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$NetBSD: distinfo,v 2005/12/27 20:56:17 cube Exp $
SHA1 (CSP-0.32.tar.gz) = 4be5535e9a39286bdd967c9d3b5538437d1ca349
RMD160 (CSP-0.32.tar.gz) = a344e8e94c08109ebc5d98a1a43e511e8ac8c887
Size (CSP-0.32.tar.gz) = 18241 bytes
SHA1 (cspguide.pdf) = f527519553d7c64f625210a74435c413cd470838
RMD160 (cspguide.pdf) = d4727fb6e4e44ad8c45d0749374843b38a340af9
Size (cspguide.pdf) = 152084 bytes
SHA1 (patch-aa) = ddfd76ff4c66629828a8126355e38a4bfedd2178
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