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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.334 2012/10/11 15:08:26 drochner Exp $
COMMENT= Programming languages
SUBDIR+= Cg-compiler
SUBDIR+= SmartEiffel
SUBDIR+= a60
SUBDIR+= abcl
SUBDIR+= algol68g
SUBDIR+= awka
SUBDIR+= baci
SUBDIR+= basic256
SUBDIR+= boomerang
SUBDIR+= brandybasic
SUBDIR+= bwbasic
SUBDIR+= caml-light
SUBDIR+= camlp5
SUBDIR+= ccsh
SUBDIR+= cdl3
SUBDIR+= chicken
SUBDIR+= cim
SUBDIR+= cint
SUBDIR+= clang
SUBDIR+= classpath
SUBDIR+= classpath-gui
SUBDIR+= clisp
SUBDIR+= clojure
SUBDIR+= coq
SUBDIR+= cparser
SUBDIR+= cu-prolog
SUBDIR+= eag
SUBDIR+= ecl
SUBDIR+= eieio
SUBDIR+= elisp-manual
SUBDIR+= elk
SUBDIR+= embryo
SUBDIR+= erlang
SUBDIR+= erlang-doc
SUBDIR+= erlang-man
SUBDIR+= ezm3
SUBDIR+= f2c
SUBDIR+= ficl
SUBDIR+= focal
SUBDIR+= fort77
SUBDIR+= g95
SUBDIR+= gambc
SUBDIR+= gauche
SUBDIR+= gawk
SUBDIR+= gcc
SUBDIR+= gcc-aux
SUBDIR+= gcc3
SUBDIR+= gcc3-ada
SUBDIR+= gcc3-c
SUBDIR+= gcc3-c++
SUBDIR+= gcc3-f77
SUBDIR+= gcc3-objc
SUBDIR+= gcc34
SUBDIR+= gcc34-ada
SUBDIR+= gcc44
SUBDIR+= gcc45
SUBDIR+= gcc46
SUBDIR+= gcc47
SUBDIR+= gcc47-libs
SUBDIR+= gforth
SUBDIR+= ghc
SUBDIR+= gnat-aux
SUBDIR+= gpc
SUBDIR+= gprolog
SUBDIR+= guile
SUBDIR+= guile16
SUBDIR+= gwydion-dylan
SUBDIR+= heirloom-awk
SUBDIR+= hugs
SUBDIR+= icc11
SUBDIR+= icon
SUBDIR+= inform
SUBDIR+= intercal
SUBDIR+= ja-gawk
SUBDIR+= jamvm
SUBDIR+= japhar
SUBDIR+= jasmin
SUBDIR+= java-lang-spec
SUBDIR+= java-vm-spec
SUBDIR+= jikes
SUBDIR+= jini
SUBDIR+= joos
SUBDIR+= kaffe
SUBDIR+= kaffe-esound
SUBDIR+= kaffe-x11
SUBDIR+= kali
SUBDIR+= konoha
SUBDIR+= ksi
SUBDIR+= librep
SUBDIR+= libtcl-nothread
SUBDIR+= likepython
SUBDIR+= lua
SUBDIR+= lush
SUBDIR+= maude
SUBDIR+= mawk
SUBDIR+= mercury
SUBDIR+= minischeme
SUBDIR+= mit-scheme-bin
SUBDIR+= mono
SUBDIR+= mono-basic
SUBDIR+= moscow_ml
SUBDIR+= mpd
SUBDIR+= nawk
SUBDIR+= newlisp
SUBDIR+= nhc98
SUBDIR+= objc
SUBDIR+= ocaml
SUBDIR+= ocamlduce
SUBDIR+= onyx
SUBDIR+= oo2c
SUBDIR+= opencobol
SUBDIR+= openjdk7
SUBDIR+= openjdk7-bin
SUBDIR+= ossp-js
SUBDIR+= p2c
SUBDIR+= p5-Switch
SUBDIR+= parrot
SUBDIR+= pcc
SUBDIR+= pcc-current
SUBDIR+= pear
SUBDIR+= perl5
SUBDIR+= pfe
SUBDIR+= pforth
#SUBDIR+= php # only contains Makefile fragments
SUBDIR+= php5-perl
SUBDIR+= php53
SUBDIR+= php54
SUBDIR+= picoc
SUBDIR+= pict
SUBDIR+= pnet
SUBDIR+= pnetC
SUBDIR+= pnetlib
SUBDIR+= pnetlib-nox11
SUBDIR+= polyml
SUBDIR+= py-basicproperty
SUBDIR+= py-cxfreeze
SUBDIR+= py-psyco
SUBDIR+= py-pyrex
SUBDIR+= py26-html-docs
SUBDIR+= py27-html-docs
#SUBDIR+= python # only contains Makefile fragments
SUBDIR+= python26
SUBDIR+= python27
SUBDIR+= python31
SUBDIR+= python32
SUBDIR+= racket
SUBDIR+= racket-textual
SUBDIR+= rcfunge
SUBDIR+= rexx-imc
SUBDIR+= rexx-regina
SUBDIR+= ruby
SUBDIR+= ruby-coffee-script
SUBDIR+= ruby-coffee-script-source
SUBDIR+= ruby-doc-stdlib
SUBDIR+= ruby-execjs
SUBDIR+= ruby18
SUBDIR+= ruby18-base
SUBDIR+= ruby193
SUBDIR+= ruby193-base
SUBDIR+= runawk
SUBDIR+= sablevm
SUBDIR+= sablevm-classpath
SUBDIR+= sablevm-classpath-gui
SUBDIR+= sather
SUBDIR+= sbcl
SUBDIR+= scala
SUBDIR+= scheme48
SUBDIR+= scm
SUBDIR+= see
SUBDIR+= sigscheme
SUBDIR+= siod
SUBDIR+= smalltalk
SUBDIR+= smlnj
SUBDIR+= snobol
SUBDIR+= spidermonkey
SUBDIR+= spl
SUBDIR+= squeak
SUBDIR+= squeak-vm
SUBDIR+= sr-examples
SUBDIR+= stalin
SUBDIR+= sun-jdk6
SUBDIR+= sun-jre6
SUBDIR+= swi-prolog
SUBDIR+= swi-prolog-lite
SUBDIR+= swi-prolog-packages
SUBDIR+= tcl
SUBDIR+= tcl-expect
SUBDIR+= tcl-itcl
SUBDIR+= tcl-itcl-current
SUBDIR+= tcl-otcl
SUBDIR+= tinyscheme
SUBDIR+= twelf
SUBDIR+= ucblogo
SUBDIR+= umb-scheme
SUBDIR+= utilisp
SUBDIR+= vala
SUBDIR+= vala014
SUBDIR+= vala018
SUBDIR+= vscm
SUBDIR+= vslisp
SUBDIR+= wsbasic
SUBDIR+= yabasic
SUBDIR+= yap
.include "../mk/misc/"
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