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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.384 2012/08/17 23:39:44 seb Exp $
COMMENT= Miscellaneous utilities
SUBDIR+= 9menu
SUBDIR+= Addresses
SUBDIR+= JBidwatcher
SUBDIR+= ascii
SUBDIR+= asr-manpages
SUBDIR+= astrolog
SUBDIR+= attica
SUBDIR+= autocue
SUBDIR+= basket
SUBDIR+= bbappconf
SUBDIR+= bbdb
SUBDIR+= bbweather
SUBDIR+= blccc
SUBDIR+= bottlerocket
SUBDIR+= brs
SUBDIR+= bsdiff
SUBDIR+= bsdstats
SUBDIR+= buffer
SUBDIR+= calibre
SUBDIR+= celestia
SUBDIR+= chipmunk
SUBDIR+= chord
SUBDIR+= cksfv
SUBDIR+= color-theme
SUBDIR+= colorblind
SUBDIR+= colorize
SUBDIR+= colorls
SUBDIR+= colortail
SUBDIR+= cowsay
SUBDIR+= cstream
SUBDIR+= cuecat
SUBDIR+= cuetools
SUBDIR+= deskbar-applet
SUBDIR+= dgpsip
SUBDIR+= dialog
SUBDIR+= dirdiff
SUBDIR+= dnetc
SUBDIR+= dotfile
SUBDIR+= dpkg
SUBDIR+= dtach
SUBDIR+= dvorakng
SUBDIR+= dvtm
SUBDIR+= dync
SUBDIR+= easymenu
SUBDIR+= ec2-ami-tools
SUBDIR+= ec2-api-tools
SUBDIR+= edict
SUBDIR+= elizatalk
SUBDIR+= elscreen
SUBDIR+= emacs-wiki
SUBDIR+= epm
SUBDIR+= esniper
SUBDIR+= fbreader
SUBDIR+= fep
SUBDIR+= figlet
SUBDIR+= figlet-fonts
SUBDIR+= firelib
SUBDIR+= gaupol
SUBDIR+= gelemental
SUBDIR+= getopt
SUBDIR+= git
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-flynn
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-launch
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-leds
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-moon
SUBDIR+= gkrellm-weather
SUBDIR+= gnome-devel-docs
SUBDIR+= gnome-user-docs
SUBDIR+= gnome-utils
SUBDIR+= gnuls
SUBDIR+= goffice0.6
SUBDIR+= goffice0.8
SUBDIR+= gok
SUBDIR+= gone
SUBDIR+= gperiodic
SUBDIR+= granulate
SUBDIR+= gwaei
SUBDIR+= hanzim
SUBDIR+= heirloom-banner
SUBDIR+= heirloom-cal
SUBDIR+= heirloom-calendar
SUBDIR+= heirloom-hd
SUBDIR+= heirloom-more
SUBDIR+= heirloom-od
SUBDIR+= heirloom-printenv
SUBDIR+= heirloom-printf
SUBDIR+= heirloom-random
SUBDIR+= heirloom-sleep
SUBDIR+= heirloom-sum
SUBDIR+= heirloom-tcopy
SUBDIR+= heirloom-time
SUBDIR+= heyu
SUBDIR+= howm
SUBDIR+= ibutton-pdkit
SUBDIR+= ipbt
SUBDIR+= iselect
SUBDIR+= ja-less
SUBDIR+= ja-man
SUBDIR+= jhd
SUBDIR+= jive
SUBDIR+= kaccessible
SUBDIR+= kalzium
SUBDIR+= kanjidic
SUBDIR+= kanjidic2
SUBDIR+= kanjipad
SUBDIR+= kbruch
SUBDIR+= kcharselect
SUBDIR+= kchm
SUBDIR+= kchmviewer
SUBDIR+= kde-wallpapers4
SUBDIR+= kdeaccessibility3
SUBDIR+= kdeaddons3
SUBDIR+= kdeadmin3
SUBDIR+= kdeadmin4
SUBDIR+= kdeartwork3
SUBDIR+= kdeartwork4
SUBDIR+= kdeedu3
SUBDIR+= kdepim-runtime4
SUBDIR+= kdepim3
SUBDIR+= kdepim4
SUBDIR+= kdepimlibs4
SUBDIR+= kdeplasma-addons4
SUBDIR+= kdeutils3
SUBDIR+= kdrill
SUBDIR+= kgeography
SUBDIR+= kig
SUBDIR+= kiten
SUBDIR+= klettres
SUBDIR+= kmag
SUBDIR+= kmousetool
SUBDIR+= kmouth
SUBDIR+= kodos
SUBDIR+= koffice
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-da
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-de
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-en_GB
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-es
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-et
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-fi
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-fr
SUBDIR+= koffice-l10n-pl
SUBDIR+= kremotecontrol
SUBDIR+= kstars
SUBDIR+= ktouch
SUBDIR+= kturtle
SUBDIR+= kwordquiz
SUBDIR+= latin-words-bin
SUBDIR+= less
SUBDIR+= libcarddav
SUBDIR+= libcdio
SUBDIR+= libkdeedu
SUBDIR+= libkgeomap
SUBDIR+= libkvkontakte
SUBDIR+= libquantum
SUBDIR+= libreoffice
SUBDIR+= libreoffice3-bin
SUBDIR+= libutf
SUBDIR+= lile
SUBDIR+= linux-words
SUBDIR+= loco
SUBDIR+= logsurfer
SUBDIR+= lookup
SUBDIR+= m17n-contrib
SUBDIR+= m17n-db
SUBDIR+= m17n-docs
SUBDIR+= marble
SUBDIR+= mirmon
SUBDIR+= mkcue
SUBDIR+= mmv
SUBDIR+= mnemosyne
SUBDIR+= molden
SUBDIR+= most
SUBDIR+= mousetweaks
SUBDIR+= mtail
SUBDIR+= multitail
SUBDIR+= nxtvepg
SUBDIR+= open2300
SUBDIR+= open2300-mysql
SUBDIR+= openoffice3
SUBDIR+= openoffice3-bin
SUBDIR+= orca
SUBDIR+= p5-App-MrShell
SUBDIR+= p5-Array-PrintCols
SUBDIR+= p5-Business-CreditCard
SUBDIR+= p5-Business-ISBN
SUBDIR+= p5-Business-ISBN-Data
SUBDIR+= p5-Business-UPS
SUBDIR+= p5-ControlX10-CM11
SUBDIR+= p5-ControlX10-CM17
SUBDIR+= p5-File-MMagic
SUBDIR+= p5-File-MMagic-XS
SUBDIR+= p5-File-Tail
SUBDIR+= p5-I18N-LangTags
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-Codes
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-Maketext
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-US
SUBDIR+= p5-Locale-libintl
SUBDIR+= p5-Mac-Macbinary
SUBDIR+= p5-Msgcat
SUBDIR+= p5-Search
SUBDIR+= p5-Vroom
SUBDIR+= parchive
SUBDIR+= parley
SUBDIR+= pciids
SUBDIR+= pdmenu
SUBDIR+= php-orangehrm
SUBDIR+= pinfo
SUBDIR+= ppower
SUBDIR+= pty-redir
SUBDIR+= py-anita
SUBDIR+= py-anki
SUBDIR+= py-carddav
SUBDIR+= py-libanki
SUBDIR+= qbrew
SUBDIR+= qterm
SUBDIR+= reed
SUBDIR+= rlwrap
SUBDIR+= rocs
SUBDIR+= root
SUBDIR+= root-tail
SUBDIR+= routeplanner-cli
SUBDIR+= rox-memo
SUBDIR+= rpm
SUBDIR+= ruby-ansi
SUBDIR+= ruby-bundler
SUBDIR+= ruby-columnize
SUBDIR+= ruby-commander
SUBDIR+= ruby-configuration
SUBDIR+= ruby-daemons
SUBDIR+= ruby-gem_plugin
SUBDIR+= ruby-launchy
SUBDIR+= ruby-progressbar
SUBDIR+= ruby-sprockets
SUBDIR+= ruby-sprockets20
SUBDIR+= ruby-sprockets21
SUBDIR+= ruby-transaction-simple
SUBDIR+= rubygems
SUBDIR+= rump
SUBDIR+= sch
SUBDIR+= sci
SUBDIR+= screen
SUBDIR+= send-pr
SUBDIR+= siag
SUBDIR+= since
SUBDIR+= softmaker-office-demo
SUBDIR+= splitvt
SUBDIR+= stellarium
SUBDIR+= step
SUBDIR+= superkaramba
SUBDIR+= sweeper
SUBDIR+= taskjuggler
SUBDIR+= tds
SUBDIR+= team
SUBDIR+= tellico
SUBDIR+= tellico-kde3
SUBDIR+= teseq
SUBDIR+= tmux
SUBDIR+= topless
SUBDIR+= ttyrec
SUBDIR+= udfclient
SUBDIR+= ukpostcodes
SUBDIR+= uptimec
SUBDIR+= urjtag
SUBDIR+= usbids
SUBDIR+= usbprog
SUBDIR+= utftools
SUBDIR+= vera
SUBDIR+= vfu
SUBDIR+= visual-regexp
SUBDIR+= vttest
SUBDIR+= vym
SUBDIR+= watch
SUBDIR+= wdic
SUBDIR+= whohas
SUBDIR+= window
SUBDIR+= xchm
SUBDIR+= xdg-utils
SUBDIR+= xfce4-weather-plugin
SUBDIR+= xjdic
SUBDIR+= xorg-docs
SUBDIR+= xorg-sgml-doctools
SUBDIR+= xrolodex
SUBDIR+= xtail
SUBDIR+= xtend
SUBDIR+= yelp
SUBDIR+= yelp3
SUBDIR+= yrolo
SUBDIR+= zorro
SUBDIR+= zyGrib
SUBDIR+= zyGrib-maps
.include "../mk/misc/"
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