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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.133 2005/08/19 16:09:45 drochner Exp $
COMMENT= Desktop publishing
SUBDIR+= LPRng-core
SUBDIR+= LPRng-doc
SUBDIR+= a2ps
SUBDIR+= acroread
SUBDIR+= acroread3
SUBDIR+= acroread5
SUBDIR+= acroread7
SUBDIR+= adobeps-win
SUBDIR+= advi
SUBDIR+= apsfilter
SUBDIR+= auctex
SUBDIR+= bg5pdf
SUBDIR+= bg5ps
SUBDIR+= bww2tex
SUBDIR+= chktex
SUBDIR+= cjk-lyx
SUBDIR+= cnprint
SUBDIR+= cups
SUBDIR+= cupsomatic
SUBDIR+= cupsomatic-ppds
SUBDIR+= dvidvi
SUBDIR+= dvipdfm
SUBDIR+= dvipdfmx
SUBDIR+= dvipng
SUBDIR+= enscript
SUBDIR+= epstool
SUBDIR+= evince
SUBDIR+= foomatic-filters
SUBDIR+= foomatic-gswrapper
SUBDIR+= ggv2
SUBDIR+= ghostscript
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-afpl
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-esp
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-esp-nox11
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-gnu
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-gnu-nox11
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-gnu-x11
SUBDIR+= ghostscript-nox11
SUBDIR+= gimp-print
SUBDIR+= gimp-print-cups
SUBDIR+= gimp-print-escputil
SUBDIR+= gimp-print-ijs
SUBDIR+= gimp-print-lib
SUBDIR+= glabels
SUBDIR+= gnome-print
SUBDIR+= gpdf
SUBDIR+= hpijs
SUBDIR+= html2ps
SUBDIR+= if-psprint
SUBDIR+= ijs
SUBDIR+= img2eps
SUBDIR+= imposter
SUBDIR+= ja-a2ps
SUBDIR+= ja-dvipdfm
SUBDIR+= ja-jsclasses
SUBDIR+= ja-ptex
SUBDIR+= ja-ptex-bin
SUBDIR+= ja-ptex-share
SUBDIR+= ja-vflib
SUBDIR+= ja-vflib-lib
SUBDIR+= ja-vflib-utils
SUBDIR+= ja-vfxdvik
SUBDIR+= latex-mk
SUBDIR+= lgrind
SUBDIR+= libgnomecups
SUBDIR+= libgnomeprint
SUBDIR+= libgnomeprintui
SUBDIR+= lilypond
SUBDIR+= magicfilter
SUBDIR+= mgv
SUBDIR+= mpage
SUBDIR+= p5-PostScript-MailLabels
SUBDIR+= papersize
SUBDIR+= pcps
SUBDIR+= pdflib
SUBDIR+= php-pdflib
SUBDIR+= pnm2ppa
SUBDIR+= poppler
SUBDIR+= poster
SUBDIR+= pscal
SUBDIR+= psify
SUBDIR+= psjoin
SUBDIR+= pslib
SUBDIR+= psutils
SUBDIR+= py-pslib
SUBDIR+= py-reportlab
SUBDIR+= py-reportlab-renderPM
SUBDIR+= rlpr
SUBDIR+= rtf2latex
SUBDIR+= scribus
SUBDIR+= scribus-doc
SUBDIR+= stylewriter
SUBDIR+= tcl-pdflib
SUBDIR+= teTeX-bin
SUBDIR+= teTeX-share
SUBDIR+= teTeX-sharesrc
SUBDIR+= teTeX1-bin
SUBDIR+= teTeX1-share
SUBDIR+= teTeX1-sharesrc
SUBDIR+= teTeX3-bin
SUBDIR+= teTeX3-texmf
SUBDIR+= teTeX3-texmfsrc
SUBDIR+= tex-IEEEtran
SUBDIR+= tex-bagpipetex
SUBDIR+= tex-chemarrow
SUBDIR+= tex-eurosym
SUBDIR+= tex-hugelatex
SUBDIR+= tex-jadetex
SUBDIR+= tex-musixtex
SUBDIR+= tex-ocrb
SUBDIR+= tex-prosper
SUBDIR+= tex-textpos
SUBDIR+= tex-ucs
SUBDIR+= texfamily
SUBDIR+= texfamily-share
SUBDIR+= transfig
SUBDIR+= xfce4-print
SUBDIR+= xpdf
SUBDIR+= xpdf-arabic
SUBDIR+= xpdf-chinese-simplified
SUBDIR+= xpdf-chinese-traditional
SUBDIR+= xpdf-cyrillic
SUBDIR+= xpdf-greek
SUBDIR+= xpdf-hebrew
SUBDIR+= xpdf-japanese
SUBDIR+= xpdf-korean
SUBDIR+= xpdf-latin2
SUBDIR+= xpdf-thai
SUBDIR+= xpdf-turkish
SUBDIR+= xpp
SUBDIR+= yup
.include "../mk/"
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