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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.115 2012/07/15 02:35:21 dholland Exp $
COMMENT= X11 window managers, configuration tools, and themes
SUBDIR+= 3ddesktop
SUBDIR+= 9wm
SUBDIR+= aewm++
SUBDIR+= afterstep
SUBDIR+= amaterus
SUBDIR+= amiwm
SUBDIR+= awesome
SUBDIR+= bbkeys
SUBDIR+= bbkeys09
SUBDIR+= bbpager
SUBDIR+= bbpager04
SUBDIR+= bbrun
SUBDIR+= blackbox
SUBDIR+= blackbox70
SUBDIR+= bmpanel2
SUBDIR+= bsetroot
SUBDIR+= ccsm
SUBDIR+= compiz
SUBDIR+= compiz-fusion-plugins-extra
SUBDIR+= compiz-fusion-plugins-main
SUBDIR+= ctwm
SUBDIR+= cwm
SUBDIR+= dwm
SUBDIR+= e16menuedit2
SUBDIR+= echinus
SUBDIR+= enlightenment
SUBDIR+= ethemes
SUBDIR+= evilwm
SUBDIR+= fluxbox
SUBDIR+= fluxconf
SUBDIR+= fluxter
SUBDIR+= flwm
SUBDIR+= fvwm
SUBDIR+= fvwm-devel
SUBDIR+= fvwm-themes
SUBDIR+= fvwm1
SUBDIR+= golem
SUBDIR+= icecc
SUBDIR+= icewm
SUBDIR+= icewm-imlib
SUBDIR+= icewmconf
SUBDIR+= ion
SUBDIR+= jwm
SUBDIR+= larswm
SUBDIR+= lwm
SUBDIR+= matchbox-wm
SUBDIR+= metacity
SUBDIR+= metisse
SUBDIR+= mlvwm
SUBDIR+= musca
SUBDIR+= notion
SUBDIR+= novawm
SUBDIR+= obpager
SUBDIR+= olvwm
SUBDIR+= openbox
SUBDIR+= oroborox
SUBDIR+= oroborus
SUBDIR+= pekwm
SUBDIR+= piewm
SUBDIR+= pwm
SUBDIR+= py-tyle
SUBDIR+= ratpoison
SUBDIR+= sawfish
SUBDIR+= scrotwm
SUBDIR+= selectwm
SUBDIR+= skippy
SUBDIR+= tvtwm
SUBDIR+= twm
SUBDIR+= uwm
SUBDIR+= vtwm
SUBDIR+= w9wm
SUBDIR+= waimea
SUBDIR+= wampager
SUBDIR+= wbar
SUBDIR+= weewm
SUBDIR+= windowlab
SUBDIR+= windowmaker
SUBDIR+= wm2
SUBDIR+= wmakerconf
SUBDIR+= wmctrl
SUBDIR+= wmextra
SUBDIR+= wmi
SUBDIR+= wmii
SUBDIR+= wmthemes
SUBDIR+= wmx
SUBDIR+= wmx-gnome
SUBDIR+= xfce4-wm
SUBDIR+= xfce4-wm-themes
.include "../mk/misc/"
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