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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.442 2006/03/23 18:07:51 christos Exp $
COMMENT= Packages related to the World Wide Web
SUBDIR+= adzap
SUBDIR+= album
SUBDIR+= album_themes
SUBDIR+= amaya
SUBDIR+= analog
SUBDIR+= ap-Embperl
SUBDIR+= ap-access-referer
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-cookie
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-ldap
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-mysql
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-pam
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-pgsql
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-postgresql
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-radius
SUBDIR+= ap-auth-script
SUBDIR+= ap-bandwidth
SUBDIR+= ap-dav
SUBDIR+= ap-dtcl
SUBDIR+= ap-fastcgi
SUBDIR+= ap-gzip
SUBDIR+= ap-iasp
SUBDIR+= ap-jk
SUBDIR+= ap-layout
SUBDIR+= ap-mp3
SUBDIR+= ap-perl
SUBDIR+= ap-php
SUBDIR+= ap-python
SUBDIR+= ap-rivet
SUBDIR+= ap-rpaf
SUBDIR+= ap-ruby
SUBDIR+= ap-ssl
SUBDIR+= ap-throttle
SUBDIR+= ap-xslt
SUBDIR+= ap2-auth-ldap
SUBDIR+= ap2-auth-mysql
SUBDIR+= ap2-auth-pgsql
SUBDIR+= ap2-bw
SUBDIR+= ap2-chroot
SUBDIR+= ap2-fastcgi
SUBDIR+= ap2-perl
SUBDIR+= ap2-python
SUBDIR+= ap2-ruby
SUBDIR+= ap2-subversion
SUBDIR+= ap2-suphp
SUBDIR+= ap2-transform
SUBDIR+= apache
SUBDIR+= apache-tomcat55
SUBDIR+= apache2
SUBDIR+= apachetop
SUBDIR+= apc-gui
SUBDIR+= asWedit
SUBDIR+= asp2php
SUBDIR+= awstats
SUBDIR+= bannerfilter
SUBDIR+= bins
SUBDIR+= bkedit
SUBDIR+= bluefish
SUBDIR+= blur6ex
SUBDIR+= bozohttpd
SUBDIR+= browser-bookmarks-menu
SUBDIR+= cadaver
SUBDIR+= calamaris
SUBDIR+= cgic
SUBDIR+= cgicc
SUBDIR+= cgilib
SUBDIR+= checkbot
SUBDIR+= chimera
SUBDIR+= clearsilver
SUBDIR+= clearsilver-base
SUBDIR+= cocoon
SUBDIR+= communicator
SUBDIR+= crawl
SUBDIR+= cronolog
SUBDIR+= curl
SUBDIR+= cvsweb
SUBDIR+= dillo
SUBDIR+= drivel
SUBDIR+= drraw
SUBDIR+= drupal
SUBDIR+= elinks
SUBDIR+= elinks04
SUBDIR+= emacs-w3m
SUBDIR+= epiphany
SUBDIR+= epiphany-extensions
SUBDIR+= fcgi
SUBDIR+= ffproxy
SUBDIR+= firefox
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-acroread
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-acroread3
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-acroread5
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-acroread7
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-flash
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-java
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-nightly
SUBDIR+= firefox-bin-realplayer
SUBDIR+= firefox-gtk1
SUBDIR+= galeon
SUBDIR+= galeon12
SUBDIR+= galway
SUBDIR+= ganglia-webfrontend
SUBDIR+= glibwww
SUBDIR+= grail
SUBDIR+= gtkasp2php
SUBDIR+= gtkhtml
SUBDIR+= gtkhtml30
SUBDIR+= gtkhtml36
SUBDIR+= gtkhtml38
SUBDIR+= haskell-cgi
SUBDIR+= hiawatha
SUBDIR+= horde
SUBDIR+= horde3
SUBDIR+= htdig
SUBDIR+= htdig-devel
SUBDIR+= htmldoc
SUBDIR+= htmldoc-x11
SUBDIR+= htmlfix
SUBDIR+= htmllint
SUBDIR+= http_load
SUBDIR+= iasp
SUBDIR+= ijb
SUBDIR+= instiki
SUBDIR+= ja-trac
SUBDIR+= jakarta-servletapi
SUBDIR+= jakarta-tomcat4
SUBDIR+= jakarta-tomcat5
SUBDIR+= jalbum
SUBDIR+= jsdk20
SUBDIR+= jssi
SUBDIR+= kannel
SUBDIR+= kazehakase
SUBDIR+= kdewebdev3
SUBDIR+= lhs
SUBDIR+= libghttp
SUBDIR+= libgtkhtml
SUBDIR+= libwww
SUBDIR+= liferea
SUBDIR+= lighttpd
SUBDIR+= links
SUBDIR+= links-gui
SUBDIR+= lynx
SUBDIR+= mMosaic
SUBDIR+= make_album
SUBDIR+= micro_httpd
SUBDIR+= mini_httpd
SUBDIR+= mknmz-wwwoffle
SUBDIR+= moz-bin-plugger
SUBDIR+= mozilla
SUBDIR+= mozilla-bin
SUBDIR+= mozilla-bin-nightly
SUBDIR+= mozilla-gtk2
SUBDIR+= navigator
SUBDIR+= neon
SUBDIR+= netscape
SUBDIR+= netscape7
SUBDIR+= netscape7-acroread
SUBDIR+= netscape7-acroread3
SUBDIR+= netscape7-acroread5
SUBDIR+= netscape7-acroread7
SUBDIR+= ns-plugger-common
SUBDIR+= ns-plugger-communicator
SUBDIR+= ns-plugger-navigator
SUBDIR+= ns-remote
SUBDIR+= opera
SUBDIR+= opera-acroread
SUBDIR+= opera-acroread3
SUBDIR+= opera-acroread5
SUBDIR+= opera-acroread7
SUBDIR+= opera-plugins
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-ASP
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-AuthCookie
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-AuthCookieDBI
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-DBILogConfig
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-DBILogger
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-Filter
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-Gallery
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-Reload
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-SSI
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-Session
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper
SUBDIR+= p5-Apache-Test
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI-Application
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI-FastTemplate
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI-FormBuilder
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI-Kwiki
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI-Minimal
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI-Session
SUBDIR+= p5-CGI_Lite
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Clean
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Element-Extended
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-FillInForm
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-FixEntities
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Format
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-LinkExtractor
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Mason
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Parser
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Prototype
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Prototype-Useful
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Scrubber
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-SimpleParse
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-StickyQuery
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Stream
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Table
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-TableExtract
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Tagset
SUBDIR+= p5-HTML-Template
SUBDIR+= p5-HTMLObject
SUBDIR+= p5-HTTP-Cache-Transparent
SUBDIR+= p5-HTTP-Proxy
SUBDIR+= p5-HTTP-Request-Form
SUBDIR+= p5-HTTP-Server-Simple
SUBDIR+= p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason
SUBDIR+= p5-HTTPD-User-Manage
SUBDIR+= p5-Jemplate
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-BreadCrumbs
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Edit-RequireUserName
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Favorites
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-HtmlBlocks
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Icons-Gnome
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-NewPage
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-PagePrivacy
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-ParagraphBlocks
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-PreformattedBlocks
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-RecentChanges
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Revisions
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Scode
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Search
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-UserName
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-UserPreferences
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Users-Remote
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Weather
SUBDIR+= p5-Kwiki-Zipcode
SUBDIR+= p5-LWP-Authen-Wsse
SUBDIR+= p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession
SUBDIR+= p5-Template-Extract
SUBDIR+= p5-Template-Generate
SUBDIR+= p5-Template-Toolkit
SUBDIR+= p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize
SUBDIR+= p5-WWW-Amazon-Wishlist
SUBDIR+= p5-WWW-Curl
SUBDIR+= p5-WWW-Mechanize
SUBDIR+= p5-libapreq
SUBDIR+= p5-libapreq2
SUBDIR+= p5-libwww
SUBDIR+= paros
SUBDIR+= pear-HTML_Common
SUBDIR+= pear-HTML_Select
SUBDIR+= pear-HTTP_Request
SUBDIR+= php-FastTemplate
SUBDIR+= php-curl
SUBDIR+= php-eaccelerator
SUBDIR+= php4
SUBDIR+= php4-apc
SUBDIR+= privoxy
SUBDIR+= py-clearsilver
SUBDIR+= py-curl
SUBDIR+= py-nevow
SUBDIR+= py-pcgi
SUBDIR+= py-zpublisher
SUBDIR+= qDecoder
SUBDIR+= raggle
SUBDIR+= ruby-actionpack
SUBDIR+= ruby-actionwebservice
SUBDIR+= ruby-borges
SUBDIR+= ruby-clearsilver
SUBDIR+= ruby-fcgi
SUBDIR+= ruby-htmlsplit
SUBDIR+= ruby-tag
SUBDIR+= ruby-webunit
SUBDIR+= sarg
SUBDIR+= screws
SUBDIR+= sitecopy
SUBDIR+= skipstone
SUBDIR+= snarf
SUBDIR+= snownews
SUBDIR+= sope
SUBDIR+= spfc
SUBDIR+= squid
SUBDIR+= squidGuard
SUBDIR+= squidpurge
SUBDIR+= surfraw
SUBDIR+= swiftsurf
SUBDIR+= swiggle
SUBDIR+= swill
SUBDIR+= swish-e
SUBDIR+= tcl-cgi
SUBDIR+= thttpd
SUBDIR+= thy
SUBDIR+= tidy
SUBDIR+= tinyproxy
SUBDIR+= trac
SUBDIR+= urlget
SUBDIR+= visitors
SUBDIR+= w3c-httpd
SUBDIR+= w3m
SUBDIR+= w3m-img
SUBDIR+= wApua
SUBDIR+= waplet
SUBDIR+= wdg-validate
SUBDIR+= webalizer
SUBDIR+= weblint
SUBDIR+= webnew
SUBDIR+= websvn
SUBDIR+= weex
SUBDIR+= whisker
SUBDIR+= wiliki
SUBDIR+= wml
SUBDIR+= www6to4
SUBDIR+= wwwcount
SUBDIR+= wwwoffle
SUBDIR+= zope
SUBDIR+= zope-confera
SUBDIR+= zope25
SUBDIR+= zope25-AbracadabraObject
SUBDIR+= zope25-BTreeFolder
SUBDIR+= zope25-BTreeFolder2
SUBDIR+= zope25-BackTalk
SUBDIR+= zope25-CMF
SUBDIR+= zope25-CMFPlone
SUBDIR+= zope25-Calendar
SUBDIR+= zope25-CookieCrumbler
SUBDIR+= zope25-DocumentLibrary
SUBDIR+= zope25-EasyImage
SUBDIR+= zope25-Epoz
SUBDIR+= zope25-ExternalEditor
SUBDIR+= zope25-FileSystemSite
SUBDIR+= zope25-Formulator
SUBDIR+= zope25-Fortune
SUBDIR+= zope25-JPicture
SUBDIR+= zope25-KnowledgeKit
SUBDIR+= zope25-LocalFS
SUBDIR+= zope25-MailManager
SUBDIR+= zope25-MetaPublisher
SUBDIR+= zope25-ParsedXML
SUBDIR+= zope25-Photo
SUBDIR+= zope25-PropertyFolder
SUBDIR+= zope25-PropertyObject
SUBDIR+= zope25-RDFSummary
SUBDIR+= zope25-RenderableCharts
SUBDIR+= zope25-Silva
SUBDIR+= zope25-Squishdot
SUBDIR+= zope25-StripoGram
SUBDIR+= zope25-TinyTablePlus
SUBDIR+= zope25-XMLWidgets
SUBDIR+= zope25-ZNavigator
SUBDIR+= zope25-ZPhotoSlides
SUBDIR+= zope25-ZPsycopgDA
SUBDIR+= zope25-ZWeather
SUBDIR+= zope25-ZWeatherApplet
SUBDIR+= zope25-ZWiki
SUBDIR+= zope25-Zippy
SUBDIR+= zope25-colorz
SUBDIR+= zope25-zopebook
SUBDIR+= zope3
SUBDIR+= zopeedit
.include "../mk/"