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# $NetBSD:,v 2008/09/28 06:03:44 cube Exp $
# will include the file from the appropriate
# X11 distribution.
# BUILTIN_PKG and USE_BUILTIN.<BUILTIN_PKG> must be defined by the caller
# XXX make(1) idiosyncrasy
# 'CHECK_BUILTIN.${BUILTIN_PKG}?= no' will overwrite the value on older
# version of make (in NetBSD's base system, prior to 20080331).
.if !empty(CHECK_BUILTIN.${BUILTIN_PKG}:M[Nn][Oo])
. if !empty(USE_BUILTIN.${BUILTIN_PKG}:M[Yy][Ee][Ss])
. include "../../mk/"
. include "../../mk/"
. include "${X11_PKGSRCDIR.${X11_TYPE}}/"
. endif
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