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GdkPixbuf is a new GNOME library designed to solve part of Imlib's
design limitations that make it hard to write efficient and highly
modular applications. The GdkPixbuf library provides a basic,
reference counted structure called GdkPixbuf. This structure points
to a block of image data, has fields that describe the format of the
image data, and also contains a reference count. The library also
provides a simple mechanism for loading images from files, and a more
sophisticated mechanism for loading images progressively from
arbitrary buffers. It also provides utility functions to transform
pixbufs and render them to GDK drawables.
The GdkPixBuf library provides a number of features:
* Image loading facilities.
* Rendering of a GdkPixBuf into various formats:
drawables (windows, pixmaps), GdkRGB buffers.
This is the gtk 2 version of gdk-pixbuf. It got
included natively in gtk2+ and was split out again in revision 2.22.
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