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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.15 2003/09/27 03:24:33 junyoung Exp $
COMMENT= Input method tools and libraries
SUBDIR+= Chinput
SUBDIR+= ami
SUBDIR+= canna
SUBDIR+= canna-canuum
SUBDIR+= canna-dict
SUBDIR+= canna-lib
SUBDIR+= canna-server
SUBDIR+= iiimecf
SUBDIR+= ja-freewnn-dict
SUBDIR+= ja-freewnn-lib
SUBDIR+= ja-freewnn-server
SUBDIR+= ja-freewnn-server-bin
SUBDIR+= kinput2
SUBDIR+= libtabe
SUBDIR+= nabi
SUBDIR+= sj3-dict
SUBDIR+= sj3-lib
SUBDIR+= sj3-server
SUBDIR+= sj3-server-bin
SUBDIR+= skk
SUBDIR+= skkfep
SUBDIR+= skkinput
SUBDIR+= skkserv
SUBDIR+= unicon-im
SUBDIR+= xcin
.include "../mk/"
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