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3proxy 0.5 Public License Agreement
This software provided "as is" without any guaranties or support.
This software is FREEWARE. You can use it under terms of current version
of GNU GPL (General Public License) available from or under conditions below:
1. You are granted non-exclusive rights to compile, modify, use and
re-distribute this program.
2. In case this software is redistributed in binary form, source code
MUST be available for user for free.
3. In case this software redistributed embedded in hardware device or
pre-installed version of operation system and source code is not available,
documentation MUST refer to as a source of
4. In case this software is modified or is used as a part of another project
license MUST NOT be modified.
5. Authors of this software MAY change terms of this license for future
versions of this product.
(c) 2000-2006 by 3APA3A (
(c) 2000-2006 by SECURITY.NNOV (
(c) 2000-2006 by Vladimir Dubrovin (
This software uses:
RSA Data Security, Inc. MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm
RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
$Id: 3proxy-0.5-license,v 1.1 2008/02/27 16:14:43 apb Exp $
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