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# $NetBSD:,v 1.15 2006/01/03 18:33:07 gdt Exp $
# This Makefile fragment is meant to be included by packages that
# require a Berkeley DB implementation. It abstracts finding the
# appropriate library, choosing among built-in or pkgsrc-provided
# db-1.85, and choosing among db[234].
# There is a default version for db[234], which is db4 unless already
# set (e.g. in /etc/mk.conf). While it is nice to have fewer versions
# installed, the real problem is installed dynamic libraries that link
# against bdb. These cannot be used with a program linked against a
# different version, and hence this Makefile is written to cause only
# one version to be used whenever possible.
# This Makefile can handle several cases:
# package requires db-1.85
# package can use any of db[234]
# package can use db-1.85 or any of db[234]
# package can use db-1.85 which is builtin and some subset of db[234]
# This Makefile does not handle
# packages that need a specific version, e.g. db2
# [in such cases, include ../../database/db2/ directly]
# packages that can use e.g. db3 or db4, but not db2
# [there is no good way to handle this at present]
# will:
# * set BDBBASE to the base directory of the Berkeley DB files;
# * set BDB_LIBS to the library option needed to link against
# the Berkeley DB library;
# * set BDB_TYPE to the Berkeley DB implementation used.
# There are two user-settable variables that can be used to control
# the selection of the Berkeley DB implementation:
# BDB_DEFAULT is a user-settable variable whose value represents the
# package we use when either a db-1.85 interface isn't required,
# or a db-1.85 interface is required, but it's not built-in.
# This should be set in /etc/mk.conf, and should not be set by pkg
# Makefiles.
# BDB185_DEFAULT is a user-settable variable whose value represents the
# package we use when a db-1.85 interface is required. It defaults
# to "db1" if it's built-in, or to ${BDB_DEFAULT} otherwise.
# BDB_ACCEPTED is a package-settable list of Berkeley DB implementations
# that may be used by the package. Note that if the list does not
# include db1 and does not include BDB_DEFAULT, the package will not
# build - this is the second unhandled case above.
# Note for when databases/db1 is imported:
# (1) Remove the section that conditionally sets the default
# value for BDB185_DEFAULT and always set it to be "db1".
# (2) Remove the special case for ${BDB_TYPE} == "db1" at the end.
# (3) Move mk/ to databases/db1/
.include "../../mk/"
.if !empty(BDB_BUILDLINK3_MK:M+)
# If the package specified a list of acceptable Berkeley DB packages,
# set USE_DB185 to yes if db1 is included, and otherwise no, thus
# preferring to use db1. Assume that the package's configure process
# should know how to probe for the libraries and headers on its own.
. if defined(BDB_ACCEPTED) && empty(BDB_ACCEPTED:Mdb1)
USE_DB185?= no
. else
USE_DB185?= yes
. endif
# _BDB_PKGS is an exhaustive list of all of the Berkeley DB
# implementations that may be used with
_BDB_PKGS?= db1 db2 db3 db4
# Decide what to use when DB185 is required. If builtin db1 is
# present, use it, and if not use DBD_DEFAULT.
. include "../../mk/"
. if defined(IS_BUILTIN.db1) && !empty(IS_BUILTIN.db1:M[yY][eE][sS])
BDB185_DEFAULT?= db1
. else
. endif
_BDB_PKGSRCDIR.db2= ../../databases/db
. for _bdb_ in ${_BDB_PKGS}
_BDB_PKGSRCDIR.${_bdb_}?= ../../databases/${_bdb_}
. endfor
. if !defined(_BDB_TYPE)
. if !empty(USE_DB185:M[yY][eE][sS])
. else
. endif
. endif
# Note that if BDB_ACCEPTED does not contain db1 or BDB_DEFAULT, this
# results in BDB_TYPE being none (rather than the most preferred value
# in BDB_ACCEPTED, which might or might not be better.)
. if !empty(_BDB_ACCEPTED:M${_BDB_TYPE})
. else
BDB_TYPE= none
. endif
# Define some public variables to refer to package-specific variables.
.if ${BDB_TYPE} == "none"
"${_BDB_TYPE} is not an acceptable Berkeley DB type for ${PKGNAME}."
.elif ${BDB_TYPE} == "db1"
. include "${_BDB_PKGSRCDIR.${BDB_TYPE}}/"
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