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Commits on May 28, 2015
  1. Add missing dependency for py27 version of this package.

    wiz authored
    Broke build, so no PKGREVISION bump needed.
  2. Added net/py-ipaddress version 1.0.7

    wiz authored
  3. + py-ipaddress.

    wiz authored
  4. Import py27-ipaddress-1.0.7 as net/py-ipaddress.

    wiz authored
    Python 3.3's ipaddress for Python 2.6 and 2.7.
    Note that you must pass in unicode objects when constructing from
    a character representation!
  5. Changes 3.6.1:

    adam authored
    * Support for AuroraUX has been removed.
    * Added support for a native object file-based bitcode wrapper format.
    * Added support for MSVC’s __vectorcall calling convention as x86_vectorcallcc.
    * Prefix data rework
    * Metadata is not a Value
    * Alias syntax change
    * The old JIT has been removed
    * object::Binary doesn’t own the file buffer
    * IR in object files is now supported
    * The gold plugin has been rewritten
  6. TeX updates.

    markd authored
  7. Add dependencies to complete collection.

    markd authored
  8. Add texlive langother packages.

    markd authored
  9. Add more tex packages.

    markd authored
  10. Add back static libmono-2.0 entries, the .la is a symlink to libmonob…

    jperkin authored
    and cannot be handled by mk/plist/libtool-expand.  Seen on both NetBSD and
  11. Updated devel/libconfig to 1.5

    wiz authored
  12. Update to 1.5:

    wiz authored
    	----- version 1.5 ------
    2015-05-16  Mark Lindner  <markl@neuromancer>
    	* lib/libconfig.c - Don't fclose() a null pointer.
    2014-09-19  Mark Lindner  <markl@neuromancer>
    	* lib/libconfig.c, lib/wincompat.h - check if file being opened is a
    	* lib/libconfig.c, lib/libconfig.h, lib/libconfig.h++,
    	  doc/libconfig.texi - added config_set_options(),
    	  config_get_options(), setOptions(), getOptions().
    2014-05-25  Mark Lindner  <markl@neuromancer>
    	* lib/libconfig.c++, lib/libconfig.h++ - added patches from Matt
    	  Renaud (added iterators, removed throws() specifications); added
    	  Setting.lookup(); code cleanup; added patch from Yuri Dyachenko
    	  (made exception constructors public)
    	* lib/libconfig.c, lib/libconfig.h - renamed
    	  config_setting_lookup_from() to config_setting_lookup() and
    	  documented it; patch from Alexander Klauer (floating point precision
    	* doc/libconfig.texi - documented new APIs, bumped version
    	* lib/scanner.c, lib/scanner.h, lib/scanner.l, libconfig.c -
    	  scanner code cleanup; and regenerated with flex 2.5.39
    	* lib/grammar.c, lib/grammar.h, lib/grammar.y - parser code cleanup;
    	  and regenerated with bison 3.0.2
    	* README, ChangeLog - version updates
    2014-01-21  Mark Lindner  <markl@neuromancer>
    	* lib/libconfig.c - bugfix; capture root filename
    	* tests/ - fix for out-of-source builds
    	*, aclocal.m4 - updated to newer autotools
  13. Updated devel/py-virtualenv to 13.0.1

    wiz authored
  14. Update to 13.0.1:

    wiz authored
    13.0.1 (2015-05-22)
    * Upgrade pip to 7.0.1
    13.0.0 (2015-05-21)
    * Automatically install wheel when creating a new virutalenv. This can be
      disabled by using the ``--no-wheel`` option.
    * Don't trust the current directory as a location to discover files to install
      packages from.
    * Upgrade setuptools to 16.0.
    * Upgrade pip to 7.0.0.
  15. Updated net/py-twisted to 15.2.0

    wiz authored
  16. Update to 15.2.0:

    wiz authored
    Twisted Core 15.2.0 (2015-05-18)
     - twisted.internet.process has now been ported to Python 3. (#5987)
     - twisted.cred.credentials is now ported to Python 3. (#6176)
     - twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase's assertEqual, assertTrue, and
       assertFalse methods now pass through the standard library's more
       informative failure messages. (#6306)
     - The new package twisted.logger provides a new, fully tested, and
       feature-rich logging framework. The old module twisted.python.log
       is now implemented using the new framework. The new logger HOWTO
       documents the new framework. (#6750)
     - twisted.python.modules is now ported to Python 3. (#7804)
     - twisted.python.filepath.FilePath now supports Unicode (text) paths.
       Like the os module, instantiating it with a Unicode path will
       return a Unicode-mode FilePath, instantiating with a bytes path
       will return a bytes-mode FilePath. (#7805)
     - twisted.internet.kqreactor is now ported to Python 3 (#7823)
     - twisted.internet.endpoints.ProcessEndpoint is now ported to Python
       3. (#7824)
     - twisted.python.filepath.FilePath now has asBytesMode and asTextMode
       methods which return a FilePath in the requested mode. (#7830)
     - twisted.python.components.proxyForInterface now creates method
       proxies that can be used with functools.wraps. (#7832)
     - The tls optional dependency will now also install the idna package
       to validate idna2008 names. (#7853)
     - Don't raise an exception if `DefaultLogObserver.emit()` gets an
       event with a message that raises when `repr()` is called on it.
       Specifically: use `textFromEventDict()` instead of a separate (and
       inferior) message rendering implementation. (#6569)
     - twisted.cred.credentials.DigestedCredentials incorrectly handled
       md5-sess hashing according to the RFC, which has now been fixed.
     - Fixed an issue with twisted.internet.task.LoopingCall.withCount
       where sometimes the passed callable would be invoked with "0" when
       we got close to tricky floating point boundary conditions. (#7836)
     - twisted.internet.defer now properly works with the new logging
       system. (#7851)
     - Change `messages` key to `log_io` for events generated by
       `LoggingFile`. (#7852)
     - twisted.logger had literal characters in docstrings that are now
       quoted. (#7854)
     - twisted.logger now correctly formats a log event with a key named
       `message` when passed to a legacy log observer. (#7855)
     - twisted.internet.endpoints.HostnameEndpoint now uses getaddrinfo
       properly on Python 3.4 and above. (#7886)
    Improved Documentation
     - Fix a typo in narrative documentation for logger (#7875)
    Deprecations and Removals
     - tkunzip and tapconvert in twisted.scripts were deprecated in 11.0
       and 12.1 respectively, and are now removed. (#6747)
     - twisted.protocols.gps is deprecated in preference to
       twisted.positioning. (#6810)
     - twisted.scripts.tap2deb and twisted.scripts.tap2rpm are now
       deprecated. (#7682)
     - twisted.trial.reporter.TestResult and
       twisted.trial.reporter.Reporter contained deprecated methods (since
       8.0) which have now been removed. (#7815)
     - #6027, #7287, #7701, #7727, #7758, #7776, #7786, #7812, #7819,
       #7831, #7838, #7865, #7866, #7869, #7872, #7877, #7878, #7885
    Twisted Conch 15.2.0 (2015-05-18)
     - twisted.conch.ssh.forwarding now supports local->remote forwarding
       of IPv6 (#7751)
    Twisted Mail 15.2.0 (2015-05-18)
     - twisted.mail.smtp.sendmail now uses ESMTP. It will
       opportunistically enable encryption and allow the use of
       authentication. (#7257)
    Twisted Web 15.2.0 (2015-05-18)
     - twisted.web.static is now ported to Python 3. (#6177)
     - twisted.web.server.Site accepts requestFactory as constructor
       argument. (#7016)
    Deprecations and Removals
     - twisted.web.util had some HTML generation functions deprecated
       since 12.1 that have now been removed. (#7828)
     - #6927, #7797, #7802, #7846
    Twisted Words 15.2.0 (2015-05-18)
     - The resumeOffset argument to
       twisted.words.protocol.irc.DccFileReceive now works as it is
       documented. (#7775)
  17. Updated devel/py-test to 2.7.1

    wiz authored
  18. Update to 2.7.1:

    wiz authored
    2.7.1 (compared to 2.7.0)
    - fix issue731: do not get confused by the braces which may be present
      and unbalanced in an object's repr while collapsing False
      explanations.  Thanks Carl Meyer for the report and test case.
    - fix issue553: properly handling inspect.getsourcelines failures in
      FixtureLookupError which would lead to to an internal error,
      obfuscating the original problem. Thanks talljosh for initial
      diagnose/patch and Bruno Oliveira for final patch.
    - fix issue660: properly report scope-mismatch-access errors
      independently from ordering of fixture arguments.  Also
      avoid the pytest internal traceback which does not provide
      information to the user. Thanks Holger Krekel.
    - streamlined and documented release process.  Also all versions
      (in and documentation generation) are now read
      from _pytest/ Thanks Holger Krekel.
    - fixed docs to remove the notion that yield-fixtures are experimental.
      They are here to stay :)  Thanks Bruno Oliveira.
    - Support building wheels by using environment markers for the
      requirements.  Thanks Ionel Maries Cristian.
    - fixed regression to 2.6.4 which surfaced e.g. in lost stdout capture printing
      when tests raised SystemExit. Thanks Holger Krekel.
    - reintroduced _pytest fixture of the pytester plugin which is used
      at least by pytest-xdist.
  19. Updated devel/py-setuptools to 16.0

    wiz authored
  20. Update to 16.0:

    wiz authored
    * Pull Request #130: Better error messages for errors in
      parsed requirements.
    * Pull Request #133: Removed ``setuptools.tests`` from the
      installed packages.
  21. Updated security/py-cryptography to 0.9

    wiz authored
  22. Update to 0.9:

    wiz authored
    0.9 - 2015-05-13
    * Removed support for Python 3.2. This version of Python is rarely used
      and caused support headaches. Users affected by this should upgrade to 3.3+.
    * Deprecated support for Python 2.6. At the time there is no time table for
      actually dropping support, however we strongly encourage all users to upgrade
      their Python, as Python 2.6 no longer receives support from the Python core
    * Add support for the
      :class:`` elliptic
    * Fixed compilation when using an OpenSSL which was compiled with the
      ``no-comp`` (``OPENSSL_NO_COMP``) option.
    * Support :attr:`~cryptography.hazmat.primitives.serialization.Encoding.DER`
      serialization of public keys using the ``public_bytes`` method of
    * Support :attr:`~cryptography.hazmat.primitives.serialization.Encoding.DER`
      serialization of private keys using the ``private_bytes`` method of
    * Add support for parsing X.509 certificate signing requests (CSRs) with
      :func:`~cryptography.x509.load_pem_x509_csr` and
    * Moved ``cryptography.exceptions.InvalidToken`` to
      :class:`cryptography.hazmat.primitives.twofactor.InvalidToken` and deprecated
      the old location. This was moved to minimize confusion between this exception
      and :class:`cryptography.fernet.InvalidToken`.
    * Added support for X.509 extensions in :class:`~cryptography.x509.Certificate`
      objects. The following extensions are supported as of this release:
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.BasicConstraints`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.AuthorityKeyIdentifier`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.SubjectKeyIdentifier`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.KeyUsage`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.SubjectAlternativeName`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.ExtendedKeyUsage`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.CRLDistributionPoints`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.AuthorityInformationAccess`
      * :class:`~cryptography.x509.CertificatePolicies`
      Note that unsupported extensions with the critical flag raise
      :class:`~cryptography.x509.UnsupportedExtension` while unsupported extensions
      set to non-critical are silently ignored. Read the
      :doc:`X.509 documentation</x509>` for more information.
  23. Updated devel/py-cparser to 2.13

    wiz authored
  24. Update to 2.13:

    wiz authored
    + Version 2.13 (12.05.2015)
      - Added support for offsetof() the way gcc implements it (special builtin
        that takes a type as an argument).
      - Added faked va_* macros (these are expected to come from stdarg.h)
      - Added a bunch more fake headers and typedefs to support parsing C projects
        like Git and SQLite without modifications to pycparser.
      - Added support for empty initializer lists (#79).
  25. Updated sysutils/py-attic to 0.16

    wiz authored
  26. Update to 0.16:

    wiz authored
    Version 0.16
    (bugfix release, released on May 16, 2015)
    - Fix typo preventing the security confirmation prompt from working (#303)
    - Improve handling of systems with improperly configured file system encoding (#289)
    - Fix "All archives" output for attic info. (#183)
    - More user friendly error message when repository key file is not found (#236)
    - Fix parsing of iso 8601 timestamps with zero microseconds (#282)
  27. Updated devel/py-cffi to 1.0.3

    wiz authored
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