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Host is a very powerful DNS query and testing command-line tool. Major
differences with the ancient version of the program with the same name
that's included in the BIND-4 and BIND-8 distributions:
- Major overhaul of the entire code including rigid error checking,
and verbose error messages. Several sections have been rewritten
from scratch. Documentation has been added. Syntax extended.
- It is now possible to do recursive listings into delegated zones.
- Maintain resource record statistics and host count during zone listings.
- Check for various extraneous conditions during zone listings.
- Check for illegal domain names containing invalid characters.
- Verify that certain domain names represent canonical host names.
- Perform ttl consistency checking during zone listings.
- Exploit multiple server addresses if available.
- Option to exploit only primary server for zone transfers.
- Option to exclude info from names that do not reside in a zone.
- Implement timeout handling during connect and read.
- Write resource record output to optional log file.
- Special MB tracing by recursively expanding MR and MG records.
- Special mode to check SOA records at each nameserver for a zone.
- Special mode to check reverse mappings of host addresses.
- Configurable default options in HOST_DEFAULTS environment variable.
- Implement new resource record types from RFCs 1183, 1348, 1664, 1712,
1876 and 1886. Basic experimental NSAP support as defined in RFC 1637.
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