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What Is XView
XView (X Window-System-based Visual/Integrated Environment for Workstations)
is a user-interface toolkit to support interactive, graphics-based
applications running under the X Window System. XView provides a set of
pre-built, user-interface objects such as canvases, scrollbars, menus, and
control panels. The appearance and functionality of these objects follow
the OPEN LOOK Graphical User Interface (GUI) specification. XView features
an object-oriented style Application Programmer's Interface (API) that is
straightforward and easy to learn.
This package contains all the configurations files needed for use of
the XView libraries and applications.
Source Notes
This version of the XView source corresponds to that provided with
OpenWindows Version 3.2 from SunSoft Inc. Libraries generated with this
source should be interchangeable with those from the OpenWindows Version 3.2
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