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$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.10 2012/06/27 09:24:26 bsiegert Exp $
SHA1 (libvolume_id-0.81.1.tar.bz2) = 3d2f22654042e5995d119d61d2aecf4b5d8efb8a
RMD160 (libvolume_id-0.81.1.tar.bz2) = 222fbe2ff595eeedafe41c9c47987ead34aa455e
Size (libvolume_id-0.81.1.tar.bz2) = 23399 bytes
SHA1 (patch-aa) = 68b3030ef498ab9ff27c0b62058ddb23e76d6593
SHA1 (patch-ab) = 709986c593edb4f429b23db15dc394b82e897537
SHA1 (patch-ac) = 1c4e5607bc185a1727981379285ef411877c4e43
SHA1 (patch-ad) = eaeec1ae864eda190a53f2d177113abc6283b430
SHA1 (patch-ae) = 9382586dab03ed7691d26b029d930940dc3e7302
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