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# $NetBSD: NEWS,v 1.11 2014/06/21 16:01:17 alnsn Exp $
This file contains information about important infrastructural changes in
pkgsrc. The intended readers are the pkgsrc developers as well as anyone
tracking pkgsrc-current.
Lua multiversion support [alnsn 2014-05-03]
Lua packages lang/lua51 and lang/lua52 have been modified
to coexist without conflicts, infrastructure for supporting
multiple versions of Lua has been put in place and all
dependent packages have been adapted to the new infrastructure.
SMF support is introduced [jperkin 2014-03-11]
Unprivileged staged installation is default [asau 2012-08-14]
pkgsrc has changed to use unprivileged staged installation by default.
This makes it possible to prevent some installation mistakes.
It also makes detection of package conflicts easier.
Previously you had to set PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT to "user-destdir"
to invoke this functionality. Set PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT to "none"
to revert to direct installation. layout changed [joerg 2009-03-20]
The files have been reorganized to reduce
redundant parsing for deeply nested buildlink3 trees.
The createbuildlink package has been updated to create
the new format.
PLIST_VARS introduced [jlam 20080413]
PLIST_VARS is a simpler way to do conditional PLIST entries.
The old method of doing e.g. PLIST_SUBST+= FOO="@comment " can
now be done by unconditionally setting PLIST_VARS+=foo and
conditionally setting This will result in substitution
of ${} in the PLIST with either "" or "@comment ".
SKIP_PORTABILITY_CHECK is obsolete [rillig 20080220]
After being deprecated for about 16 months, this early misdesign
has finally been obsoleted and removed from pkgsrc.
Check for stripped/unstripped binaries [rillig 20080213]
A new check has been added in mk/check/ to
assure that the installed binaries conform to the setting of the
INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED variable. It is not enabled by default due to
lack of testing.
OpenSSL update [tnn 20080118]
OpenSSL in pkgsrc switched from the 0.9.7 to the 0.9.8 branch. To
accomodate for this, 596 packages dependent on openssl had their
revisions bumped.
pkgsrc-2007Q4 released [agc 20080105]
A new stable branch was released. Read the announcement at:
Simplifying meta-packages [rillig 20071219]
The variable META_PACKAGE was introduced. This simplifies creation
and maintenance of packages that do not install files.
Replace a package with different name [gdt 20071107]
The variable OLDNAME was introduced for "make replace" to
replace a package with a name other than the new one, via
"make replace OLDNAME=oldpkgname". Read the announcement at:
pkgsrc-2007Q3 released [agc 20071015]
A new stable branch was released. Read the announcement at:
Features framework [jlam 20070907]
A "system features" framework has been added. It will be used to
automatically supply missing "basic" headers and libraries for old
systems. This is supported through the USE_FEATURES variable. 6.9 removed [joerg 20070817]
monolithic 6.9 was removed from pkgsrc. It was obsoleted by the
modular (7.x) packages. Transitioning users should remove all old packages and set X11_TYPE=modular in mk.conf.
Emulator framework [jlam 20070729]
A new emulator framework has been added. This will handle all
binary-only packages that require emulation on the native OS.
Please see pkgsrc/mk/emulator/README.
audit-packages merged with pkg_install [adrianp 20070714]
The utility for auditing installed packages for security problems,
audit-packages, has been rewritten in C. It is now part of the
pkgtools/pkg_install package.
pkgsrc-2007Q2 released [agc 20070701]
A new stable branch was released. Read the announcement at:
New framework for bulk builds [joerg 20070619]
pbulk, the new automated pkgsrc bulk build framework was imported.
pkgsrc-2007Q1 released [agc 20070419]
A new stable branch was released. Read the announcement at:
pkgsrc-2006Q4 released [agc 20070104]
A new stable branch was released. Read the announcement at:
modular imported [joerg 20061114]
The modular packages were imported.
pkgsrc-2006Q3 released [agc 20061001]
A new stable branch was released. Read the announcement at:
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