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TNT, the hostmode terminal program needs a TNC with TheFirmware connected
on a serial interface. There are some applications, where other
configurations are needed:
- The TNC or PR-controller software is not compatible to TheFirmware and
its hostmode, but does support KISS mode
- The interface is not on a HF-frequency, but a TCP/IP-based network
(local net or internet)
- TNT together with DPBox shall be used directly connected to a digipeater
using KISS mode (hopefully with CRC) as interface
To handle these applications, TFKISS was written. It is in fact a port
of the original TheFirmware by NORD><LINK, written for TNC2-hardware.
The low level interfaces were changed and adapted to Linux. On the
radio side a KISS- and an AXIP-interface take the place of the HDLC/modem
interface. The host connection is changed to a direct console interface (for
terminal mode) and a socket interface (for TNT).
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