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Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. Fix PKGNAME.

    wiz authored
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. Note update of BIND packages:

    taca authored
    	net/bind99	9.9.7pl2
    	net/bind910	9.10.2pl3
  2. Update bind910 to 9.10.2pl3 (BIND 9.10.2-P3).

    taca authored
    	--- 9.10.2-P3 released ---
    4165.	[security]	A failure to reset a value to NULL in tkey.c could
    			result in an assertion failure. (CVE-2015-5477)
    			[RT #40046]
  3. Update bind99 to 9.9.7pl2 (BIND 9.9.7-P2).

    taca authored
    	--- 9.9.7-P2 released ---
    4165.	[security]	A failure to reset a value to NULL in tkey.c could
    			result in an assertion failure. (CVE-2015-5477)
    			[RT #40046]
  4. It is fonts/tex-cm rather.

    asau authored
  5. graphics/opencv: fix build on fbsd + clang

    rumko authored
    * under clang, C-style cast from nullptr_t to enum are not allowed.
    Ok@ wiz
  6. print/foo2zjs: fix runtime problems with paths and sed

    rumko authored
    * the syntax used for sed is not compatible with all sed
    implementations, so depend on gsed and use it on all platforms
    * before this, foo2qpdl-wrapper & co. would be searching for CMS
    and other files in ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX} instead of ${PREFIX}
    * also install crd files (needed for functioning CMS)
    PKGREVISION bumped.
    Ok@ wiz
  7. (pkgsrc)

    mef authored
     - Switch following depends:
       -DEPENDS+=      p5-List-MoreUtils-[0-9]*:../../devel/p5-List-MoreUtils
       +DEPENDS+=      p5-Scalar-List-Utils-[0-9]*:../../devel/p5-Scalar-List-Utils
    - Update to 0.14
    0.14    2015-06-04 00:58:24Z
      * Switch from using List::MoreUtils to List::Util.
  8. Updated devel/p5-Carp-REPL to 0.18

    mef authored
  9. Updatee to 0.18

    mef authored
    0.18    Fri  5 Jun 2015 19:57:52 PDT
            * Fix tests that started failing since Test::Expect 0.32 (Gianni
            Ceccarelli, RT#103414)
  10. Updated devel/libzen to 0.4.31

    wiz authored
  11. Update to 0.4.31:

    wiz authored
    Version 0.4.31, 2015-04-09
    x BigEndian2float16() was buggy
    x <new> is possible only with C++
    Version 0.4.30, 2014-11-09
    + New MemoryUtils.h functions for SSE2 memcpy
    + Ztring::From_Unicode(const wchar_t S)
    + Removed Win9X support
    + CMake: scripts improvements, thanks to Ivan Romanov
    + Mac: EOL definitely moved from \r to \n
    x int128: was not compiling on Cygwin
    x Windows: file open in append mode has shared read/write
  12. + libzen-0.4.31, mediainfo-0.7.75.

    wiz authored
  13. Updated fonts/harfbuzz to 1.0.1

    wiz authored
  14. Update to 1.0.1:

    wiz authored
    Overview of changes leading to 1.0.1
    Monday, July 27, 2015
    - Fix out-of-bounds access in USE shaper.
    Overview of changes leading to 1.0.0
    Sunday, July 26, 2015
    - Implement Universal Shaping Engine:
    - Bump version to 1.0.0.  The soname was NOT bumped.
    Overview of changes leading to 0.9.42
    Thursday, July 26, 2015
    - New API to allow for retrieving finer-grained cluster
      mappings if the client desires to handle them.  Default
      behavior is unchanged.
    - Fix cluster merging when removing default-ignorables.
    - Update to Unicode 8.0
    - hb-graphite2 fixes.
    - Misc fixes.
    - Removed HB_NO_MERGE_CLUSTERS hack.
    - New API:
      hb_buffer_cluster_level_t enum
      hb-shape / hb-view --cluster-level
  15. Updated www/lighttpd to 1.4.36

    youri authored
  16. Update to 1.4.36,

    youri authored
    This release contains mostly bug fixes.
    Important changes
    - [ssl] disable SSL3.0 by default
    - escape all strings for logging
    - fix segfault when temp file for upload couldn’t be created (found by coverity)
    - changes to the internal API for buffers, chunks and more; 3rd party plugins are likely to break
  17. Updated emulators/suse131_base to 13.1nb9

    wiz authored
  18. Update RPMs from latest openSUSE 13.1 files.

    wiz authored
    From Rin Okuyama in PR 50082.
  19. Updated databases/sqlite3 to 3.8.11

    adam authored
  20. Changes 3.8.11:

    adam authored
    Added the experimental RBU extension. Note that this extension is experimental and subject to change in incompatible ways.
    Added the experimental FTS5 extension. Note that this extension is experimental and subject to change in incompatible ways.
    Added the sqlite3_value_dup() and sqlite3_value_free() interfaces.
    Enhance the spellfix1 extension to support ON CONFLICT clauses.
    The IS operator is now able to drive indexes.
    Enhance the query planner to permit automatic indexing on FROM-clause subqueries that are implemented by co-routine.
    Disallow the use of "rowid" in common table expressions.
    Added the PRAGMA cell_size_check command for better and earlier detection of database file corruption.
    Added the matchinfo 'b' flag to the matchinfo() function in FTS3.
    Improved fuzz-testing of database files, with fixes for problems found.
    Add the fuzzcheck test program and automatically run this program using both SQL and database test cases on "make test".
    Added the SQLITE_MUTEX_STATIC_VFS1 static mutex and use it in the Windows VFS.
    The sqlite3_profile() callback is invoked (by sqlite3_reset() or sqlite3_finalize()) for statements that did not run to completion.
    Enhance the page cache so that it can preallocate a block of memory to use for the initial set page cache lines. Set the default preallocation to 100 pages. Yields about a 5% performance increase on common workloads.
    Miscellaneous micro-optimizations result in 22.3% more work for the same number of CPU cycles relative to the previous release. SQLite now runs twice as fast as version 3.8.0 and three times as fast as version 3.3.9. (Measured using cachegrind on the speedtest1.c workload on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with gcc 4.8.2 and -Os. Your performance may vary.)
    Added the sqlite3_result_zeroblob64() and sqlite3_bind_zeroblob64() interfaces.
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. More efficient check if SSP is enabled

    khorben authored
    With this change, the check if the current architecture is supported is
    only performed if SSP is enabled in the first place. This should not
    change the current behavior; tested on NetBSD/amd64.
    Suggested by wiz@
  2. Updated x11/xfce4-desktop to 4.12.3

    youri authored
  3. Update to 4.12.3:

    youri authored
    * Bug fixes:
     - Remove whitespaces from monitor name when accessing settings
       Patch by Andreas Müller
     - Settings: Fix loading of wallpaper previews (Bug #11892)
     - Rotate images for wallpaper based on embedded orientation
    * Translation updates:
      English (Australia) (en_AU), Spanish (Castilian) (es),
      Lithuanian (lt), Swedish (sv)
  4. Updated chat/scrollz to 2.2.3

    wiz authored
  5. Update to 2.2.3, using wip/scrollz packaged by othyro.

    wiz authored
    ScrollZ v2.2.3, 29.12.2013
        ! crash when displaying very large aliases (reported by -jff-)
        ! +password in ENCRMSG is not treated as a FiSH key if FiSH is
          not available (reported by -jff-)
        ! slashes (on Unix) and backslashes (on Windows) in channel names
          are converted to underscores in per channel logging
        + SET DEFAULT_PROTOCOL to specify default IP protocol for
          server connections (patch by SteelyDan)
        ! parallel make install (patch by Nathan Phillip Brink)
        ! respect CPP flags in Makefile (patch by Nathan Phillip Brink)
        ! dependencies in Makefile, fixes build on Debian sid
          (reported by juha)
        ! example for REGEXPREP (thanks SteelyDan)
        ! MODE #channel I/e/b for IPv6 addresses (reported by Jugernaut)
        ~ set AI_ADDRCONFIG flag for IP lookups when IPv6 support is
          enabled (suggested by SteelyDan)
        ! update target directory for manual page to modern /usr/share/man
          (reported by dan408)
        + parsing of numeric 378 for freenode (requested by SteelyDan)
        ! configure now exits if it can't find a working libtermcap
          / libncurses
        + half-op counters are now displayed in NWHOIS
        ! various small fixes
        ! memory / fd leaks reported by valgrind (thanks SteelyDan)
        - ICB support (patch by SteelyDan)
        + IRC servers can now be grouped (patch by SteelyDan)
        + TRACE facility, read HELP SET TRACE for more information
          (this is optional and has to be enabled in defs.h and is
           meant to help me track down bugs faster)
        ! annoying bug where bound channels would sometimes get
          relocated to a random window on reconnect
        ! do not lose one page of scrollback buffer after CLEAR
          (reported by -jff-)
        ! compilation on FreeBSD 10 (reported by FBSD maintainer)
        ! IPv6 address formatting (reported by SteelyDan)
        ! SHOWUSER formatting of long user@host strings (reported
          by SteelyDan)
        ! reconnect when server is specified as IPv6 address
        ! active servers can no longer be deleted (reported by SteelyDan)
        + new ignore types NICK for nick changes and QUIT for sign off
          messages (requested by dc)
    ScrollZ v2.2.2, 15.4.2012
        ! auto completion bug introduced by a rather stupid fix in v2.2.1
          (reported by bon)
    ScrollZ v2.2.1, 30.12.2011
        ! a crash when input buffer exceeded 1024 characters and AUTOCOMPL
          was enabled (reported by Jugernaut)
        + public flood now displays flooded channel (requested by Blaxthox,
          patch by SteelyDan)
        ! topic time display no longer cuts off year when using T command
          (fix by SteelyDan)
        ! CDCC size reporting (fix by SteelyDan)
        + path tabkey completion for SET AWAY_FILE, DECRYPT_PROGRAM,
          XTERM_PATH and for WINDOW LOGFILE (patch by SteelyDan)
        ! tabkey completion for SETs (fix by SteelyDan)
        ~ use non-obsolete GnuTLS APIs (fixes Debian bug #624050)
    ScrollZ v2.2, 14.5.2011
        + SET USERNAME to set username sent to IRC server (requested by jm_)
        ! a silly bug that made client confused about the nickname (if
          initial connect returned invalid nickname error, thanks to enkil
          for debugging)
        ! a bug where bound channel was bound to another window on
          reconnect (patch by jm_)
        ! tab handling should no longer crash after reconnects (patch by jm_)
        ! handling of numeric 477 for networks with NickServ (reported
          by several users)
        ! crash when delay joining a channel (reported by flashback)
        ! DCC speed reporting
        ! WHOIS actually (fix by flashback)
        ! LINKS command would stop working when server throttling
          kicked in (fix by flashback)
        + SET RATELIMIT_JOIN - configurable server versions on which channel
          joins are rate limited (implemented by flashback)
        + client with UTF-8 support should be buildable on SGI IRIX
        + tabkey improvements for OP, DOP, HOP, DH, VO and DV, read
          HELP TABKEY for more information (patch by flashback)
        ! status bar corruption on 64-bit systems due to overlapping
          string copy
        ! number of DCC GET/SEND requests in status bar is now correctly
          set to zero when a signal USR1 is received
        + SHOWIDLE can now be sorted, see help for details
          (requested by Blaxthos)
        ! FiSH on 64-bit systems
    ScrollZ v2.1, 23.12.2009
        I'd like to dedicate this release to frash who passed away in
        September 2009.
        NOTICE: Mailing list is no longer operational. It only received
        spam so we have decided to turn it off.
        ! ISO 2022 JP encoding in lastlog
        ! compilation using older compilers (gcc 2.95, reported by aflux)
        ! IGNORE blah ^TYPE (reported by one)
        + SET DCC_HOST (requested by wiz)
        ! line wrapping improvements (patch by jm_)
        ! GNU TLS now uses pkg-config (patch by Mike Markley, thanks)
        + configure option to disable UTF-8 support
        + push line functionality, default bind is alt-q, see help
          for more info (patch by jm_)
        ! default STATUS_FORMAT now properly terminates colour sequence
          to prevent background colour overflowing to next lines
          (reported by TrN)
        ~ FiSH encryption now requires libgmp (patch by TrN based on
          implementation by Dcoder)
          make encryption less prone to frequency analysis attacks)
        + SET SAVE_ENCRYPTION_KEYS, when enabled keys used for encryption
          are saved to (requires master password to be set
          as keys are encrypted using master password, requested by TrN,
          you are prompted to enter master password when client is restarted
          if keys are found in
        + improvements to tabkey handling for directories (patch by jm_)
        + various small improvements
        ! fixes for 64-bit systems (reported by Jugernaut)
        ! some bugs that led to crashes (mostly dereferencing NULL pointers)
        ~ W without arguments uses current channel (patch by flashback)
        ! buffer overflow crash (reported by fet)
    ScrollZ v2.0, 30.12.2008
        ! IGNORE nick ignore_type works again (reported by -jff-)
        + URL catcher now saves nick and channel in publics
        + OpenSSL support (use configure --with-openssl)
        ! input encodings other than UTF-8 produced garbled non-ASCII
          characters when input history was used (reported by biini)
        ! crashes when iconv fails (reported by ShadowImg)
        + $stripcrap() which strips all non-printable characters
          from a string (requested by JohnnyM)
        + $tr() which translates characters in set1 from characters
          in set2 (similar to a Unix tr utility, requested by JohnnyM)
        + $pattern() which returns all words from a list that are
          matched by a pattern (requested by JohhnyM)
        + $chr() which returns string from a list of ascii codes
        ! DCC RAW connections executed connect hook too early when
          non blocking connections were enabled
        ! ScrollZ now runs fine on Mac OS X x86
        + SHOWCHAN which allows one to hide certain channels from
          status bar (requested by juha)
        + LISTN now has options to list only online/offline notifies
          (requested by ol@fson)
        ! STRSTR() which returned wrong string
        ! SET AWAY_FILE now accepts full path for ScrollZ.away file
          (reported by gebion)
        + URL catcher now also handles channel topics
        ! don't print join sync msg when sending mode #chan +b, this
          happens upon receiveing channel operator status after join
          because we send MODE #chan e to obtain ban exceptions
          (reported by wiz)
        + ISO-2022-JP encoding support, /SET ISO2022_SUPPORT ON
          if you need it
        ! bug when nick ended with a tilde, client would still show
          nick as present even though they parted the channel
          (reported by juha)
        ! WHO -FILE fixes by flashback
        + support for numeric #479 (illegal channel name, coded by
        + FiSH support has been integrated in main src
        + MSG -SERVER (requested by smk)
        ~ DCC RAW no longer sends newline by default, fix your scripts
          in case you need this!
        + SET AUTO_RECONNECT_CHANNELS (coded by flashback)
        + -n CLI parameter, if specified no server is connected at
          startup (coded by flashback)
        ! configure should now properly find iconv.h on FreeBSD
        ! don't send disconnect notice in plain text when SSL
          connection is used (reported by wiz)
        ! crash when server connection is closed in case of SSL connections
          (if GNUTLS is used, reported by q)
        + tab completion for SET variables (implemented by flashback)
        + WHOIS now recognises numeric 671 (secure connection, implemented
          by flashback)
        + upon receipt of DCC REJECT CTCP reply the corresponding DCC
          is closed
        + SET SEND_USERHOST_ON_NICK_IN_USE (if set to off client will
          not send userhost query when server sends nickname already
          in use reply)
        + MONITOR support (available on ircd-ratbox, coded by flashback)
        + SET NETSPLIT_TIME (to set how long client keeps netsplit info,
          patch by flashback)
        ! stuck input prompt bug (thanks to wiz for testing)
        ! SZsetup was missing some colours (reported by jm_)
        ! crash upon exit if flood list was not yet initialized
        + SET NOTIFY_SHOW_NAME (if enabled activity includes
          window name, patch by flashback)
        + WINDOW UNNAME (unset window name, patch by flashback)
        ! long standing bug where client would send stuff from
          unnitialised buffer to server (thanks to Jugernaut
          for helping me with this)
        + SET CHANLOG_STRIP_ANSI (by flashback, when enabled ANSI
          colour codes are stripped from chanlog)
          (see help for more info, patch by jm_)
    ScrollZ v1.9.99, 30.10.2006
    NOTE: Homepage has been changed to
        + temporary ban shitlist type (see help on commands ADDBK
          and BANTIME, requested by duckdown)
        ! crash on SET -STATUS_FORMAT (reported on Debian BT)
        ! memory leak (ircII bug from UTF-8 code merge)
        + SET STATUS_LINES to set default number of status lines
          for new windows (requested by a Debian user)
        - SET USE_OLD_MSG (ircII merge)
        ~ flood protection status bar variable has been renamed to %X
    ScrollZ v1.9.98.1, 4.5.2006
        ! compilation without ANSI colour support
        ! ANSI colour support when compiled without iconv support
    ScrollZ v1.9.98, 1.5.2006
        ! core dump on exit when FLOOD_USERS was increased (reported by jm_)
        ! crash on IrcNet when doing /FILINE (reported by kore)
        ! orig nick displaying server messages even if quiet mode
          was enabled (it happened if lag is greater than orig nick timer,
          reported by wood)
        ! GNU TLS 1.0 is required for SSL support now, OpenSSL is no
          longer supported
        + REGEXPREPL() which offers POSIX.2 compatible search & replace
          functionality with back references support, see HELP ALIAS FUNCTIONS
          for an example
        ! ncurses check during configure, should fix build on SuSE Linux
        + IGNORE nick!user@host now works (reported by pluto)
        ~ userlist takes precedence over shitlist (so you can shitlist
          *!*~*@* and still alow *!*user@*, requested by tel)
        ! DESTDIR errors for manual pages (fix provided by Matto Fransen)
        ! numeric 477 is properly handled on Freenode (reported by TrN)
        + merged UTF-8 support from ircII - some things might be
          broken because of that, please report bugs
        + support for channel modes gzQ on freenode (requested by TrN)
        + $chankey(#channel) returns channel key (requested by TrN)
  6. Updated games/zoom to 1.1.5

    wiz authored
  7. Update to 1.1.5, provided by Benedek Gergely on pkgsrc-users.

    wiz authored
    While here, add comments to patches.
    Changelog not found, author doesn't seem to believe in it.
  8. Updated games/xzip to 1.8.2

    wiz authored
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