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Scm is a portable R5RS Scheme implementation written in C.
* Support for SICP, R2RS, R3RS, and R5RS scheme code.
* Is fully documented in TeXinfo form, allowing documentation to be
generated in info, TeX, html, nroff, and troff formats.
* Supports inexact real and complex numbers, 30 bit immediate integers
and large precision integers.
* Many Common Lisp functions: logand, logor, logxor, lognot, ash,
logcount, integer-length, bit-extract, defmacro, macroexpand,
macroexpand1, gentemp, defvar, force-output, software-type,
get-decoded-time, get-internal-run-time, get-internal-real-time,
delete-file, rename-file, copy-tree, acons, and eval.
* Char-code-limit, most-positive-fixnum, most-negative-fixnum, and
internal-time-units-per-second constants. *Features* and
*load-pathname* variables.
* Arrays and bit-vectors. String ports and software emulation ports.
I/O extensions providing ANSI C and POSIX.1 facilities.
* Interfaces to standard libraries
* Available add-on packages including an interactive debugger, database,
X-window graphics, BGI graphics, Motif, and Open-Windows packages.
* A compiler (HOBBIT) and dynamic linking of compiled modules.
* User definable responses to interrupts and errors,
Process-syncronization primitives. Setable levels of monitoring
and timing information printed interactively (the verbose function).
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