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# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.101 2009/09/07 18:24:11 joerg Exp $
COMMENT= Document format and character code converters
SUBDIR+= 2vcard
SUBDIR+= ack
SUBDIR+= autoconvert
SUBDIR+= base64
SUBDIR+= bbcim
SUBDIR+= bib2xml
SUBDIR+= bibtex2html
SUBDIR+= cbmconvert
SUBDIR+= chef
SUBDIR+= cn2jp
SUBDIR+= code2html
SUBDIR+= convmv
SUBDIR+= doc2html
SUBDIR+= dvi2tty
SUBDIR+= enriched2html
SUBDIR+= fondu
SUBDIR+= fribidi
SUBDIR+= help2man
SUBDIR+= hztty
SUBDIR+= ish
SUBDIR+= ja-dvi2tty
SUBDIR+= jcode-perl
SUBDIR+= kcc
SUBDIR+= latex2rtf
SUBDIR+= libiconv
SUBDIR+= libwpd
SUBDIR+= macfork
SUBDIR+= mpack
SUBDIR+= nkf
SUBDIR+= odt2txt
SUBDIR+= p5-Convert-BinHex
SUBDIR+= p5-Convert-TNEF
SUBDIR+= p5-Convert-UUlib
SUBDIR+= p5-JSON-XS-VersionOneAndTwo
SUBDIR+= p5-Jcode
SUBDIR+= p5-MIME-Base32
SUBDIR+= p5-MIME-Base64
SUBDIR+= p5-MIME-Base64-URLSafe
SUBDIR+= p5-Text-Iconv
SUBDIR+= p5-Unicode-IMAPUtf7
SUBDIR+= p5-Unicode-Map
SUBDIR+= p5-Unicode-Map8
SUBDIR+= p5-Unicode-MapUTF8
SUBDIR+= p5-Unicode-String
SUBDIR+= p5-Unicode-UTF8simple
SUBDIR+= p5-chkjis
SUBDIR+= p5-nkf
SUBDIR+= php-iconv
SUBDIR+= psiconv
SUBDIR+= py-chardet
SUBDIR+= py-jpCodecs
SUBDIR+= py-simplejson
SUBDIR+= py-zhCodecs
SUBDIR+= qkc
SUBDIR+= qrencode
SUBDIR+= recode
SUBDIR+= rpm2cpio
SUBDIR+= rss2html
SUBDIR+= rtf2html
SUBDIR+= ru-d1489
SUBDIR+= ruby-romkan
SUBDIR+= ruby-uconv
SUBDIR+= skf
SUBDIR+= smbchartool
SUBDIR+= tex2rtf
SUBDIR+= txt2html
SUBDIR+= txt2man
SUBDIR+= txt2pdbdoc
SUBDIR+= unix2dos
SUBDIR+= uudeview
SUBDIR+= uulib
SUBDIR+= wv2
SUBDIR+= xdeview
SUBDIR+= xlhtml
SUBDIR+= xlreader
SUBDIR+= yencode
.include "../mk/misc/"
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