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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.174 2008/12/20 17:37:57 wiz Exp $
COMMENT= Emulators for other operating systems
SUBDIR+= BasiliskII
SUBDIR+= DatUtil
SUBDIR+= aliados
SUBDIR+= applyppf
SUBDIR+= aranym
SUBDIR+= arcem
SUBDIR+= arnold
SUBDIR+= atari800
SUBDIR+= blinkensim
SUBDIR+= bochs
SUBDIR+= ckmame
SUBDIR+= compat12
SUBDIR+= compat13
SUBDIR+= compat14
SUBDIR+= compat15
SUBDIR+= compat15-extras
SUBDIR+= compat16
SUBDIR+= compat16-extras
SUBDIR+= compat20
SUBDIR+= compat20-extras
SUBDIR+= compat30
SUBDIR+= compat30-extras
SUBDIR+= compat40
SUBDIR+= compat40-extras
#SUBDIR+= compat_netbsd # only contains Makefile fragments
SUBDIR+= cygwin_esound
SUBDIR+= cygwin_lib
SUBDIR+= darcnes
SUBDIR+= darwin_lib
SUBDIR+= dega
SUBDIR+= dgen
SUBDIR+= dosbox
SUBDIR+= doscmd
SUBDIR+= dynamips
SUBDIR+= e-uae
SUBDIR+= fceu
SUBDIR+= fmsx
SUBDIR+= freebsd_lib
SUBDIR+= fuse
SUBDIR+= fuse-utils
SUBDIR+= gcube
SUBDIR+= generator
SUBDIR+= generator-cbiere
SUBDIR+= gens
SUBDIR+= gnuboy
SUBDIR+= gnuboy-sdl
SUBDIR+= gpsim
SUBDIR+= gpsim-devel
SUBDIR+= gpsim-oscilloscope
SUBDIR+= gpsim-ptyusart
SUBDIR+= gxemul
SUBDIR+= handy_sdl
SUBDIR+= hatari
SUBDIR+= hercules
SUBDIR+= hercules-images
SUBDIR+= ia64sim
SUBDIR+= kenigma
SUBDIR+= libspectrum
SUBDIR+= linuxppc_lib
SUBDIR+= lrmi
SUBDIR+= makeppf
SUBDIR+= mednafen
SUBDIR+= minivmac
SUBDIR+= mmix
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat15
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat15-extras
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat16
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat16-extras
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat20
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat20-extras
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat30
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat30-extras
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat40
SUBDIR+= netbsd32_compat40-extras
SUBDIR+= openmsx
SUBDIR+= or1ksim
SUBDIR+= osf1_lib
SUBDIR+= p11
SUBDIR+= palmosemulator
SUBDIR+= pcemu
SUBDIR+= peace
SUBDIR+= pearpc
SUBDIR+= qemu
SUBDIR+= raine
SUBDIR+= simh
SUBDIR+= simulavr
SUBDIR+= ski
SUBDIR+= sms_sdl
SUBDIR+= snes9x
SUBDIR+= spim
SUBDIR+= stella
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_alsa
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_aspell
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_base
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_compat
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_expat
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_fontconfig
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_freetype2
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_gdk-pixbuf
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_glx
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_gtk
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_gtk2
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_krb5
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_libcups
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_libjpeg
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_libpng
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_libsigc++2
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_libtiff
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_libxml2
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_locale
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_openmotif
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_openssl
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_resmgr
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_slang
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_vmware
SUBDIR+= suse100_32_x11
SUBDIR+= suse100_alsa
SUBDIR+= suse100_aspell
SUBDIR+= suse100_base
SUBDIR+= suse100_compat
SUBDIR+= suse100_expat
SUBDIR+= suse100_fontconfig
SUBDIR+= suse100_freetype2
SUBDIR+= suse100_gdk-pixbuf
SUBDIR+= suse100_glx
SUBDIR+= suse100_gtk
SUBDIR+= suse100_gtk2
SUBDIR+= suse100_krb5
SUBDIR+= suse100_libcups
SUBDIR+= suse100_libjpeg
SUBDIR+= suse100_libpng
SUBDIR+= suse100_libsigc++2
SUBDIR+= suse100_libtiff
SUBDIR+= suse100_libxml2
#SUBDIR+= suse100_linux # only contains Makefile fragments
SUBDIR+= suse100_locale
SUBDIR+= suse100_openmotif
SUBDIR+= suse100_openssl
SUBDIR+= suse100_resmgr
SUBDIR+= suse100_slang
SUBDIR+= suse100_vmware
SUBDIR+= suse100_x11
SUBDIR+= swarm
SUBDIR+= tme
SUBDIR+= tuxnes
SUBDIR+= twin
SUBDIR+= uae
SUBDIR+= ucon64
SUBDIR+= uips
SUBDIR+= vba
SUBDIR+= vice
SUBDIR+= vmips
SUBDIR+= vmware
SUBDIR+= vmware-module
SUBDIR+= vmware-module3
SUBDIR+= vmware3
SUBDIR+= wine
SUBDIR+= wine-devel
SUBDIR+= x48
SUBDIR+= xbeeb
SUBDIR+= xcopilot
SUBDIR+= xhomer
SUBDIR+= xm7
SUBDIR+= xmame
SUBDIR+= xmess
SUBDIR+= xtrs
SUBDIR+= xyame
SUBDIR+= yabause
SUBDIR+= z26
SUBDIR+= zsnes
.include "../mk/misc/"
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