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$NetBSD: RESPONSIBLE,v 1.17 2009/05/16 07:39:17 rillig Exp $
List of sections of the system, and who is responsible for them (or
at least considered an expert on them).
Warning: this list is not considered definitive, and is necessarily
pkgsrc Infrastructure:
Part of the infrastructure People
README.html generation dmcmahill
bootstrap grant, jlam, joerg dillo
buildlink3 jlam
bulk build hubertf, dmcmahill, grant, rillig
destdir joerg
mk/check rillig
mk/wrapper rillig
pkg_install agc, joerg
pkgviews jlam
unprivileged builds rillig
pkgsrc platforms:
IRIX-6.5-mipseb jschauma
BSD/OS reed
Darwin grant, schmonz
DragonFly joerg
FreeBSD grant
HP-UX tnn
Interix tv
Linux jschauma, grant, reed
OSF/1 grant, tnn
Solaris grant
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