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$NetBSD: TODO,v 1.5 2004/02/17 08:59:44 jlam Exp $
TODO items
* Make the error where pkgviews packages depend on overwrite packages
less obfuscated.
* Teach linkfarm to do tree-folding a la GNU stow.
* Correct handling of pkgconfig *.pc files.
Package views integration plan:
(1) Modify pkgsrc internals ( & friends) to build and
install depoted packages if PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPE is set to
"pkgviews" in the package Makefile, and to add the depoted
package to the default view. The depoted package will include
all of its metadata files in the depot directory, and we rely
on pkg_view to copy the metadata files into /var/db/pkg as
part of adding the package to the default view. We only
support the default view. Depoted packages will install into
${LOCALBASE}/packages and the default view will be through
${LOCALBASE} for all packages.
Using this infrastructure, depoted packages that have been added to
the default view should look and feel like a non-depoted package in
all respects, down to what you find in /var/db/pkg/${PKGNAME}, so
non-depoted packages can depend on depoted packages without change.
(2) Migrate non-USE_X11BASE and non-USE_IMAKE packages to set
PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPE to "pkgviews". Depoted packages can only
depend on other depoted packages. A depoted package will have
<deppkg_dir>/lib and ${LOCALBASE}/lib in the run-time library
search path (-Wl,-R*) so that wildcard dependencies on library
packages will still work (so long as the major number of the shlib
hasn't increased).
At this point, all packages in pkgsrc except for those that define
USE_X11BASE or USE_IMAKE will be depoted.
(3) Make xpkgwedge the default for pkgsrc. It would be nice to
enhance xpkgwedge in some way so that a package could be compiled
with the correct defaults for finding app-defaults files without
having the user fiddle with environment variables.
This is a flag day change and will require bumping the PKGREVISIONs
for every single USE_X11BASE and USE_IMAKE package and all packages
that depend on them.
(4) Migrate the USE_X11BASE and USE_IMAKE packages to set
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