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Use this software package at your own risk. The programmer or Cubic Circle
cannot be held liable for any incurred damages, directly or indirectly due to
the use or inability to use this software.
You are encouraged to distribute this package freely. This package or
any part thereof or any work derived from it, is however not to be sold
(minor transfer costs excepted) or included in any commercially sold software
package (if you want to do this anyway, contact me (address below), and we'll
work something out).
If you distribute it, you must leave the package intact; under no circumstance
shall the copyright messages and/or banner greetings be removed, changed or
suppressed. You are not allowed to take parts from this distribution and
distribute these separately. If you redistribute this package in a modified
form, make it absolutely clear which parts you changed.
If you have some important changes that might be useful to the rest of the
world, contact me instead.
This software package can essentially be used free of charge. However,
if you are running an Internet Service Provider business (or even if you're
not, but are simply overwhelmed by this sudden feeling of generosity,
don't fight it, let it take over :-), you are respectfully requested to donate
a certain amount of money in order to make it possible for us to keep
producing free software.
What will it buy you? Free upgrades, a subscription to the bugfixes and
announcements mailinglist, a lifetime of high-priority E-mail support,
a firsthand look at any other fine quality software we produce (and, free
publicity, if (only if) you express the desire to be part of any promotional
campaign we might setup).
The cost depends on how many users you serve. Say you serve N users.
To calculate the donation fee insert it in the following formula:
US$ 200 * ( 1 - ( 0.995 ^ N ) )
You can send the money in cash dollar bills, or as a check (please add
$25 for handling, in that case). Other currencies accepted are the equivalent
in English pounds, German marks, and Dutch guilders. The total cost should be
well below the amount that you'll save due to reduced support calls from your
customers complaining about your E-mail service :-).
Do not forget to include a note detailing your E-mail address. You'll
receive an official invoice and a confirmation in return that you have been
registered and enrolled on the mailinglist. The snail-mail address to send
the money and registration to is listed at the end of this document.
If you need an invoice before sending the money, contact me by E-mail first.
"What happens if I don't pay?" Well, at first, nothing, of course.
Then you'll realise you miss out on all of the support features listed above.
Next your conscious will start nagging (well, maybe not if you're
evil). Eventually you'll beg me to accept money (except the really evil
people). After some time, we'll eventually find out that you haven't
paid (since the Internet reaches everywhere, there really is no place
to hide, we'll find you, it's only a matter of time), in which case you
and your company's name will make it onto our well-published list of
organisations that use it, but do not want to pay.
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