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WikipediaFS is a mountable virtual file system that allows to read and
edit articles from Wikipedia (or any Mediawiki-based site) as if they
were real files.
It is thus possible to view and edit articles using your favourite
text-editor. Text-editors tend to be more convenient than a simple
browser form when it comes to editing large texts and they generally
include useful features such as Mediawiki syntax highlighting and
spell checking.
Advanced usage of WikipediaFS includes easy development of scripts and
bots. Programs simply have to deal with normal files because this is
WikipediaFS which takes care of the HTTP layer. For example, it would
be possible to use WikipediaFS to perform a massive content migration
from an existing site to a Mediawiki.
* Reading and editing articles, including subpages.
* User * configuration : add your own Mediawiki.
* Editing with your login
* HTTPS, HTTP authentication, proxy.
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