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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.23 2008/04/11 14:57:20 agc Exp $
COMMENT= File systems, and file system related packages
SUBDIR+= fuse
SUBDIR+= fuse-afpfs-ng
SUBDIR+= fuse-archivemount
SUBDIR+= fuse-cddfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-chironfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-cryptofs
SUBDIR+= fuse-curlftpfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-djmount
SUBDIR+= fuse-encfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-gmailfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-gphotofs
SUBDIR+= fuse-httpfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-loggedfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-lzofs
SUBDIR+= fuse-ntfs-3g
SUBDIR+= fuse-obexfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-pod
SUBDIR+= fuse-svnfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-unionfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-wdfs
SUBDIR+= fuse-wikipediafs
SUBDIR+= py-fuse-bindings
SUBDIR+= u9fs
.include "../mk/misc/"
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