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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.68 2012/08/18 16:33:35 chs Exp $
COMMENT= Collections of other packages
SUBDIR+= boost
SUBDIR+= c++-gnome-bindings
SUBDIR+= compiz-fusion
SUBDIR+= courier
SUBDIR+= desktop-gnome
SUBDIR+= fxtv-capture
SUBDIR+= gimp-docs
SUBDIR+= gnome
SUBDIR+= gnome-admin
SUBDIR+= gnome-devtools
SUBDIR+= gnome-mobile
SUBDIR+= gnome-platform
SUBDIR+= gnuradio
SUBDIR+= gnustep
SUBDIR+= gstreamer0.10-plugins
SUBDIR+= kde3
SUBDIR+= kde4
SUBDIR+= matchbox
SUBDIR+= modular-xorg
SUBDIR+= modular-xorg-apps
SUBDIR+= modular-xorg-drivers
SUBDIR+= modular-xorg-fonts
SUBDIR+= modular-xorg-libs
SUBDIR+= modular-xorg-protos
SUBDIR+= mono-gnome-bindings
SUBDIR+= netbsd-doc
SUBDIR+= netbsd-doc-print
SUBDIR+= netbsd-www
SUBDIR+= p5-gnome-bindings
SUBDIR+= php53-extensions
SUBDIR+= php54-extensions
SUBDIR+= pkg_developer
SUBDIR+= pkgsrc-guide-tools
SUBDIR+= pulseaudio-tools
SUBDIR+= py-gnome-bindings
SUBDIR+= ruby-gnome2
SUBDIR+= suse100
SUBDIR+= suse121
SUBDIR+= web-server
SUBDIR+= windowmaker-desktop
SUBDIR+= xfce4
SUBDIR+= xfce4-extras
.include "../mk/misc/"
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