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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.40 2005/05/25 17:09:22 bouyer Exp $
COMMENT= Clocks, calendars, daily planners and other time related applications
SUBDIR+= anacron
SUBDIR+= asclock
SUBDIR+= asclock-gtk
SUBDIR+= asclock-xlib
SUBDIR+= bbdate
SUBDIR+= cal
SUBDIR+= cardboard-schedule
SUBDIR+= catclock
SUBDIR+= dclock
SUBDIR+= devtodo
SUBDIR+= emiclock
SUBDIR+= evolution-webcal
SUBDIR+= gcal
SUBDIR+= gdeskcal
SUBDIR+= glclock
SUBDIR+= globe
SUBDIR+= gnotime
SUBDIR+= gnutime
SUBDIR+= gnyaclock
SUBDIR+= grdc
SUBDIR+= gtodo
SUBDIR+= gtodo-applet
SUBDIR+= ical
SUBDIR+= jday
SUBDIR+= lmclock
SUBDIR+= logtime
SUBDIR+= p5-DateTime
SUBDIR+= p5-DateTime-Event-Cron
SUBDIR+= p5-DateTime-Format-Epoch
SUBDIR+= p5-DateTime-Locale
SUBDIR+= p5-DateTime-Set
SUBDIR+= p5-DateTime-TimeZone
SUBDIR+= p5-Schedule-Cron-Events
SUBDIR+= p5-Time
SUBDIR+= p5-Time-HiRes
SUBDIR+= p5-Time-Period
SUBDIR+= p5-Time-Piece
SUBDIR+= p5-TimeDate
SUBDIR+= pcal
SUBDIR+= pclock
SUBDIR+= pear-Date
SUBDIR+= phoon
SUBDIR+= plan
SUBDIR+= polclock
SUBDIR+= projclock
SUBDIR+= ptimetracker
SUBDIR+= py-mxDateTime
SUBDIR+= rclock
SUBDIR+= remind
SUBDIR+= sunclock
SUBDIR+= swisswatch
SUBDIR+= titrax
SUBDIR+= wmcalclock
SUBDIR+= wmfishtime
SUBDIR+= wmmoonclock
SUBDIR+= wmtime
SUBDIR+= xalarm
SUBDIR+= xbeats
SUBDIR+= xcal
SUBDIR+= xchrono
SUBDIR+= xdaliclock
SUBDIR+= xdkcal
SUBDIR+= xfce4-calendar
SUBDIR+= xfce4-datetime-plugin
SUBDIR+= xtimer
SUBDIR+= xtu
.include "../mk/"
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