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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.128 2012/09/20 06:44:28 jaapb Exp $
COMMENT= Archivers
SUBDIR+= advancecomp
SUBDIR+= afio
SUBDIR+= arc
SUBDIR+= archangel
SUBDIR+= arj
SUBDIR+= ark
SUBDIR+= bicom
SUBDIR+= bsdtar
SUBDIR+= bunzip
SUBDIR+= bzip2
SUBDIR+= cabextract
SUBDIR+= dact
SUBDIR+= dar
SUBDIR+= fastjar
SUBDIR+= fcrackzip
SUBDIR+= file-roller
SUBDIR+= freeze
SUBDIR+= gcpio
SUBDIR+= gsharutils
SUBDIR+= gtar
SUBDIR+= gtar-base
SUBDIR+= gtar-info
SUBDIR+= gzip
SUBDIR+= gzrecover
SUBDIR+= heirloom-tar
SUBDIR+= hpack
SUBDIR+= jamjar
SUBDIR+= lbrate
SUBDIR+= lcab
SUBDIR+= lha
SUBDIR+= lhasa
SUBDIR+= libarchive
SUBDIR+= libcomprex
SUBDIR+= liblzo
SUBDIR+= libzip
SUBDIR+= lzip
SUBDIR+= lziprecover
SUBDIR+= lzma
SUBDIR+= lzmalib
SUBDIR+= lzo
SUBDIR+= lzop
SUBDIR+= macutil
SUBDIR+= makeself
SUBDIR+= mousetar
SUBDIR+= mscompress
SUBDIR+= nomarch
SUBDIR+= nulib2
SUBDIR+= ocaml-bz2
SUBDIR+= ocaml-zip
SUBDIR+= p5-Archive-Any
SUBDIR+= p5-Archive-Peek
SUBDIR+= p5-Archive-Tar
SUBDIR+= p5-Archive-Zip
SUBDIR+= p5-Compress-Bzip2
SUBDIR+= p5-Compress-LZMA-Simple
SUBDIR+= p7zip
SUBDIR+= par2
SUBDIR+= pax
SUBDIR+= pbzip2
SUBDIR+= pdbar
SUBDIR+= php-bz2
SUBDIR+= php-zip
SUBDIR+= php-zlib
SUBDIR+= pigz
SUBDIR+= ppmd
SUBDIR+= ppunpack
SUBDIR+= rar
SUBDIR+= rox-archive
SUBDIR+= ruby-archive-tar-minitar
SUBDIR+= ruby-bz2
SUBDIR+= ruby-libarchive
SUBDIR+= ruby-xz
SUBDIR+= ruby-zip
SUBDIR+= rzip
SUBDIR+= sapcar
SUBDIR+= sarab
SUBDIR+= squsq
SUBDIR+= star
SUBDIR+= szip
SUBDIR+= torrentzip
SUBDIR+= unace
SUBDIR+= unace-bin
SUBDIR+= unalz
SUBDIR+= unarj
SUBDIR+= undms
SUBDIR+= unlzx
SUBDIR+= unrar
SUBDIR+= unshield
SUBDIR+= unzip
SUBDIR+= unzoo
SUBDIR+= upx
SUBDIR+= xbin
SUBDIR+= xmill
SUBDIR+= xpk
SUBDIR+= zip
SUBDIR+= zoo
SUBDIR+= zutils
SUBDIR+= zziplib
.include "../mk/misc/"
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