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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.355 2012/07/14 19:50:46 wiz Exp $
SUBDIR+= 0verkill
SUBDIR+= 4stAttack
SUBDIR+= KoboDeluxe
SUBDIR+= LostPixels
SUBDIR+= REminiscence
SUBDIR+= abuse
SUBDIR+= adom
SUBDIR+= alephone
SUBDIR+= amaze
SUBDIR+= angband-tty
SUBDIR+= angband-x11
SUBDIR+= anise
SUBDIR+= aop
SUBDIR+= asc
SUBDIR+= asciiquarium
SUBDIR+= atomix
SUBDIR+= bastet
SUBDIR+= battalion
SUBDIR+= battleball
SUBDIR+= billardgl
SUBDIR+= blindmine
SUBDIR+= blinken
SUBDIR+= blokus
SUBDIR+= bluemoon
SUBDIR+= bomberclone
SUBDIR+= bos
SUBDIR+= boson
SUBDIR+= bridge-hands
SUBDIR+= bzflag
SUBDIR+= cbzone
SUBDIR+= ccgo
SUBDIR+= cgoban
SUBDIR+= cgoban-java
SUBDIR+= chest
SUBDIR+= chromium-bsu
SUBDIR+= circuslinux
SUBDIR+= civctp-demo
SUBDIR+= cmatrix
SUBDIR+= colchess
SUBDIR+= colchess-book-colchess
SUBDIR+= colchess-book-large
SUBDIR+= corewars
SUBDIR+= crack-attack
SUBDIR+= crack-attack-sounds
SUBDIR+= craft
SUBDIR+= crafty
SUBDIR+= crafty-book-medium
SUBDIR+= crafty-book-small
SUBDIR+= crafty-doc
SUBDIR+= crimsonfields
SUBDIR+= criticalmass
SUBDIR+= crossfire-client
SUBDIR+= crossfire-client-gtk
SUBDIR+= crossfire-client-gtk2
SUBDIR+= crossfire-server
SUBDIR+= d2x
SUBDIR+= dd2
SUBDIR+= defendguin
SUBDIR+= digger
SUBDIR+= dipmap
SUBDIR+= doom1
SUBDIR+= dopewars
SUBDIR+= duckmaze
SUBDIR+= dungeon
SUBDIR+= eboard
SUBDIR+= enigma
SUBDIR+= eus-demo
SUBDIR+= exchess
SUBDIR+= exchess-book-medium
SUBDIR+= exchess-book-small
SUBDIR+= exult
SUBDIR+= falcons-eye
SUBDIR+= fillets-ng
SUBDIR+= fillets-ng-data
SUBDIR+= finalbattle
SUBDIR+= fire
SUBDIR+= fkiss
SUBDIR+= flightgear
SUBDIR+= flightgear-data
SUBDIR+= fltk-sudoku
SUBDIR+= foobillard
SUBDIR+= fortune-strfile
SUBDIR+= fortunes-calvin
SUBDIR+= fortunes-de
SUBDIR+= fortunes-futurama
SUBDIR+= fortunes-h2g2
SUBDIR+= freeciv-client
SUBDIR+= freeciv-manual
SUBDIR+= freeciv-server
SUBDIR+= freeciv-share
SUBDIR+= freedroid
SUBDIR+= freesci
SUBDIR+= frotz
SUBDIR+= frozen-bubble
SUBDIR+= fruit
SUBDIR+= galaxa
SUBDIR+= gamazons
SUBDIR+= gate88
SUBDIR+= gbrainy
SUBDIR+= gcompris
SUBDIR+= gemdropx
SUBDIR+= genecys-client
SUBDIR+= genecys-data
SUBDIR+= ggz-client-libs
SUBDIR+= glaxium
SUBDIR+= glickomania
SUBDIR+= gltron
SUBDIR+= gnome-games
SUBDIR+= gnome-games-extra-data
SUBDIR+= gnome-mastermind
SUBDIR+= gnuchess
SUBDIR+= gnuchess-book
SUBDIR+= gnuchess-book-medium
SUBDIR+= gnuchess4
SUBDIR+= gnugo
SUBDIR+= gogui
SUBDIR+= golddig
SUBDIR+= greed
SUBDIR+= grhino
SUBDIR+= gtetrinet
SUBDIR+= gtkballs
SUBDIR+= gtklevel9
SUBDIR+= gtkmagnetic
SUBDIR+= gturing
SUBDIR+= heretic2-demo
SUBDIR+= hex-a-hop
SUBDIR+= holtz
SUBDIR+= hugo
SUBDIR+= icbm3d
SUBDIR+= icebreaker
SUBDIR+= imaze
SUBDIR+= ioquake3
SUBDIR+= ioquake3-pk3
SUBDIR+= ivan
SUBDIR+= jetpack
SUBDIR+= jools
SUBDIR+= kajaani-kombat
SUBDIR+= kanagram
SUBDIR+= kanatest
SUBDIR+= kapooka
SUBDIR+= kdegames3
SUBDIR+= kdegames4
SUBDIR+= kdetoys3
SUBDIR+= kdetoys4
SUBDIR+= ketm
SUBDIR+= khangman
SUBDIR+= knightcap
SUBDIR+= knightcap-brain
SUBDIR+= knights
SUBDIR+= koth
SUBDIR+= kye
SUBDIR+= lbreakout
SUBDIR+= lbreakout2
SUBDIR+= level9
SUBDIR+= lgeneral
SUBDIR+= lgeneral-data
SUBDIR+= libggz
SUBDIR+= lincity
SUBDIR+= lincity-ng
SUBDIR+= liquidwar
SUBDIR+= lmarbles
SUBDIR+= lnl
SUBDIR+= lpairs
SUBDIR+= ltris
SUBDIR+= maelstrom-sdl
SUBDIR+= maelstrom-x11
SUBDIR+= majesty-demo
SUBDIR+= marathon-trilogy
SUBDIR+= minami
SUBDIR+= mirrormagic
SUBDIR+= mirrormagic-sdl
SUBDIR+= monsterz
SUBDIR+= moon-buggy
SUBDIR+= moria
SUBDIR+= nagi
SUBDIR+= nethack
SUBDIR+= nethack-lib
SUBDIR+= nethack-qt
SUBDIR+= nethack-tty
SUBDIR+= nethack-x11
SUBDIR+= netmaj
SUBDIR+= netmaze
SUBDIR+= netris
SUBDIR+= neverball
SUBDIR+= newvox
SUBDIR+= nighthawk
SUBDIR+= ninvaders
SUBDIR+= omega
SUBDIR+= onscripter
SUBDIR+= openmortal
SUBDIR+= openttd
SUBDIR+= openttd-data
SUBDIR+= orbital_eunuchs_sniper
SUBDIR+= pag
SUBDIR+= pingus
SUBDIR+= pioneers
SUBDIR+= plib
SUBDIR+= pokerth
SUBDIR+= polyglot
SUBDIR+= powder
SUBDIR+= powermanga
SUBDIR+= powwow
SUBDIR+= prboom
SUBDIR+= puzzles
SUBDIR+= py-trueskill
SUBDIR+= pysolfc
SUBDIR+= pytraffic
SUBDIR+= qnetwalk
SUBDIR+= qonk
SUBDIR+= qstat
SUBDIR+= quake
SUBDIR+= quake2forge
SUBDIR+= quake3arena
SUBDIR+= quake3arena-demo
SUBDIR+= quake3server
SUBDIR+= quake3server-excessive
SUBDIR+= quake3server-osp
SUBDIR+= quake3server-ra3
SUBDIR+= quake3server-ut
SUBDIR+= quake6
SUBDIR+= quakedata
SUBDIR+= quakeforge
SUBDIR+= quakespasm
SUBDIR+= quarry
SUBDIR+= rftg
SUBDIR+= robotfindskitten
SUBDIR+= rocksndiamonds
SUBDIR+= rocksndiamonds-levels
SUBDIR+= rollemup
SUBDIR+= rtcw
SUBDIR+= sarien
SUBDIR+= scid
SUBDIR+= scummvm
SUBDIR+= scummvm-bass
SUBDIR+= scummvm-fotaq
SUBDIR+= scummvm-tools
SUBDIR+= sex
SUBDIR+= simgear
SUBDIR+= singularity
SUBDIR+= sirius
SUBDIR+= six
SUBDIR+= sjeng
SUBDIR+= spaceracer
SUBDIR+= spellcast
SUBDIR+= spider
SUBDIR+= stegavorto
SUBDIR+= stratagus
SUBDIR+= sudoku-cli
SUBDIR+= supertuxkart
SUBDIR+= svb
SUBDIR+= tads
SUBDIR+= tanked
SUBDIR+= teg
SUBDIR+= tetrinetx
SUBDIR+= thew
SUBDIR+= tileworld
SUBDIR+= tscp
SUBDIR+= tuxmath
SUBDIR+= tuxracer
SUBDIR+= tyrquake
SUBDIR+= ufoai
SUBDIR+= urban
SUBDIR+= velena
SUBDIR+= vms-empire
SUBDIR+= wargames
SUBDIR+= warmux
SUBDIR+= warzone2100
SUBDIR+= wesnoth
SUBDIR+= wormz
SUBDIR+= wxhugo
SUBDIR+= xarchon
SUBDIR+= xbat
SUBDIR+= xbill
SUBDIR+= xblast
SUBDIR+= xblockout
SUBDIR+= xboard
SUBDIR+= xboing
SUBDIR+= xbomb
SUBDIR+= xbomber
SUBDIR+= xbreaky
SUBDIR+= xconq
SUBDIR+= xcowsay
SUBDIR+= xdemineur
SUBDIR+= xdoom
SUBDIR+= xemeraldia
SUBDIR+= xevil
SUBDIR+= xfreecell
SUBDIR+= xfrisk
SUBDIR+= xgalaga
SUBDIR+= xgospel
SUBDIR+= xjewel
SUBDIR+= xjig
SUBDIR+= xjump
SUBDIR+= xkobo
SUBDIR+= xmahjongg
SUBDIR+= xmris
SUBDIR+= xnibbles
SUBDIR+= xpat2
SUBDIR+= xpilot
SUBDIR+= xpipeman
SUBDIR+= xpuyopuyo
SUBDIR+= xracer
SUBDIR+= xrick
SUBDIR+= xroach
SUBDIR+= xroads
SUBDIR+= xsc
SUBDIR+= xscavenger
SUBDIR+= xscorch
SUBDIR+= xscrabble
SUBDIR+= xskat
SUBDIR+= xsokoban
SUBDIR+= xsoldier
SUBDIR+= xtris
SUBDIR+= xtux
SUBDIR+= xu4
SUBDIR+= xvier
SUBDIR+= xworm
SUBDIR+= xye
SUBDIR+= xzip
SUBDIR+= zombies
SUBDIR+= zoom
.include "../mk/misc/"
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