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$NetBSD: HOWTO-crosscompile-xorg,v 1.5 2009/05/09 14:59:09 joerg Exp $
How to cross-compile modular Xorg on NetBSD
(a) You have to have modular Xorg and the build tools used by it
installed in /usr/pkg (or whatever prefix you want to use for the
cross-compiled packages).
(b) You have run release for the desired platform. Remember
where you wrote the tools to and where the destdir is.
(c) You have to add the following options to your mk.conf:
DEPENDS_TARGET= package-install
X11_TYPE = modular
MACHINE_ARCH= what-to-compile-for
CROSS_DESTDIR= /where/ever/above/destdir/is
TOOLDIR= /where/ever/above/tools/are
The first two activate DESTDIR support, which is required for the
cross-compile infrastructure. The third option tells it to use modular
Xorg. The other four options specify the target platform and the correct
path names and activate cross compiling.
(d) Just run make package e.g. in meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-apps now.
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