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Add a switch to choose between graphics/giflib and graphics/libungif

as GIF implementation. They are src/binary compatible and mutually
exclusive, so this is a global choice.
Up to now, "libungif" is used by pkgs, due to patent problems. The
patents are said to be expired, and "giflib" gets somewhat better
maintainance upstream these days, so set the new default to "giflib".
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1 parent 8c6afe4 commit 041092f5b6ec0cff00eefb775c079e88c79a5721 drochner committed Mar 9, 2011
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@@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
+# $NetBSD:,v 1.1 2011/03/09 16:22:01 drochner Exp $
+# choose a GIF library implemtation:
+# "libungif" was used to avoid patent problems. The patents are
+# expired, so "giflib" should be safe to use.
+.if !defined(MK_GIFLIB_BUILDLINK3_MK)
+.include "../../mk/"
+.if ${GIFLIB_IMPLEMENTATION} == "giflib"
+. include "../../graphics/giflib/"
+.elif ${GIFLIB_IMPLEMENTATION} == "libungif"
+. include "../../graphics/libungif/"
+ "\"${GIFLIB_IMPLEMENTATION}\" is invalid giflib in ${PKGNAME}."

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