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archivers Fix build on Linux. From Matthias Ferdinand on pkgsrc-users.
audio add patches to fix some nasty crashes in lame. taken from
benchmarks Fix build on SunOS.
biology Use INSTALL_PROGRAM for executables (instead of INSTALL_DATA).
bootstrap Drop xlc compiler information.
cad Fix race condition.
chat Fix format string for (formerly) time_t argument.
comms Update PLIST for doxygen, PKGREVISION++
converters Master site is gone (for 10+ years?), but FreeBSD maintains a
cross PLIST update along with doxygen update 1.8.8 to
databases Update elasticsearch to 1.4.4
devel Update to 2.4.1:
distfiles Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more
doc Updated emulators/mess to 0.159
editors Bump PKGREVISION.
emulators Update mame and mess to 0.159. The usual changes.
filesystems Update to 0.061
finance Update to 1.37. Remove Crypt-SSLeai dependency, add DateTime.
fonts change rpm build dependencies to rpm2cpio
games Update to 2.3.0:
geography SUBDIR += kplex
graphics Remove stale HP-UX bulk build quirks
ham Recursive revbump from audio/pulseaudio.
inputmethod Update to 2.16.2037.102
lang Depend on gtexinfo explicitly to build documentation.
licenses add picodrive-license
mail Update to 0.5.3 (from Petar Bogdanovic).
math Update to 2.07
mbone Re-do the get_timestamp() patch to instead of calling times() use
meta-pkgs Might as well add openjdk8
misc Update to
mk Add mysqlnd, (MySQL native driver) for databases/php-mysql.
multimedia Changes 0.8.2:
net PR pkg/49703: FreeBSD build fix (struct statvfs does not have f_fstyp…
news The SUNET archive is being decomissioned (
packages Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more
parallel Fold PLIST.Linux into PLIST using more plist vars, and add more files
pkgtools add xcb/xkb.h and libxcb-xkb
print Remove stale HP-UX bulk build quirks
regress Do not use a naked "make", instead use TEST_MAKE. Now it fails differ…
security Update to 1.6.3:
shells Fix interpreter path in installed files. Bump PKGREVISION.
sysutils change rpm build dependencies to rpm2cpio
templates Tell users to use "pkg_admin audit" instead of audit-packages.
textproc Remove stale HP-UX bulk build quirks
time Update to 0.4.3:
wm Fix dependencies. Sort.
www Update to 36.0
x11 Update to 1.5.0.
Makefile Remove old bulk build code. Use pbulk.
README Refer doc/pkgsrc.txt instead of Packages.txt.
pkglocate Fix PR 39648:


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