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Automatically updated conversion of the "pkgsrc" module from
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Latest commit 7ecdca1 fhajny Add security/py-ndg_httpsclient
Failed to load latest commit information.
archivers Fix path to pkgconfig file to get rpath inside again.
audio Add missing includes to
benchmarks Recursive revbump from multimedia/libvpx
biology gets() considered harmful. What is this, 1985? Fixes the build on Ope…
bootstrap Mention where the command tools can be obtained from to save time, as…
cad Remove mk/ usage from the cad category.
chat Update chat/unrealircd to
comms add information about the version, requested by gdt@
converters Changes 1.47.3:
cross Remove mk/ usage from the cross category.
databases Update hiredis to 0.13.3
devel Update devel/py-dialog and devel/py-dialog2 to 3.3.0.
distfiles These files belong to $MASTER_SITE_LOCAL - moved them there!
doc Added security/py-ndg_httpsclient version 0.4.0
editors This file is no longer required after the find-prefix removal.
emulators Update mame to 0.168.
filesystems Changes 2015.3.14:
finance New Tryton release 3.8
fonts Remove mk/ usage from the fonts category.
games Remove mk/ usage from the games category.
geography Added geography/spatialindex version 1.8.5
graphics Try to fix breakage, optionalize x11 on Darwin. Bump.
ham also adjust alsa PLIST for previous change
inputmethod Remove mk/ usage from the inputmethod category.
lang Update php56 to 5.6.16 (PHP 5.6.16).
licenses add NVIDIA firmware license
mail Update mail/msmtp to 1.6.3.
math Add nlopt
mbone Recursive revbump from multimedia/libvpx
meta-pkgs Reset PKGREVISION along with php 5.6.16 update.
misc Update calibre to 2.45.0:
mk Perform interpreter sed(1) check with LC_ALL=C, avoids failures on newer
multimedia Fix build with latest gstreamer-1.
net Update to dhcpcd-6.9.4 with the following changes:
news Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for news category
packages Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more
parallel Remove mk/ usage from the parallel category.
pkgtools Revert. Committer was explicitly asked to not commit that change as it
print Update print/cups-filters to 1.2.0.
regress Recursive PKGREVISION bump for all packages mentioning 'perl',
security Add security/py-ndg_httpsclient
shells Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for shells category
sysutils Updated sysutils/cuisine to 0.7.11.
templates Add a list of options to generated README.html files. Patch from
textproc Update to 1.22
time Add time/py-rfc3339
wm Remove mk/ usage from the wm category.
www Add Following line for make test
x11 Doesn't like nbpax for extraction, so use bsdtar.
Makefile Remove old bulk build code. Use pbulk.
README Refer doc/pkgsrc.txt instead of Packages.txt.
pkglocate Fix PR 39648:


$NetBSD: README,v 1.18 2005/05/07 22:18:28 wiz Exp $

Please see doc/pkgsrc.txt for information.
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