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Automatically updated conversion of the "pkgsrc" module from
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archivers SECURITY: Update cabextract to 1.6.
audio SECURITY: Fix CVE-2014-9640.
benchmarks Fix warnings to build with default clang flags.
biology Use INSTALL_PROGRAM for executables (instead of INSTALL_DATA).
bootstrap typo
cad remove lc
chat Remove navi2ch here as well.
comms Update DeforaOS Phone to version 0.4.2
converters Set MAINTAINER to pkgsrc-users.
cross Update to 4.9.2:
databases Actually create the MYSQL_USER/MYSQL_GROUP pair that this package
devel Update to latest release, 6.9. Fix HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES. Some pa…
distfiles Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more
doc Note update of www/ruby-http package to 0.7.3.
editors navi2ch is gone. Bump revision.
emulators Update to 3.11
filesystems Don't link against potentially non-existent library.
finance Fix PLIST as identified by joerg@.
fonts Change LICENSE=.
games Update hitori to 3.14.3
geography Update to 1.9.4 (leaf).
graphics Supports only x86.
ham (pkgsrc)
inputmethod Set MAINTAINER to pkgsrc-users.
lang Don't mess with sync builtins, it breaks the build with Clang.
licenses add picodrive-license
mail Find builtin XPG4 curses library on 64-bit SunOS.
math Package requires GCC runtime.
mbone Re-do the get_timestamp() patch to instead of calling times() use
meta-pkgs Correct packages' version after changing PHP_BASE_VERS meaning.
misc No need to list the same PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE version mulitpl…
mk As discussed on-list, remove from MASTER_SITE_APACHE …
multimedia Add missing end-of-function marker. Use CFI on NetBSD/ARM.
net Updated to latest release, 3.4.3. Updated and defuzzed patches. Added…
news The SUNET archive is being decomissioned (
packages Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more
parallel config.guess / config.sub are found in very deep subdirectories, adjust.
pkgtools Including <sys/termios.h> on FreeBSD throws a warning. This warning b…
print No need to list the same PYTHON_VERSIONS_INCOMPATIBLE version mulitpl…
regress Package has no distfiles, which is expected.
security Update to last stable release under the polarssl brand. The list of c…
shells Avoid mixing _POSIX_C_SOURCE and C99 on SunOS.
sysutils Add 2 fixes to for amanda-server to work on NetBSD.
templates Tell users to use "pkg_admin audit" instead of audit-packages.
textproc SECURITY: Update xerces-c to 3.1.2.
time Use GITHUB magic.
wm needs iconv(3)
www Update ruby-http to 0.7.3, security fix.
x11 wx-config --ld already has a trailing -o, so just use that.
Makefile Remove old bulk build code. Use pbulk.
README Refer doc/pkgsrc.txt instead of Packages.txt.
pkglocate Fix PR 39648:


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