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This is CSTC version 4.2 of SOCKS, a package that allows Unix hosts
behind a firewall to gain full access to the internet without requiring
direct IP reachability. It does require a SOCKS server program being
run on a hosts that can communicate directly to hosts behind the firewall
as well as hosts on the Internet at large. It is based on the original
SOCKS written by David Koblas <>.
The package includes full source for the SOCKS server and SOCKSified
client programs of finger, ftp, telnet, and whois. A few other SOCKSified
clients may be found on, in directory /pub/security/socks.cstc.
Increasingly, software developers are beginning to include SOCKS support
directly into their products, for example, Mosaic, Netscape, Trumpet
Winsock, TCP/Connect II (from InterCon for Macintosh; they also intend
to do so for their Windows version), OutsideVew for Windows (from Crystal
Point, currently in beta).
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