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Commits on Feb 13, 2016
  1. Updated net/py-google-cloud-sdk to 96.0.0

    ryoon committed
  2. Update to 96.0.0

    ryoon committed
    96.0.0 (2016/2/10)
    Breaking Changes
    Google App Engine
        Google App Engine components updated to 1.9.32. Please visit the following release notes for details: Python - Java -
        The gcloud preview app gen-config command now offers to automatically update the runtime field in app.yaml if necessary.
        The gcloud beta iam command group has launched.
        The Pub/Sub emulator now supports Gzip-encoded requests.
    Google Compute Engine
        The gcloud compute copy-files|scp commands on Windows now treat path arguments with a drive prefix as local files.
        The config configurations delete command now takes multiple configuration names.
        kubectl is updated to v1.1.7.
        Bugfix on the gcloud container clusters get-credentials when run from a client without edit permissions.
    Misc. Changes
        The default floating point output format precision is 6. Exponent notation is used for abs(n) < 1e-04 and abs(n) >= 1e+09.
        The arrow and page up/down/home/end keys now work in the Windows help pager.
    95.0.0 (2016/2/3)
    Breaking Changes
        Use gcloud compute networks create --mode=legacy to create non-subnet networks.
    Google Compute Engine
        gcloud compute copy-files and gcloud compute ssh on Windows now use standard PuTTY plink.exe, pscp.exe and putty.exe. A standalone winkeygen.exe generates PuTTY and ssh compatible keys. The Windows PuTTY executables are up to date at version 0.66.
    Google Compute Engine subnets
        Added gcloud compute networks subnets.
        Added --mode flag to gcloud compute networks create.
        Added --subnet flag to gcloud compute instances create and gcloud compute instance-templates create.
        Added --local-traffic-selector flag to gcloud compute vpn-tunnels create.
    Google App Engine
        Added support for streaming logs when the use_cloud_build=1 property is set.
        Moved the nodejs install script into the docker image.
        gcloud projects update|undelete|delete have been moved to beta.
    gcloud --format
        Added nested table formatting by --format="table(field1,listField2:format=FORMAT-STRING)" where FORMAT-STRING can be any format (json, table, ...). Try: gcloud compute instances list --format="table[box](name, disks:format='table[no-heading](deviceName:sort=1, kind)')"
        Added list field aggregation formatting (similar to nested formatting) by --format="table(listField2:format=FORMAT-STRING)". When the main table has no columns each nested format is aggregated into a single list. Try: gcloud compute instances list --format="table(disks:format='table[box](deviceName:sort=1, kind)')"
    94.0.0 (2016/1/27)
    Google Compute Engine
        Added gcloud alpha compute url-maps list-cache-invalidations command.
    Google App Engine
        Google App Engine components updated to 1.9.31. Please visit the following release notes for details: Python - Java -
        Added --runtime flag to gcloud preview app gen-config to specify a runtime when a directory identifies as multiple runtimes. This flag can be used in conjunction with --custom.
    Google Container Engine
        gcloud container cluster describe and list commands now notify the user when their cluster versions are about to go out of support or are unsupported.
    Google Cloud Logging
        gcloud beta logging write and gcloud beta logging logs delete commands now use the V2beta1 API. The gcloud beta logging write command now uses the global resource descriptor (which translates to "" service in V1).
    Cloud Dataproc
        gcloud beta dataproc clusters create now supports --tags and --metadata flags to set instance tags and metadata on all instances in the Dataproc cluster.
    PubSub Emulator
        A new --host flag can be used to specify the address the emulator should bind as. The flag can be left unspecified, set to "localhost", a hostname, or an explicit IP address.
        Added commands get-iam-policy, set-iam-policy, add-iam-policy-binding, and remove-iam-policy-binding for the gcloud beta projects surface.
        Added the gcloud projects list command that can be used to list projects.
    93.0.0 (2016/1/20)
        kubectrl upgraded to 1.1.4.
        gcloud beta dataproc cluster create now supports --properties flag to set properties for installed packages.
        Datastore emulator's DATASTORE_LOCAL_HOST environment variable changed to DATASTORE_EMULATOR_HOST.
        gcloud source repos clone now supports --dry-run flag to show equivalent git command.
    92.0.0 (2016/1/13)
        Because of the rollback of 91.0.0, this release contains all of the changes from 91.0.0 in addition to the changes listed below.
    Breaking Changes
        gcloud preview app deploy
            Changed deployments to set the deployed versions to receive all traffic for their modules by default.
            To keep the old behavior (traffic split remains the same), use the --no-promote flag or run gcloud config set app/promote_by_default true.
            Note that your old versions are still running, and must be stopped manually. This behavior will change in a future release.
            Removed deprecated --set-default flag. Please use --promote instead.
            gcloud preview app deploy: Removed deprecated --env-vars flag.
        The output of the gcloud preview app modules list command has been changed to include the traffic split percentage instead of the 'default version' field.
        Removed deprecated gcloud preview app modules cancel-deployment command.
        This command is no longer necessary due to recent improvements in the Deployment API.
        Removed deprecated gcloud preview app modules download command.
        This command is no longer necessary due to recent improvements in the Deployment API.
        Removed deprecated gcloud preview app run command. Please use instead.
        Changed behavior of the --zone/-z flag in the gcloud dns record-sets command group. This flag can no longer precede the command. For instance, gcloud dns record-sets -z=mz list will not work, but gcloud dns record-sets list -z=mz will.
        Changed --password-file option for sql instances set-root-password; password now does not include trailing newline from password file. This matches the documented behavior, but not the previous behavior. (Fixes
        Removed meta/active_configuration from the results of gcloud config list since it is not a property that can be set. You can continue to use the gcloud config configurations commands to view and manage your configurations.
    Cloud SDK
        Added gcloud config proxy settings. Users can configure gcloud to use a proxy via the following settings:
            gcloud config proxy/address
            gcloud config proxy/password
            gcloud config proxy/port
            gcloud config proxy/type
            gcloud config proxy/username
        Added alpha and beta components to Debian packages.
        Removed unused config properties: app/hosted_registry, app/host, app/admin_host, app/api_host.
    Google Cloud Logging
        Migrated to v2beta1 API release.
            Moved gcloud beta logging sinks commands to v2beta1.
            Added gcloud beta logging resource-descriptors command to display supported resources from various services.
            Added gcloud beta logging read command to retrieve log entries using filters.
    Google Container Engine
        Added gcloud container clusters resize for resizing Container Engine clusters.
        Added notifications when node upgrades are available to gcloud container cluster describe and list commands.
    Google App Engine
        Fixed bug where initial deployments using --image-url failed.
        Changed gcloud preview app modules set_default command to use the App Engine Admin API.
        Changed gcloud preview app modules list command to use the App Engine Admin API.
  3. Update HOMEPAGE.

    leot committed
Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. Updated textproc/grep to 2.23

    ryoon committed
  2. Update to 2.23

    ryoon committed
    * Noteworthy changes in release 2.23 (2016-02-04) [stable]
    ** Bug fixes
      Binary files are now less likely to generate diagnostics and more
      likely to yield text matches.  grep now reports "Binary file FOO
      matches" and suppresses further output instead of outputting a line
      containing an encoding error; hence grep can now report matching text
      before a later binary match.  Formerly, grep reported FOO to be
      binary when it found an encoding error in FOO before generating
      output for FOO, which meant it never reported both matching text and
      matching binary data; this was less useful for searching text
      containing encoding errors in non-matching lines.
      [bug introduced in grep-2.21]
      grep -c no longer stops counting when finding binary data.
      [bug introduced in grep-2.21]
      grep no longer outputs encoding errors in unibyte locales.
      For example, if the byte '\x81' is not a valid character in a
      unibyte locale, grep treats the byte as binary data.
      [bug introduced in grep-2.21]
      grep -oP is no longer susceptible to an infinite loop when processing
      invalid UTF8 just before a match.
      [bug introduced in grep-2.22]
      --exclude and related options are now matched against trailing
      parts of command-line arguments, not against the entire arguments.
      This partly reverts the --exclude-related change in 2.22.
      [bug introduced in grep-2.22]
      --line-buffer is no longer ineffective when combined with -l.
      [bug introduced in grep-2.5]
      -xw is now equivalent to -x more consistently, with -P and with backrefs.
      [bug only partially fixed in grep-2.19]
  3. restore patch that fixes build w/ clang

    tnn committed
  4. Updated www/firefox-l10n to 44.0.2

    ryoon committed
  5. Update to 44.0.2

    ryoon committed
    * Sync with firefox-44.0.2
  6. Updated www/firefox to 44.0.2

    ryoon committed
  7. Update to 44.0.2

    ryoon committed
    Fix: Firefox hangs or crashes on startup (1243098)
    Security bug:
    2016-13 Same-origin-policy violation using Service Workers with plugins
  8. Updated devel/boost-headers to 1.60.0nb2

    ryoon committed
    Updated devel/boost-libs to 1.60.0nb1
    Updated meta-pkgs/boost to 1.60.0nb1
  9. Bump PKGREVISION from child packages update

    ryoon committed
  10. Disable long double math functions for NetBSD and FreeBSD.

    ryoon committed
    Bump PKGREVISION for devel/boost-headers and devel/boost-libs.
    This fixes databases/mongodb build.
  11. Updated sysutils/amtterm to 1.4

    mef committed
  12. (pkgsrc)

    mef committed
     - Update HOMEPAGE
     - Drop serveral patches, those were from git repository and now included in
     - Update 1.3 to 1.4
       ChangeLog unknown.
  13. Fix -install_name failure on Darwin.

    jperkin committed
  14. Fix build under recent NetBSD current

    ryoon committed
  15. Updated misc/libreoffice43 to

    wiz committed
  16. Switch to mdds0.12. Bump PKGREVISION.

    wiz committed
  17. + mdds0.12.

    wiz committed
  18. Re-import mdds0.12-0.12.1 as devel/mdds0.12 in preparation for mdds

    wiz committed
    update to 1.0.
    Multi-Dimensional Data Structure (mdds)
    A collection of multi-dimensional data structure and indexing algorithm.
    It implements the following data structure:
        * flat segment tree
        * segment tree
        * rectangle set
    This package contains the 0.12 branch of mdds.
  19. Fix PLIST, part of VARBASE snuck in.

    jperkin committed
  20. Updated databases/mongodb to 3.2.1

    ryoon committed
  21. Update to 3.2.1

    ryoon committed
    * Change JavaScript engine from V8 to SpiderMonkey.
    3.2.1 – Jan 12, 2016
        Fixed error where during a regular shutdown of a replica set, secondaries may mark certain replicated but yet to be applied operations as successfully applied: SERVER-21868.
        Improve insert workload performance with WiredTiger on Windows: SERVER-20262.
        Fixed long-running transactions during chunk moves: SERVER-21366
        All issues closed in 3.2.1
    3.0.9 – Jan 26, 2016
        Fixed issue where queries which specify sort and batch size can return results out of order if documents are concurrently updated. SERVER-19996
        Fixed performance issue where large amounts of create and drop collections can cause listDatabases to be slow under WiredTiger. SERVER-20961
        Modified the authentication failure message to include the client IP address. SERVER-22054
        All issues closed in 3.0.9
    3.0.8 – Dec 15, 2015
        Fixed issue where findAndModify on mongos can upsert to the wrong shard. SERVER-20407.
        Fixed WiredTiger commit visibility issue which caused document not found. SERVER-21275.
        Fixed issue where the oplog can grow to 3x configured size. SERVER-21553
        All issues closed in 3.0.8
  22. Update HOMEPAGE.

    mef committed
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. Note update of net/openslp to 1.2.1nb8.

    he committed
  2. Upgrade p5-PathTools to 3.62.

    he committed
    Upstream changes:
    3.62 - Mon Jan 11 08:39:19 EST 2016
     - ensure File::Spec::canonpath() preserves taint (CVE-2015-8607)
    3.61 - Sun Dec 20 12:00:00 EST 2015 (bleadperl only release)
     - improve performance of cwd on Win32 miniperl
    3.60 - Wed Nov 18 21:28:01 EST 2015
     - add File::Spec::AmigaOS -- and actually ship it, this time
  3. Bump ABI depends for chromaprint shlib version bump.

    wiz committed
    Bump PKGREVISIONs of all packages using it.
  4. libgcrypt update done.

    wiz committed
  5. + grep-2.23, gtexinfo-6.1, libgcrypt-1.6.5.

    wiz committed
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