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$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.2 2006/10/06 22:14:44 reed Exp $
Please make sure the file /etc/ppp/options exists, and there is a symbolic
link from your modem device to /dev/modem.
You need to install:
${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/xisp/ip-down to /etc/ppp
${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/xisp/ip-up to /etc/ppp
${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/xisp/peers/xisp_modem to /etc/ppp/peers
${LOCALBASE}/share/examples/xisp/peers/xisp_dialer to /etc/ppp/peers
and make sure the file ownerships are set for user "root" and group
"${DIALER_GROUP}" to be able to fully use this package.