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$NetBSD: CHANGES-1997,v 1.1 2002/09/19 12:45:29 lukem Exp $
Changes to the packages collection and infrastructure in 1997:
Added top package [agc 1997-10-03]
Added autoconf package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added automake package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added boehm-gc package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added gindent package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added gmake package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added icon package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added id-utils package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added jpeg package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added m4 package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added noweb package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added perl5 package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added png package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added scheme48 package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added tcl80 package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added tiff package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added vile package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added xemacs package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added xpm package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added xvile package [agc 1997-10-06]
Added 9menu package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added 9term package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added 9wm package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added Xg package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added gtexinfo package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added rc package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added rclock package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added rxvt package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added sam package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added swisswatch package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added tk80 package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added xfishtank package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added xmascot package [agc 1997-10-09]
Added mit-pthreads package [agc 1997-10-10]
Added amanda package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added astrolog package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added buffer package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added cal package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added chord package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added colorls package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added dotfile package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added emacs package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added fd package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added fep package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added figlet package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added git package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added gnuls package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added jive package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added kp package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added lile package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added logsurfer package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added mc package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added most package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added p5-Array-PrintCols package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added p5-Business-CreditCard package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added p5-Locale-Codes package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added p5-Search package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added rpm package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added screen package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added splitvt package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added team package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added tkcron package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added tkinfo package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added tkman package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added unclutter package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added xgas package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added xless package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added xpns package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added xtimer package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added zorro package [hubertf 1997-10-11]
Added netpbm package [agc 1997-10-15]
Added mawk package [agc 1997-10-16]
Added libutf package [agc 1997-10-23]
Added ssam package [agc 1997-10-23]
Added es package [agc 1997-10-24]
Added tcsh package [agc 1997-10-24]
Added wily package [agc 1997-10-24]
Added xosview package [agc 1997-10-24]
Added zsh package [agc 1997-10-24]
Added arc package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added bash2 package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added bzip package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added freeze package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added gdbm package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added ha package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added lha package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added mirror package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added ncurses package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added rar package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added scsh package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added unarj package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added unrar package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added unzip package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added zip package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added zoo package [hubertf 1997-10-27]
Added amp package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added cam package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added cddbd package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added gsm package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added maplay package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added mikmod package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added mpg123 package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added nspmod package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added rplay package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added sox package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added splay package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added timidity package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added tosha package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added tracker package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added xcd package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added xcdplayer package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added xmcd package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added xmix package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added xmmix package [augustss 1997-10-28]
Added joe package [explorer 1997-10-29]
Added mkisofs package [agc 1997-10-29]
Added rtty package [agc 1997-10-29]
Added glimpse package [hubertf 1997-10-30]
Added rman package [hubertf 1997-10-30]
Added lesstif package [hubertf 1997-11-02]
Added Mesa package [hubertf 1997-11-03]
Added xlockmore package [hubertf 1997-11-03]
Added asclock package [hubertf 1997-11-09]
Added ircII package [hubertf 1997-11-09]
Added sirc package [hubertf 1997-11-09]
Added tkirc package [hubertf 1997-11-09]
Added fvwm2 package [hubertf 1997-11-10]
Added cdrecord package [thorpej 1997-11-13]
Added crashme package [agc 1997-11-14]
Added libslang package [hubertf 1997-11-18]
Added sdr package [is 1997-11-18]
Added bing package [agc 1997-11-19]
Added vic package [is 1997-11-19]
Added exmh V2.0zeta package [agc 1997-11-19]
Added metamail 2.7 package [agc 1997-11-19]
Added nmh 0.17 package [agc 1997-11-19]
Added vat package [is 1997-11-20]
Added xv V3.10a package [agc 1997-11-20]
Added socks5 package [agc 1997-11-21]
Added pine package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added ghostscript5 V5.03 package [augustss 1997-11-22]
Added p5-Data-Dumper package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added p5-MD5 package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added p5-MIME-Base64 package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added p5-Net package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added p5-Tk package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added p5-libwww package [hubertf 1997-11-22]
Added scotty package [hubertf 1997-11-23]
Added teTeX package [hubertf 1997-11-23]
Added imm package [is 1997-11-24]
Added lynx package [agc 1997-11-26]
Added xsnow package [is 1997-12-02]
Added qt package [drochner 1997-12-03]
Added windowmaker package [explorer 1997-12-08]
Added cvs package [hubertf 1997-12-10]
Added xplot package [thorpej 1997-12-11]
Added mpeg-lib package [agc 1997-12-13]
Added xkeycaps package [agc 1997-12-13]
Added ImageMagick package [agc 1997-12-14]
Added ssh package [hubertf 1997-12-14]
Added sunclock package [agc 1997-12-14]
Added sudo package [hubertf 1997-12-14]
Added tcptrace package [thorpej 1997-12-14]
Added ttcp package [thorpej 1997-12-14]
Added knews package [hubertf 1997-12-17]
Added ctwm package [hubertf 1997-12-18]
Added samba package [agc 1997-12-24]
Added Xaw3d package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added gv package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added xautolock package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kdebase package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kdesupport package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kdelibs package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kdegames package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kdeutils package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kdenetwork package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added giflib package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added linux_lib package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added kde package [hubertf 1997-12-29]
Added xkobo package [hubertf 1997-12-30]
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