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ProxyTunnel is a program that connects stdin and stdout to a server
somewhere on the network, through a standard HTTPS proxy. We mostly use it
to tunnel SSH sessions through HTTP(S) proxies, allowing us to do many
things that wouldn't be possible without ProxyTunnel.
Proxytunnel can currently do the following:
- Create tunnels using HTTP and HTTPS proxies (That understand the HTTP
CONNECT command).
- Work as a back-end driver for an OpenSSH client, and create SSH connections
through HTTP(S) proxies.
- Work as a stand-alone application, listening on a port for connections, and
then tunneling these connections to a specified destination.
If you want to make effective use of ProxyTunnel, the proxy server you are
going to be tunneling through must adhere to some requirements:
- Must support HTTP CONNECT command
- Must allow you to connect to destination machine and host, with or without
HTTP proxy authentication
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