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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.53 2012/08/19 08:14:38 obache Exp $
COMMENT= Input method tools and libraries
SUBDIR+= Chinput
SUBDIR+= anthy
SUBDIR+= anthy-elisp
SUBDIR+= canna
SUBDIR+= canna-canuum
SUBDIR+= canna-dict
SUBDIR+= canna-lib
SUBDIR+= canna-server
SUBDIR+= dbskkd-cdb
SUBDIR+= fcitx
SUBDIR+= gcin
SUBDIR+= gtk-im-libthai
SUBDIR+= ibus
SUBDIR+= ibus-anthy
SUBDIR+= ibus-array
SUBDIR+= ibus-chewing
SUBDIR+= ibus-el
SUBDIR+= ibus-handwrite
SUBDIR+= ibus-hangul
SUBDIR+= ibus-input-pad
SUBDIR+= ibus-m17n
SUBDIR+= ibus-pinyin
SUBDIR+= ibus-qt
SUBDIR+= ibus-skk
SUBDIR+= ibus-t9
SUBDIR+= ibus-table
SUBDIR+= ibus-table-chinese
SUBDIR+= ibus-table-others
SUBDIR+= ibus-tegaki
SUBDIR+= ibus-unikey
SUBDIR+= iiimecf
SUBDIR+= im-ja
SUBDIR+= imhangul
SUBDIR+= imhangul_status_applet
SUBDIR+= input-pad
SUBDIR+= ja-freewnn-lib
SUBDIR+= ja-freewnn-server
SUBDIR+= kasumi
SUBDIR+= kimera
SUBDIR+= kimera-tomoe-gtk
SUBDIR+= kinput2
SUBDIR+= libchewing
SUBDIR+= libchewing02
SUBDIR+= libhangul
SUBDIR+= libskk
SUBDIR+= libtabe
SUBDIR+= m17n-im-config
SUBDIR+= multiskkserv
SUBDIR+= nabi
SUBDIR+= novel-pinyin
SUBDIR+= p5-zinnia
SUBDIR+= prime
SUBDIR+= prime-dict
SUBDIR+= prime-el
SUBDIR+= py-input-pad
SUBDIR+= py-zinnia
SUBDIR+= ruby-zinnia
SUBDIR+= scim
SUBDIR+= scim-anthy
SUBDIR+= scim-array
SUBDIR+= scim-canna
SUBDIR+= scim-ccinput
SUBDIR+= scim-chewing
SUBDIR+= scim-fcitx
SUBDIR+= scim-hangul
SUBDIR+= scim-input-pad
SUBDIR+= scim-m17n
SUBDIR+= scim-pinyin
SUBDIR+= scim-prime
SUBDIR+= scim-python
SUBDIR+= scim-sinhala
SUBDIR+= scim-skk
SUBDIR+= scim-tables
SUBDIR+= scim-tables-vietnamese-ext
SUBDIR+= scim-tegaki
SUBDIR+= scim-thai
SUBDIR+= scim-tomoe
SUBDIR+= scim-uim
SUBDIR+= scim-unikey
SUBDIR+= sj3
SUBDIR+= sj3-client
SUBDIR+= sj3-server
SUBDIR+= skk
SUBDIR+= skk-jisyo
SUBDIR+= skk-jisyo-cdb
SUBDIR+= skkfep
SUBDIR+= skkinput
SUBDIR+= skkserv
SUBDIR+= skktools
SUBDIR+= tegaki-pygtk
SUBDIR+= tegaki-python
SUBDIR+= tegaki-recognize
SUBDIR+= tegaki-tools
SUBDIR+= tegaki-train
SUBDIR+= tegaki-wagomu
SUBDIR+= tegaki-wagomu-japanese
SUBDIR+= tegaki-wagomu-japanese-joyo
SUBDIR+= tegaki-wagomu-japanese-kyoiku
SUBDIR+= tegaki-wagomu-simplified-chinese
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-japanese
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-japanese-joyo
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-japanese-kyoiku
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-japanese-light
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-simplified-chinese
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-simplified-chinese-light
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-traditional-chinese
SUBDIR+= tegaki-zinnia-traditional-chinese-light
SUBDIR+= tomoe
SUBDIR+= tomoe-gtk
SUBDIR+= uim
SUBDIR+= uim-elisp
SUBDIR+= uim-tomoe-gtk
SUBDIR+= unicon-im
SUBDIR+= xcin
SUBDIR+= zinnia
SUBDIR+= zinnia-tomoe
.include "../mk/misc/"
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