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Commits on Oct 8, 2015
  1. Updated www/py-django to 1.8.5

    adam authored
  2. accidental ommission of a suppressed line

    richard authored
  3. Updated graphics/opencv to 3.0.0

    fhajny authored
  4. Update graphics/opencv to 3.0.0.

    fhajny authored
    Major changes (besides bugfixes):
    - opencv_contrib ( repository
      has been added.
    - a subset of Intel IPP (IPPCV) is given to us and our users free
      of charge, free of licensing fees, for commercial and non-commerical
    - T-API (transparent API) has been introduced, this is transparent GPU
      acceleration layer using OpenCL. It does not add any compile-time or
      runtime dependency of OpenCL. When OpenCL is available, it's detected
      and used, but it can be disabled at compile time or at runtime.
    - ~40 OpenCV functions have been accelerated using NEON intrinsics and
      because these are mostly basic functions, some higher-level functions
      got accelerated as well.
    - There is also new OpenCV HAL layer that will simplifies creation
      of NEON-optimized code and that should form a base for the open-source
      and proprietary OpenCV accelerators.
    - The documentation is now in Doxygen:
    - We cleaned up API of many high-level algorithms from features2d, calib3d,
      objdetect etc. They now follow the uniform "abstract interface - hidden
      implementation" pattern and make extensive use of smart pointers (Ptr<>).
    - Greatly improved and extended Python & Java bindings (also, see below on
      the Python bindings), newly introduced Matlab bindings
    - Improved Android support - now OpenCV Manager is in Java and supports
      both 2.4 and 3.0.
    - Greatly improved WinRT support, including video capturing and
      multi-threading capabilities. Thanks for Microsoft team for this!
    - Big thanks to Google who funded several successive GSoC programs and
      let OpenCV in. The results of many successful GSoC 2013 and 2014 projects
      have been integrated in opencv 3.0 and opencv_contrib (earlier results
      are also available in OpenCV 2.4.x). We can name:
      - text detection
      - many computational photography algorithms (HDR, inpainting, edge-aware
        filters, superpixels,...)
      - tracking and optical flow algorithms
      - new features, including line descriptors, KAZE/AKAZE
      - general use optimization (hill climbing, linear programming)
      - greatly improved Python support, including Python 3.0 support, many new
        tutorials & samples on how to use OpenCV with Python.
      - 2d shape matching module and 3d surface matching module
      - RGB-D module
      - VTK-based 3D visualization module
    For full changelog see:
    For 2.4 to 3.0 transition, see the transition guide:
  5. Quick workaround for groff tools issue per joerg@

    richard authored
    Still needs, as many tools, TLC to simplify tools.*.mk as well as adding
    a builtin check.
  6. Fix build on NetBSD 5.x and 6.x.

    joerg authored
  7. Update pear-Mail_Mime to 1.10.0.

    taca authored
    Release date: 2015-09-13 13:48 UTC
    Release state: stable
    * Add possibility to add externally created Mail_mimePart objects as
      attachments [alec]
    * Add possibility to set preamble text for multipart messages [alec]
  8. Remove .gemtest from PLIST since it is not generated by rake with newer

    taca authored
    version of hoe.
  9. Add to properly select, detect and link in LDAP support.

    fhajny authored
    Bump PKGREVISION as this removes dirmngr_ldap from default PLIST.
  10. Updated databases/py-peewee to 2.6.4

    fhajny authored
  11. Update databases/py-peewee to 2.6.4.

    fhajny authored
    Bugs fixed
    - fixed a bug with the Cython speedups not being included
      in package.
    - documented how to create models with no primary key.
    - allow bare INSERT statements.
    - regarding foreign key / one-to-one relationships.
    - allow ArrayField to accept tuples in addition to lists.
    - fix regarding unsaved relations.
    - refactored QueryResultWrapper to allow multiple independent
      iterations over the same underlying result cache.
    - fix bug with multiple joins to same table + eager loading.
    - fix bug when connection fails while using an execution context.
    - use correct column names with non-standard django foreign keys.
    - return datetime.time instead of timedelta for MySQL time fields.
    - fixed SQLite migrator regular expressions. Thanks @sroebert.
    New features
    - added support for RETURNING clauses. Update, Insert and Delete
      queries can now be called with RETURNING to retrieve the rows
      that were affected.
    - added web request hook docs.
    - allowed arbitrary model attributes and methods to be serialized
      by model_to_dict(). Docs.
    - allow model_to_dict() to introspect query for which fields
      to serialize.
    - Added backend-agnostic truncate_date() implementation.
    - Added a FixedCharField which uses column type CHAR.
    - Added support for arbitrary PRAGMA statements to be run on new
      SQLite connections. Docs.
    - Removed script. See instructions on my blog
  12. Updated sysutils/rsyslog* to 8.13.0

    fhajny authored
  13. Update sysutils/rsyslog to 8.13.0.

    fhajny authored
    Version 8.13.0 [v8-stable] 2015-09-22
    - ZeroMQ enhancements:
      - Added the ability to set a static publishing topic per action as an
        alternative to constructing topics with templates
      - ZMQ_PUB socket now defaults to bind and ZMQ_SUB socket now defaults to
    - Redis enhancements:
      - Can now LPUSH to a Redis list in "queue" mode
      - Can now PUBLISH to a Redis channel in "publish" mode
    - build requirement for rsyslog/mmnormalize is now liblognorm 1.1.2 or above
    - mmnormalize: liblognorm error messages are now emitted via regular
      rsyslog error reporting mechanism (aka "are now logged")
    - add support for TCP client side keep-alives
    - bugfix: imtcp/TLS hangs on dropped packets
    - bugfix testbench: some tests using imptcp are run if module is disabled
    - bugfix omkafka: Fixes a bug not accepting new messages anymore.
    - bugfix: Parallel build issue "cannot find ../runtime/.libs/librsyslog.a:
        No such file or directory" (#479) fixed.
    - bugfix: Added missing mmpstructdata testfiles into makefile.
    - bugfix: Reverted FIX for issue #392 as it had unexpected side effects.
    - The new fix duplicates the Listener object for static files (like
      done for dynamic files already), resolving issue #392 and #490.
    - bugfix: issues in queue subsystem if syncqueuefiles was enabled
      - Error 14 was generated on the .qi file directory handle.
        As the .qi filestream does not have a directory set, fsync
        was called on an empty directory causing a error 14 in debug log.
      - When queue files existed on startup, the bSyncQueueFiles
        strm property was not set to 1. This is now done in the
        qqueueLoadPersStrmInfoFixup function.
    - bugfix/testbench: tcpflood tool could abort when random data was added
    - rscryutil: Added support to decrypt a not closed log file.
  14. OSX El Capitan has an interesting file system bug which allows a deep

    jperkin authored
    directory hierarchy to be created but not removed.  This is triggered by
    the GNU getcwd-path-max.m4 configure test used in lots of GNU software,
    and causes the builds to fail in pbulk as 'make clean' cannot complete.
    For now we provide a cached result for the test to avoid running it,
    using a 'no' value as the test is for a specific glibc bug.
    This bug has been brought to Apple's attention by the NixOS developers,
    raised as  For
    now we mark only 10.11.0 (15.0.0) as having the bug - it remains to be
    seen whether Apple will fix it in the upcoming .1 release.
  15. Check current file descriptor limit and raise if required rather than

    sborrill authored
    blindly setting to 4096 (which may in fact be lower than current limit).
  16. Honour chronyd in rc.conf. Prior to this, chronyd would run regardles…

    sborrill authored
    …s and
    could not be disabled.
  17. Changes 1.8.5:

    adam authored
    Made the development server’s autoreload more robust.
    Fixed AssertionError in some delete queries with a model containing a field that is both a foreign and primary key.
    Fixed AssertionError in some complex queries.
    Fixed a migrations crash with GenericForeignKey.
    Made translation.override() clear the overridden language when a translation isn’t initially active.
    Fixed crash when using a value in ModelAdmin.list_display that clashed with a reverse field on the model.
    Fixed autocompletion for options of non-argparse management commands.
    Alphabetized ordering of imports in from django.db import migrations, models statement in newly created migrations.
    Fixed migrations crash on MySQL when adding a text or a blob field with an unhashable default.
    Changed Count queries to execute COUNT(*) instead of COUNT('*') as versions of Django before 1.8 did. This may fix a performance regression on some databases.
    Fixed custom queryset chaining with values() and values_list().
    Moved the unsaved model instance assignment data loss check on reverse relations to
    Readded inline foreign keys to form instances when validating model formsets.
    Allowed using ORM write methods after disabling autocommit with set_autocommit(False).
    Fixed the test --keepdb option on Oracle.
    Fixed incorrect queries with multiple many-to-many fields on a model with the same ‘to’ model and with related_name set to ‘+’.
    Fixed pickling a SimpleLazyObject wrapping a mode
  18. Updated multimedia/ffmpeg2 to 2.8nb1

    leot authored
  19. Add fontconfig and freetype options.

    leot authored
    From Konrad Schroder, closes PR pkg/50307.
Commits on Oct 7, 2015
  1. Needs pkg-config.

    joerg authored
  2. Drop manual unwind.h guard. Drop using that conflicts with the real

    joerg authored
    definition itself.
  3. Unbreak build on NetBSD current.

    joerg authored
  4. Needs Ruby 2.0+

    joerg authored
  5. Removed www/php-sugarcrm

    ryoon authored
  6. Remove php-sugarcrm.

    ryoon authored
    It is unmaintained anymore.
  7. Revert previous - apparently I want netbsd-www

    hubertf authored
  8. Make sure xsltproc is pulled in (via libxslt) when installing from

    hubertf authored
    a binary package, not only when building from source.
    Needed to build stuff in htdocs on NetBSD-7/amd64 at least.
    That's what you get from non-recursive dependency resolving...
    Bump to version 1.4.
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