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The following rules apply only to the zoo archiver itself.
Currently, all extract-only programs, and all supporting utili-
ties, are fully in the public domain and are expected to remain so
for the forseeable future.
1. "This software" refers separately to each existing version, and
each existing authorized derivative work, of my zoo archive
program as of the date at the bottom of this copyright statement.
2. DISTRIBUTION IN UNMODIFIED FORM: You may copy this software in
unmodified form for any purpose, whether commercial or
noncommercial, provided that you make no attempt to restrict
distribution of it by others.
3. CREATION OF DERIVATIVE WORKS: You may create and distribute
derivative works made from any source code files that are part of
this software, provided that you (a) preserve all copyright
notices and author attributions, (b) do not create, whether
deliberately or through negligence, any derivative work that
violates the compatibility goals describe in the reference manual
for zoo 2.1, (c) do not attempt to restrict the distribution or
use of the derivative work by others, (d) make the fully commented
source code of the derivative work available to me at no cost if
I so request, and make no attempt to restrict the distribution
or use of this source code.
4. NO WARRANTY. I make no claim that this software is free of defects.
I do not accept any legal obligation to provide any bug fixes or
any other type of support whatsoever. I disclaim all liability
for damages, whether direct or consequential.
5. EXCEPTIONS: Exceptions to the above conditions are probably
possible. Please contact me to negotiate.
6. The prohibition against incompatible derivative works does not
necessarily imply that the archiver and the archive format cannot
be enhanced. However, if any incompatibility is created, it may
be done only with my permission.
-- Rahul Dhesi 1991/07/07
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