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bouyer authored
1 This is a serial module for gpsim, connecting the virtual Rx/Tx lines
2 to a pseudo-tty (pty). You can then use your usual serial tools (cu, tip,
3 minicom, etc ...) on this pty as you would do on a real serial port on
4 your Unix workstation.
5 Included is an example loopback program for a pic18f (that is, it will
6 just echo back what you send it). tstloopback.c can be used along with
7 cu or tip (or possibly minicom) to copy an arbitrary file though the
8 serial port and the pic, which allows to check for data corruption
9 (if you notice that 0x11 and 0x13 characters get lost, check for
10 the XON/XOFF status of your pty :)
12 This module has been developed for gpsim from CVS 20040816:
15 For now this has only been tested on NetBSD. It should work without
16 much troubles on others BSDs. More work is needed for other unix-like
17 operating systems (probably require a per pty style).
19 Please address comments, bug-fixes or updates to
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