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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.933 2012/09/27 06:10:06 jnemeth Exp $
COMMENT= Networking tools
SUBDIR+= 3proxy
SUBDIR+= 6tunnel
SUBDIR+= DarwinStreamingServer
SUBDIR+= Geomyidae
SUBDIR+= Radicale
SUBDIR+= Transmission
SUBDIR+= Transmission-gui
SUBDIR+= adns
SUBDIR+= aget
SUBDIR+= aiccu
SUBDIR+= airport2basestationconfig
SUBDIR+= airportbasestationconfig
SUBDIR+= airportmodemutility
SUBDIR+= amule
SUBDIR+= aoe-vblade
SUBDIR+= apollo
SUBDIR+= argus
SUBDIR+= aria2
SUBDIR+= arla
SUBDIR+= arp-scan
SUBDIR+= arpd
SUBDIR+= arping
SUBDIR+= arpwatch
SUBDIR+= autonet
SUBDIR+= avahi
SUBDIR+= awhois
SUBDIR+= balance
SUBDIR+= barnyard
SUBDIR+= batchftp
SUBDIR+= bftpd
SUBDIR+= bind96
SUBDIR+= bind97
SUBDIR+= bind98
SUBDIR+= bind99
SUBDIR+= bing
SUBDIR+= bird
SUBDIR+= bird6
SUBDIR+= bittornado
SUBDIR+= bittornado-gui
SUBDIR+= bittorrent
SUBDIR+= bittorrent-gui
SUBDIR+= bmon
SUBDIR+= bounce
SUBDIR+= bpalogin
SUBDIR+= bridged
SUBDIR+= bsddip
SUBDIR+= btget
SUBDIR+= btpd
SUBDIR+= bug-buddy
SUBDIR+= cacti
SUBDIR+= calypso
SUBDIR+= cdpd
SUBDIR+= cftp
SUBDIR+= chimera
SUBDIR+= chksniff
SUBDIR+= choparp
SUBDIR+= choqok
SUBDIR+= chrony
SUBDIR+= cia
SUBDIR+= cidr
SUBDIR+= cisco-mibs
SUBDIR+= citrix_ica
SUBDIR+= clisp-rawsock
SUBDIR+= clive
SUBDIR+= cmu-dhcpd
SUBDIR+= cntlm
SUBDIR+= coda
SUBDIR+= coherence
SUBDIR+= coilmq
SUBDIR+= connect
SUBDIR+= corkscrew
SUBDIR+= couriertcpd
SUBDIR+= csup
SUBDIR+= dante
SUBDIR+= darkstat
SUBDIR+= dc_gui2
SUBDIR+= dcsharp
SUBDIR+= dctc
SUBDIR+= ddclient
SUBDIR+= delegate
SUBDIR+= dgd
SUBDIR+= dhcpcd
SUBDIR+= dhcpcd-dbus
SUBDIR+= dhcpcd-gtk
SUBDIR+= dhcpd-pools
SUBDIR+= dhid
SUBDIR+= dhisd
SUBDIR+= djbdns
SUBDIR+= djbdns-run
SUBDIR+= dlint
SUBDIR+= dnscap
SUBDIR+= dnscheck
SUBDIR+= dnsdoctor
SUBDIR+= dnsmasq
SUBDIR+= dnstop
SUBDIR+= dnstracer
SUBDIR+= docsis
SUBDIR+= driftnet
SUBDIR+= drill
SUBDIR+= dtcp
SUBDIR+= dtcpclient
SUBDIR+= dtorrent
SUBDIR+= dynipclient
SUBDIR+= echoping
SUBDIR+= ed2k-gtk-gui
SUBDIR+= edonkey2k
SUBDIR+= ekiga
SUBDIR+= entropy
SUBDIR+= ether2dns
SUBDIR+= etherape
SUBDIR+= ettercap
SUBDIR+= ettercap-NG
SUBDIR+= ez-ipupdate
SUBDIR+= fair-identd
SUBDIR+= fetch
SUBDIR+= filezilla
SUBDIR+= firewalk
SUBDIR+= flickcurl
SUBDIR+= flodo
SUBDIR+= flow-tools
SUBDIR+= fmirror
SUBDIR+= fpdns
SUBDIR+= fping
SUBDIR+= fping6
SUBDIR+= freeDiameter
SUBDIR+= freenet-tools
SUBDIR+= freeradius
SUBDIR+= freeradius2
SUBDIR+= freewais-sf
SUBDIR+= ftplibpp
SUBDIR+= ftpproxy
SUBDIR+= gated
SUBDIR+= gethost
SUBDIR+= gift
SUBDIR+= gift-fasttrack
SUBDIR+= gift-gnutella
SUBDIR+= gift-openft
SUBDIR+= giftcurs
SUBDIR+= gini
SUBDIR+= gitso
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-multiping
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-snmp
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-wireless
SUBDIR+= glib-networking
SUBDIR+= gnapfetch
SUBDIR+= gnet
SUBDIR+= gnet1
SUBDIR+= gnetcat
SUBDIR+= gnome-netstatus
SUBDIR+= gnome-nettool
SUBDIR+= gnome-vfs-smb
SUBDIR+= gnugk
SUBDIR+= gofish
SUBDIR+= gopher
SUBDIR+= gsnmp
SUBDIR+= gssdp
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-libnice
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-mms
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-rtmp
SUBDIR+= gst-plugins0.10-soup
SUBDIR+= gt-itm
SUBDIR+= gtk-gnutella
SUBDIR+= gtk-vnc
SUBDIR+= gtk_wicontrol
SUBDIR+= gupnp
SUBDIR+= gupnp-av
SUBDIR+= gupnp-igd
SUBDIR+= gupnp-tools
SUBDIR+= haproxy
SUBDIR+= hesiod
SUBDIR+= hf6to4
SUBDIR+= hlfl
SUBDIR+= host
SUBDIR+= howl
SUBDIR+= hping
SUBDIR+= hping3
SUBDIR+= httping
SUBDIR+= httptunnel
SUBDIR+= iana-etc
SUBDIR+= icsi-finger
SUBDIR+= iftop
SUBDIR+= inadyn
SUBDIR+= ipcalc
SUBDIR+= ipcheck
SUBDIR+= iperf
SUBDIR+= ipgrab
SUBDIR+= iplog
SUBDIR+= ipv6calc
SUBDIR+= ipw
SUBDIR+= irrd
SUBDIR+= irrtoolset5
SUBDIR+= isc-dhclient4
SUBDIR+= isc-dhcp4
SUBDIR+= isc-dhcpd4
SUBDIR+= isc-dhcrelay4
SUBDIR+= ishell
SUBDIR+= isic
SUBDIR+= istgt
SUBDIR+= jftpgw
SUBDIR+= jigdo
SUBDIR+= jumpgate
SUBDIR+= jwhois
SUBDIR+= kdenetwork3
SUBDIR+= kdenetwork4
SUBDIR+= kftpgrabber
SUBDIR+= kiax
SUBDIR+= kismet
SUBDIR+= kmldonkey
SUBDIR+= kmldonkey-kde3
SUBDIR+= knock
SUBDIR+= kphone
SUBDIR+= ktorrent
SUBDIR+= ktorrent-kde3
SUBDIR+= lambdamoo
SUBDIR+= lambdamoo-core
SUBDIR+= lambdamoo-doc
SUBDIR+= latd
SUBDIR+= ldns
SUBDIR+= lft
SUBDIR+= lftp
SUBDIR+= libares
SUBDIR+= libasyncns
SUBDIR+= libbind
SUBDIR+= libcares
SUBDIR+= libdlna
SUBDIR+= libdmapsharing
SUBDIR+= libdnet
SUBDIR+= libfetch
SUBDIR+= libgdata
SUBDIR+= libktorrent
SUBDIR+= liblive
SUBDIR+= libmms
SUBDIR+= libnice
SUBDIR+= libnids
SUBDIR+= libnipper
SUBDIR+= libpcap
SUBDIR+= libquvi
SUBDIR+= libquvi-scripts
SUBDIR+= libradius
SUBDIR+= libsoup24
SUBDIR+= libsscript
SUBDIR+= libtorrent
SUBDIR+= libtrace
SUBDIR+= libupnp
SUBDIR+= libvncserver
SUBDIR+= linc
SUBDIR+= llnlxdir
SUBDIR+= llnlxftp
SUBDIR+= logjam
SUBDIR+= lopster
SUBDIR+= lua-socket
SUBDIR+= mDNSResponder
SUBDIR+= mDNSResponder-nss
SUBDIR+= maradns
SUBDIR+= mbrowse
SUBDIR+= mcast-tools
SUBDIR+= md-whois
SUBDIR+= microdc2
SUBDIR+= mikutter
SUBDIR+= miniupnpd
SUBDIR+= miredo
SUBDIR+= mirror
SUBDIR+= mldonkey
SUBDIR+= mldonkey-gui
SUBDIR+= modpcap
SUBDIR+= mono-nat
SUBDIR+= monotorrent
SUBDIR+= monsoon
SUBDIR+= mosh
SUBDIR+= mouse-pppoe
SUBDIR+= mping
SUBDIR+= mppe-lkm
SUBDIR+= mrstat
SUBDIR+= mrt
SUBDIR+= mrtg
SUBDIR+= msdl
SUBDIR+= mtftpd
SUBDIR+= mtr
SUBDIR+= mydns-mysql
SUBDIR+= mydns-pgsql
SUBDIR+= nagios-base
SUBDIR+= nagios-nrpe
SUBDIR+= nagios-nsca
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugin-ldap
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugin-mysql
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugin-pgsql
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugin-radius
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugin-snmp
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugin-spamd
SUBDIR+= nagios-plugins
SUBDIR+= nagstamon
SUBDIR+= nam
SUBDIR+= nap
SUBDIR+= napshare
SUBDIR+= nasd
SUBDIR+= nbtscan
SUBDIR+= ncftp3
SUBDIR+= nemesis
SUBDIR+= net-snmp
SUBDIR+= net6
SUBDIR+= netatalk
SUBDIR+= netbsd-iscsi-initiator
SUBDIR+= netbsd-iscsi-target
SUBDIR+= netcat
SUBDIR+= netcat6
SUBDIR+= netdisco
SUBDIR+= netgroup
SUBDIR+= netname
SUBDIR+= netpipes
SUBDIR+= nfdump
SUBDIR+= ngrep
SUBDIR+= nicotine
SUBDIR+= nicovideo-dl
SUBDIR+= nidentd
SUBDIR+= nipper
SUBDIR+= nload
SUBDIR+= nmap
SUBDIR+= nocol
SUBDIR+= nprobe
SUBDIR+= nsd
SUBDIR+= nslint
SUBDIR+= nstx
SUBDIR+= ntop
SUBDIR+= ntp4
SUBDIR+= ocamlnet
SUBDIR+= ocsinventory-agent
SUBDIR+= oidentd
SUBDIR+= oinkmaster
SUBDIR+= omniNotify
SUBDIR+= openag
SUBDIR+= openh323
SUBDIR+= openntpd
SUBDIR+= openresolv
SUBDIR+= openslp
SUBDIR+= openvmps
SUBDIR+= openvpn
SUBDIR+= openvpn-acct-wtmpx
SUBDIR+= openwbem
SUBDIR+= ortp
SUBDIR+= overnet
SUBDIR+= p5-Cisco-Abbrev
SUBDIR+= p5-DNS-ZoneParse
SUBDIR+= p5-Danga-Socket
SUBDIR+= p5-Data-Stream-Bulk
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-IP
SUBDIR+= p5-Geo-IPfree
SUBDIR+= p5-IO-Interface
SUBDIR+= p5-IO-Socket-INET6
SUBDIR+= p5-IO-Socket-Multicast
SUBDIR+= p5-IP-Country
SUBDIR+= p5-Net
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Akismet
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Amazon
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Amazon-S3
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Bind
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Bonjour
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-CIDR-Lite
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-CIDR-Set
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-DBus
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-DNS-Zone-Parser
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-DNSServer
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Daemon
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Dev-MIBLoadOrder
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Frame
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Frame-Dump
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Frame-Layer-IPv6
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Frame-Simple
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-GitHub
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Gnats
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Google
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Google-AuthSub
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Google-Code
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-INET6Glue
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-IP
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-IPv4Addr
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-IPv6Addr
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Ident
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Interface
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Jifty
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-LDAP-Server
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-LibIDN
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Libdnet
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Libdnet6
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-NBName
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-OAuth
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-OpenID-Consumer
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Packet
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Pcap
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-RawIP
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-SNMP-Mixin
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Server
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Server-Coro
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Server-SS-PreFork
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Telnet
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Trac
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Twitter
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Write
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-XWhois
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-Z3950-ZOOM
SUBDIR+= p5-Net-eBay
SUBDIR+= p5-NetAddr-IP
SUBDIR+= p5-NetPacket
SUBDIR+= p5-Nmap-Parser
SUBDIR+= p5-POE-Component-Client-DNS
SUBDIR+= p5-POE-Component-Client-Ident
SUBDIR+= p5-POE-Component-SNMP
SUBDIR+= p5-RT-Client-REST
SUBDIR+= p5-RadiusPerl
SUBDIR+= p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler
SUBDIR+= p5-SNMP_Session
SUBDIR+= p5-SOAP-Transport-TCP
SUBDIR+= p5-Socket6
SUBDIR+= p5-Test-DNS
SUBDIR+= p5-Test-TCP
SUBDIR+= p5-Umph-Prompt
SUBDIR+= p5-WebService-Google-Reader
SUBDIR+= p5-X500-DN
SUBDIR+= p5-eBay-API
SUBDIR+= p5-gcap
SUBDIR+= p5-grake
SUBDIR+= p5-umph
SUBDIR+= packit
SUBDIR+= parpd
SUBDIR+= partysip
SUBDIR+= pchar
SUBDIR+= pconsole
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_DIME
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_IDNA2
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_LDAP2
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_SMTP
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_Sieve
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_Socket
SUBDIR+= pear-Net_URL
SUBDIR+= pen
SUBDIR+= perlbal
SUBDIR+= pfnet
SUBDIR+= php-ftp
SUBDIR+= php-geoip
SUBDIR+= php-snmp
SUBDIR+= php-soap
SUBDIR+= php-sockets
SUBDIR+= php-xmlrpc
SUBDIR+= php-yaz
SUBDIR+= pim6dd
SUBDIR+= pim6sd
SUBDIR+= pload
SUBDIR+= poink
SUBDIR+= polsms
SUBDIR+= poptop
SUBDIR+= portmap
SUBDIR+= powerdns
SUBDIR+= powerdns-ldap
SUBDIR+= powerdns-mysql
SUBDIR+= powerdns-pgsql
SUBDIR+= powerdns-recursor
SUBDIR+= powerdns-sqlite
SUBDIR+= pppd
SUBDIR+= pptp
SUBDIR+= proftpd
SUBDIR+= proxycheck
SUBDIR+= proxytunnel
SUBDIR+= publicfile
SUBDIR+= puf
SUBDIR+= pure-ftpd
SUBDIR+= pxe
SUBDIR+= py-adns
SUBDIR+= py-boto
SUBDIR+= py-dns
SUBDIR+= py-dpkt
SUBDIR+= py-foolscap
SUBDIR+= py-google
SUBDIR+= py-kenosis
SUBDIR+= py-libdnet
SUBDIR+= py-libpcap
SUBDIR+= py-medusa
SUBDIR+= py-omniORBpy
SUBDIR+= py-pcap
SUBDIR+= py-s3cmd
SUBDIR+= py-soaplib
SUBDIR+= py-soappy
SUBDIR+= py-spreadmodule
SUBDIR+= py-suds
SUBDIR+= py-twisted
SUBDIR+= py-twisted-docs
SUBDIR+= py-zmq
SUBDIR+= py-zsi
SUBDIR+= pygopherd
SUBDIR+= qadsl
SUBDIR+= quagga
SUBDIR+= queryperf
SUBDIR+= quvi
SUBDIR+= ra-rtsp-proxy
SUBDIR+= rabbitmq
SUBDIR+= radiusclient-ng
SUBDIR+= radiusd-cistron
SUBDIR+= rancid
SUBDIR+= rbldnsd
SUBDIR+= rdesktop
SUBDIR+= rdist6
SUBDIR+= remmina
SUBDIR+= remmina-plugins
SUBDIR+= rinetd
SUBDIR+= rootprobe
SUBDIR+= rp-l2tp
SUBDIR+= rp-pppoe
SUBDIR+= rsync
SUBDIR+= rtmpdump
SUBDIR+= rtorrent
SUBDIR+= ruby-addressable
SUBDIR+= ruby-amq-client
SUBDIR+= ruby-amq-protocol
SUBDIR+= ruby-amqp
SUBDIR+= ruby-dnsruby
SUBDIR+= ruby-domain_name
SUBDIR+= ruby-icmp
SUBDIR+= ruby-net-ldap
SUBDIR+= ruby-net-ping
SUBDIR+= ruby-netaddr
SUBDIR+= ruby-rubytter
SUBDIR+= ruby-snmp
SUBDIR+= ruby-soap4r
SUBDIR+= ruby-stompserver
SUBDIR+= ruby-tweetstream
SUBDIR+= ruby-twitter-stream
SUBDIR+= samba
SUBDIR+= samba30
SUBDIR+= samba33
SUBDIR+= samba35
SUBDIR+= scamper
SUBDIR+= scapy
SUBDIR+= scdp
SUBDIR+= scli
SUBDIR+= sdig
SUBDIR+= sdist
SUBDIR+= sendfile
SUBDIR+= ser
SUBDIR+= sharity-light
SUBDIR+= sipcalc
SUBDIR+= sipsak
SUBDIR+= sitescooper
SUBDIR+= skype1
SUBDIR+= skype21
SUBDIR+= slurm
SUBDIR+= smokeping
SUBDIR+= sniffit
SUBDIR+= snmptt
SUBDIR+= snort
SUBDIR+= snort-rules
SUBDIR+= socat
SUBDIR+= socket++
SUBDIR+= socks4
SUBDIR+= socks5
SUBDIR+= solaris-tap
SUBDIR+= speedtouch
SUBDIR+= spegla
SUBDIR+= spread
SUBDIR+= spreadlogd
SUBDIR+= srsh
SUBDIR+= sslh
SUBDIR+= ssmping
SUBDIR+= ssync
SUBDIR+= stripes
SUBDIR+= sup
SUBDIR+= synergy
SUBDIR+= synergy1.2
SUBDIR+= sysmon
SUBDIR+= tacacs
SUBDIR+= tacacs-shrubbery
SUBDIR+= tcl-scotty
SUBDIR+= tcpdmerge
SUBDIR+= tcpdpriv
SUBDIR+= tcpdstat
SUBDIR+= tcpdump
SUBDIR+= tcpflow
SUBDIR+= tcpick
SUBDIR+= tcpillust
SUBDIR+= tcpreplay
SUBDIR+= tcpslice
SUBDIR+= tcptrace
SUBDIR+= tcptraceroute
SUBDIR+= teamspeak-client
SUBDIR+= teamspeak-server
SUBDIR+= tightvnc
SUBDIR+= tightvncviewer
SUBDIR+= tinc
SUBDIR+= tinyfugue
SUBDIR+= tkined
SUBDIR+= tn5250
SUBDIR+= tnftp
SUBDIR+= tnftpd
SUBDIR+= tor
SUBDIR+= torrentutils
SUBDIR+= totd
SUBDIR+= traceroute-as
SUBDIR+= traceroute-nanog
SUBDIR+= trafshow
SUBDIR+= trickle
SUBDIR+= tsclient
SUBDIR+= tsocks
SUBDIR+= tspc
SUBDIR+= ttt
SUBDIR+= twitux
SUBDIR+= ucarp
SUBDIR+= ucspi-ssl
SUBDIR+= ucspi-tcp
SUBDIR+= udns
SUBDIR+= udpcast
SUBDIR+= udptunnel
SUBDIR+= unbound
SUBDIR+= unfs3
SUBDIR+= unison
SUBDIR+= unison2.32
SUBDIR+= unworkable
SUBDIR+= upclient
SUBDIR+= upnpinspector
SUBDIR+= urlgfe
SUBDIR+= userppp
SUBDIR+= uucp
SUBDIR+= vcheck
SUBDIR+= vde
SUBDIR+= vinagre
SUBDIR+= vino
SUBDIR+= vnc
SUBDIR+= vncviewer
SUBDIR+= vnstat
SUBDIR+= vpnc
SUBDIR+= vsftpd
SUBDIR+= vtun
SUBDIR+= wakeup
SUBDIR+= walker
SUBDIR+= wap-utils
SUBDIR+= waste
SUBDIR+= wget
SUBDIR+= wgetpaste
SUBDIR+= whatmask
SUBDIR+= whois3
SUBDIR+= whoson
SUBDIR+= wide-dhcpv6
SUBDIR+= wimon
SUBDIR+= wireshark
SUBDIR+= wistumbler
SUBDIR+= wistumbler2
SUBDIR+= wistumbler2-gtk
SUBDIR+= wmget
SUBDIR+= wminet
SUBDIR+= wmnd
SUBDIR+= wmnet
SUBDIR+= wmpload
SUBDIR+= wol
SUBDIR+= wpa_gui
SUBDIR+= wpa_supplicant
SUBDIR+= wu-ftpd
SUBDIR+= x2vnc
SUBDIR+= xfce4-wavelan-plugin
SUBDIR+= xipdump
SUBDIR+= xmftp
SUBDIR+= xnap
SUBDIR+= xorp
SUBDIR+= xrmftp
SUBDIR+= xtraceroute
SUBDIR+= xymon
SUBDIR+= xymonclient
SUBDIR+= yafc
SUBDIR+= yale-tftpd
SUBDIR+= yaz
SUBDIR+= youtube-dl
SUBDIR+= ytalk
SUBDIR+= ywho
SUBDIR+= zeromq
SUBDIR+= zsync
.include "../mk/misc/"
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