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This is a multiplayer space battle game for the X Window System written in
C for Unix. Each player has a number of windows presenting different
information and controls, including a short range viewscreen showing your
ship in the center and other objects near it, a long range "map" (aka
"radar") showing all players, a damage report and repair window, a weapon
selection window, a ship's-computer and player-to-player communications
window, and a ship upgrade status window.
The game uses the X network protocol to display graphics and receive
player input from multiple servers. Only one client is running and is in
control of the entire game. Temporary clients can also be ran which
simply send a message to the main client telling it to add a server to the
game. If there is space in the game, and the main client can access your
server, then a new player is "born" onto that server. (Usage: "final -add
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