In case you need help with your code/models …
- the JSON you're (de)serializing
- your model class(es) - both interface and implementation
- the code you're running
In case you **do need help** with your code: your best start is to **read the repo README**, many people don’t and it really is the best place to find many answers.
Then explain:
In case the README does not answer your question, try StackOverflow. There’s a **hashtag jsonmodel** - search the questions [answered so far](, and if you don’t find a solution create a new question and give it the tag **jsonmodel**.
- what you expected to happen
- what actually happened
- what debugging steps you have taken
- any additional context/details
Remember: if we can't reproduce the problem, we can't fix it. If we aren't able
to replicate, your issue will be closed.
Please also consider opening a pull request with the fix, if you are able.
### Improvements
Feel free to open an issue requesting a change. Provide the following details:
- what JSONModel should do
- why this would be helpful (use cases, etc.)
- why the existing code is insufficient
- an example of how it could work
The maintainers are quite opinionated about what JSONModel should/shouldn't do,
so be aware that we may not agree with you.
Assuming we agree on a way forward for the change, please consider opening a
pull request with the implementation.
## Pull Requests
### Bugs
Before fixing the bug, you must write a unit test which fails, but should pass.
After that, write the relevant code to fix the bug. Ensure that all tests pass
on **all** platforms.
Then please open a pull request with the changes. If you haven't added unit
any tests to cover the bug, or the tests don't pass, your PR _will not_ be
Please also provide the same details as above.
### Improvements
For any complex changes, please open an issue to discuss the changes before
implementing them. If you implement before discussion, there is a chance that
we will disagree and decide not to merge.
Please also provide the same details as above.
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ can use it in your iOS and macOS apps.
JSONModel automatically introspects your model classes and the structure of your
JSON input and reduces drastically the amount of code you have to write.
See [] file for details on changes.
## Installation
### CocoaPods
@@ -389,20 +391,10 @@ NSString *string = [pm toJSONString];
## Misc
Author: [Marin Todorov](
Contributors: James Billingham, Christian Hoffmann, Mark Joslin, Julien Vignali,
Symvaro GmbH, BB9z. Also everyone who did successful
[pull requests](
Change log: [](
## License
This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.
MIT licensed - see [LICENSE](LICENSE) file
## Contributing
See [](
We love pull requests! See []( file for full details.

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