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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.226 2012/10/08 19:23:27 adam Exp $
SUBDIR+= AnonymousPro
SUBDIR+= EB-Garamond
SUBDIR+= Symbola-ttf
SUBDIR+= TextFonts-ttf
SUBDIR+= acroread7-chsfont
SUBDIR+= acroread7-chtfont
SUBDIR+= acroread7-font-share
SUBDIR+= acroread7-jpnfont
SUBDIR+= acroread7-korfont
SUBDIR+= acroread9-chsfont
SUBDIR+= acroread9-chtfont
SUBDIR+= acroread9-font-share
SUBDIR+= acroread9-jpnfont
SUBDIR+= acroread9-korfont
SUBDIR+= adobe-cidfonts
SUBDIR+= adobe-cmaps
SUBDIR+= ae-mono-ttf
SUBDIR+= alee-ttf
SUBDIR+= arphic-ttf
SUBDIR+= artwiz-fonts
SUBDIR+= baekmuk-ttf
SUBDIR+= bakoma-fonts
SUBDIR+= bdftopcf
SUBDIR+= biznet-iso8859_2
SUBDIR+= chkfontpath
SUBDIR+= croscorefonts
SUBDIR+= cyberbase-ttf
SUBDIR+= cyberbit-ttf
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-bulgarian-mik
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-ibm-cp866
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-iso10646_0400
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-iso8859_15
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-iso8859_5
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-koi8-o
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-koi8-ru
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-koi8-ub
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-koi8_1
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-mac-cyrillic
#SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-share # only shared files for cyr-rfx-*
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-windows_1251
SUBDIR+= cyr-rfx-winlatin_1
SUBDIR+= dbz-ttf
SUBDIR+= dejavu-ttf
SUBDIR+= droid-ttf
SUBDIR+= efont-unicode
SUBDIR+= encodings
SUBDIR+= fntsample
SUBDIR+= font-adobe-100dpi
SUBDIR+= font-adobe-75dpi
SUBDIR+= font-adobe-utopia-100dpi
SUBDIR+= font-adobe-utopia-75dpi
SUBDIR+= font-adobe-utopia-type1
SUBDIR+= font-alias
SUBDIR+= font-arabic-misc
SUBDIR+= font-bh-100dpi
SUBDIR+= font-bh-75dpi
SUBDIR+= font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi
SUBDIR+= font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi
SUBDIR+= font-bh-ttf
SUBDIR+= font-bh-type1
SUBDIR+= font-bitstream-100dpi
SUBDIR+= font-bitstream-75dpi
SUBDIR+= font-bitstream-type1
SUBDIR+= font-cronyx-cyrillic
SUBDIR+= font-cursor-misc
SUBDIR+= font-daewoo-misc
SUBDIR+= font-dec-misc
SUBDIR+= font-ibm-type1
SUBDIR+= font-isas-misc
SUBDIR+= font-jis-misc
SUBDIR+= font-micro-misc
SUBDIR+= font-misc-cyrillic
SUBDIR+= font-misc-ethiopic
SUBDIR+= font-misc-meltho
SUBDIR+= font-misc-misc
SUBDIR+= font-mutt-misc
SUBDIR+= font-schumacher-misc
SUBDIR+= font-screen-cyrillic
SUBDIR+= font-sony-misc
SUBDIR+= font-sun-misc
SUBDIR+= font-util
SUBDIR+= font-winitzki-cyrillic
SUBDIR+= font-xfree86-type1
SUBDIR+= fontconfig
SUBDIR+= fontforge
SUBDIR+= freefont-ttf
SUBDIR+= freefonts
SUBDIR+= gbdfed
SUBDIR+= gentium-ttf
SUBDIR+= geoslab703-ttf
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-cidfonts
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-cidfonts-ryumin
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-cmaps
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-fonts
SUBDIR+= gsftopkk
SUBDIR+= gucharmap
SUBDIR+= harfbuzz
SUBDIR+= inconsolata-ttf
SUBDIR+= intlfonts
SUBDIR+= ipaexfont
SUBDIR+= ipafont
SUBDIR+= ja-elisat
SUBDIR+= ja-elisau
SUBDIR+= ja-kaname
SUBDIR+= ja-kappa20
SUBDIR+= ja-naga10
SUBDIR+= ja-sazanami-ttf
SUBDIR+= ja-shinonome
SUBDIR+= jisx0208fonts
SUBDIR+= jisx0212fonts
SUBDIR+= jisx0213fonts
SUBDIR+= jmk-fonts
SUBDIR+= kanjistrokeorders-ttf
SUBDIR+= kcfonts
SUBDIR+= kiloji-ttf
SUBDIR+= ko-baekmuk
SUBDIR+= ko-hanyang
SUBDIR+= ko-kaist
SUBDIR+= ko-mizi
SUBDIR+= ko-x11fonts
SUBDIR+= kochi-ttf
SUBDIR+= konatu-ttf
SUBDIR+= liberation-ttf
SUBDIR+= libfontenc
SUBDIR+= linux-libertine-ttf
SUBDIR+= lohit-fonts
SUBDIR+= mftrace
SUBDIR+= mglfonts
SUBDIR+= migu-ttf
SUBDIR+= misaki-fonts
SUBDIR+= mkfontalias
SUBDIR+= mkfontdir
SUBDIR+= mkfontscale
SUBDIR+= mminstance
SUBDIR+= monafonts
SUBDIR+= monafonts-ttf
SUBDIR+= mothanna-ttf
SUBDIR+= motoya-fonts
SUBDIR+= mozilla-fonts
SUBDIR+= mplayer-fonts
SUBDIR+= ms-ttf
SUBDIR+= nanum-ttf
SUBDIR+= otf2bdf
SUBDIR+= oto
SUBDIR+= p5-Font-AFM
SUBDIR+= p5-Font-TTF
SUBDIR+= p5-Font-TTFMetrics
SUBDIR+= pcf2bdf
SUBDIR+= profont
SUBDIR+= proggy-fonts
SUBDIR+= ps2pkm
SUBDIR+= py-TTFQuery
SUBDIR+= py-fonttools
SUBDIR+= ricty-ttf
SUBDIR+= roboto-fonts
SUBDIR+= ruby-ttfunk
SUBDIR+= sgi-fonts
SUBDIR+= sourcesans-fonts
SUBDIR+= t1lib
SUBDIR+= t1utils
SUBDIR+= takao-fonts-ttf
SUBDIR+= tamsyn-font
SUBDIR+= terminus-font
SUBDIR+= tex-adobemapping
SUBDIR+= tex-ae
SUBDIR+= tex-ae-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-amsfonts
SUBDIR+= tex-amsfonts-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-arphic
SUBDIR+= tex-arphic-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-avantgar
SUBDIR+= tex-bbold
SUBDIR+= tex-bbold-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-bbold-type1
SUBDIR+= tex-bbold-type1-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-bera
SUBDIR+= tex-bera-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-bookman
SUBDIR+= tex-charter
SUBDIR+= tex-charter-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-cm
SUBDIR+= tex-cm-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-cm-super
SUBDIR+= tex-cm-super-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-cm-unicode
SUBDIR+= tex-cm-unicode-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-cmcyr
SUBDIR+= tex-cmcyr-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-cmextra
SUBDIR+= tex-cmsd
SUBDIR+= tex-cmsd-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-cns
SUBDIR+= tex-cns-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-collection-fontsrecommended
SUBDIR+= tex-collection-fontsrecommended-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-courier
SUBDIR+= tex-ec
SUBDIR+= tex-ec-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-eco
SUBDIR+= tex-eco-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-esint
SUBDIR+= tex-esint-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-euenc
SUBDIR+= tex-euenc-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-euro-ce
SUBDIR+= tex-euro-ce-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-eurofont
SUBDIR+= tex-eurofont-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-eurosans
SUBDIR+= tex-eurosans-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-eurosym
SUBDIR+= tex-eurosym-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-fontname
SUBDIR+= tex-fontname-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-fontspec
SUBDIR+= tex-fontspec-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-fourier
SUBDIR+= tex-fourier-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-fpl
SUBDIR+= tex-fpl-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-garuda-c90
SUBDIR+= tex-glyphlist
SUBDIR+= tex-helvetic
SUBDIR+= tex-ipaex
SUBDIR+= tex-ipaex-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-japanese-otf
SUBDIR+= tex-japanese-otf-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-kotex-base
SUBDIR+= tex-kotex-base-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-latex-fonts
SUBDIR+= tex-lcyw
SUBDIR+= tex-lcyw-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-lh
SUBDIR+= tex-lh-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-lm
SUBDIR+= tex-lm-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-luaotfload
SUBDIR+= tex-luaotfload-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-ly1
SUBDIR+= tex-ly1-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-manfnt
SUBDIR+= tex-marvosym
SUBDIR+= tex-marvosym-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-mathpazo
SUBDIR+= tex-mathpazo-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-metafont
SUBDIR+= tex-mflogo
SUBDIR+= tex-mflogo-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-mfware
SUBDIR+= tex-ncntrsbk
SUBDIR+= tex-norasi-c90
SUBDIR+= tex-ocr-b
SUBDIR+= tex-ocr-b-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-palatino
SUBDIR+= tex-psnfss
SUBDIR+= tex-psnfss-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-pxfonts
SUBDIR+= tex-pxfonts-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-rsfs
SUBDIR+= tex-rsfs-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-stmaryrd
SUBDIR+= tex-stmaryrd-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-symbol
SUBDIR+= tex-tex-gyre
SUBDIR+= tex-tex-gyre-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-times
SUBDIR+= tex-tipa
SUBDIR+= tex-tipa-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-ttfutils
SUBDIR+= tex-ttfutils-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-txfonts
SUBDIR+= tex-txfonts-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-uhc
SUBDIR+= tex-uhc-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-utopia
SUBDIR+= tex-utopia-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-wadalab
SUBDIR+= tex-wadalab-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-wasy
SUBDIR+= tex-wasy-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-wasysym
SUBDIR+= tex-wasysym-doc
SUBDIR+= tex-zapfchan
SUBDIR+= tex-zapfding
SUBDIR+= thaixfonts
SUBDIR+= ttf2pk
SUBDIR+= ttf2pt1
SUBDIR+= ttftot42
SUBDIR+= ttmkfdir2
SUBDIR+= type1inst
SUBDIR+= umefont-ttf
SUBDIR+= un-core-ttf
SUBDIR+= un-extra-ttf
SUBDIR+= uni-vga
SUBDIR+= uralic-ttf
SUBDIR+= urbanrenewal-ttf
SUBDIR+= urw-fonts
SUBDIR+= vera-ttf
SUBDIR+= vfontcap-kochi
SUBDIR+= vlgothic-ttf
SUBDIR+= watanabe_vfont
SUBDIR+= xmbdfed
.include "../mk/misc/"
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