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$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 2003/03/17 14:17:44 skrll Exp $
You can tell one existing X session on the installed host to use the
new "biznet-iso8859-2" fonts with:
$ xset +fp ${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts/biznet/100dpi/
$ xset +fp ${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts/biznet/75dpi/
$ xset +fp ${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts/biznet/misc/
$ xset fp rehash
To make the effect permanent for future X sessions, you will have to
edit certain files in your X installation.
For example if you are only using the "startx" command to start a local
X session then you would add the above command to your ~/.xinitrc
script or configure your XF86Config by adding biznet-iso8859-2 directories
to your FontPath.
If you're running a local X server from xdm then you would need to set
the complete set of font directories in the xdm/Xservers file with the
'-fp' option common to all X servers.
If you are using the X font server (xfs) then you would add the
biznet-iso8859-2 install directory to the xfs/config file in the comma
separated list of directories given for the "catalogue" setting.
For example:
catalogue = ${PREFIX}/lib/X11/fonts/misc/,
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