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This module is a helper for installing, reading and finding configuration
file locations. It's intended to work in every supported Perl5 environment
and will always try to Do The Right Thing(tm).
File::ConfigDir is a module to help out when perl modules (especially
applications) need to read and store configuration files from more than one
location. Writing user configuration is easy thanks to File::HomeDir, but
what when the system administrator needs to place some global configuration
or there will be system related configuration (in /etc on UNIX(tm) or
$ENV{windir} on Windows(tm)) and some network configuration in nfs mapped
/etc/p5-app or $ENV{ALLUSERSPROFILE} . "\\Application Data\\p5-app",
File::ConfigDir has no "do what I mean" mode - it's entirely up to the user
to pick the right directory for each particular application.
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