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$NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.16 2010/08/06 19:21:26 drochner Exp $
SHA1 (pth-2.0.7.tar.gz) = 9a71915c89ff2414de69fe104ae1016d513afeee
RMD160 (pth-2.0.7.tar.gz) = 80bc66777ba20d9648b7aaf3f58d593be6416910
Size (pth-2.0.7.tar.gz) = 652640 bytes
SHA1 (patch-ab) = 8495e25d31dadc9f0b56e48950eecf3e895a9f30
SHA1 (patch-ac) = d3683f603c3e4f1826b55967639823b3295d1fb7
SHA1 (patch-ad) = e93bd19c9f66e78d5d91dcb9dd3096bdc5d5b092
SHA1 (patch-ae) = 97e9546ce894a100b889dfacbd19e6c1cc1de87f
SHA1 (patch-af) = 13aba228b9e8d8bedeac4018073c4fa5b3652caf
SHA1 (patch-ag) = 66ba441a4efc85af4ef498d846d7ebc1115f3dcc
SHA1 (patch-aj) = f155cac115446efce191b859d92900d1ea3bc44b
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