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Commits on Sep 4, 2015
  1. Updated devel/p5-Log-Dispatch to 2.50

    mef authored
  2. Update to 2.50

    mef authored
    2.50     2015-09-02
    - Changed how the Screen output handles UTF-8 data once more. The Screen
      module has gone back to printing output directly to the global STDOUT and
      STDERR handles. The previous changes broke the tests for several modules,
      including Log::Dispatch::Config. This change should fix them.
  3. Updated misc/calibre to 2.37.0

    wiz authored
  4. Update to 2.37.0:

    wiz authored
        Driver for the Lark Freebook reader device
        A redesigned busy spinner -- why should icons get all the love?
        When merging book records, show more information about the
        target book record.
        A new icon theme 'Dark Blue' (Preferences->Look & Feel->Change
        icon theme)
        Add a check box to control copying ebook files when duplicating
        book records via the Add Empty Book dialog
    Bug Fixes
        Edit Book: Check Book: Fix automatic fixing of unsafe ids not
        working if the file containing the unsafe also needs to be
        fixed for an unsafe filename.
        E-book viewer: Informative error message for themes button when
        no themes have been created
        Fix a regression that caused the library switch entries at the
        bottom of the library menu to not work when there are many
        Get Books: Update Amazon EU store plugins for website changes
  5. Fix path in patch

    sborrill authored
  6. Update to version 4.3.7.

    he authored
    Upstream changes:
    Fixed bugs in 4.3.7 RC2 (4.3.7):
     * i#123539 3D pie-chart missing guide handles [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1134285 Open a file in a mounted WebDAV drive and LibreOffice
       asks for user and password [Stephan Bergmann]
     * rhbz#1197614 fix calculation of m_bHasActive when removing active
       element [Stephan Bergmann]
     * tdf#74018 fix int wraparound + crash on export [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#75614 RTF import: fix missing text after footnote [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#82430 gcc-wrappers: command line *must* start with a space
       [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#82784 cui: Area tab page: do not override imported bitmaps
       [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#84294 vcl: fix PDF export of transparent Writer frames in
       LO 4.3 [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#86793 vcl: speed up OutputDevice::GetEllipsisString() [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#89597 resize formula buffers after adding a dummy sheet
       [Katarina Behrens]
     * tdf#90583 3D pie-chart missing guide handles [Caol�n McNamara]
    Fixed bugs in 4.3.7 RC1:
     * bnc#773048 OOXML: fix import of insets when shape and/or shape
       text is rotated [Andras Timar]
     * bnc#902652 OOXML: fix import of insets when shape and/or shape
       text is rotated [Andras Timar]
     * bnc#910045 wrong cell fill color defined by table style [Zolnai Tam�s]
     * coverity#1267678 this is surely backwards (gold) [Caol�n McNamara]
     * i#124371 don't create a new list for each multiselection portion
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * i#45160 officecfg: set VCL.WM.ShouldSwitchWorkspace to false [Michael Stahl]
     * i#96684 officecfg: set VCL.WM.ShouldSwitchWorkspace to false [Michael Stahl]
     * rhbz#1162352 [abrt] libreoffice-core:
       sfx2::SvLinkSource::HasDataLinks(): soffice.bin killed by SIGSEGV
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1163106 [abrt] libreoffice-core: soffice.bin killed by
       SIGABRT on shutdown in
       [Michael Stahl]
     * rhbz#1175027 [abrt] libreoffice-core: killed by SIGSEGV on
       shutdown in SwConnectionDisposedListener_Impl [Michael Stahl]
     * rhbz#1177022 no width set on space glyph with CM Typewriter
       fonts [Michael Stahl, Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1180312 don't access empty range list, could be [Eike Rathke]
     * rhbz#1184582 [abrt] libreoffice-core: gcc3::raiseException():
       soffice.bin killed by SIGABRT [Stephan Bergmann]
     * tdf#39316 add matrix empty cells to ScInterpreter::QueryMatrixType()
       [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#42481 propagate errors as errors in matrix calculations [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#50133 wrong underlining in Reports [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#67534 fix "Property Handler" shared lock [Maxime de Roucy]
     * tdf#68117 partially fix boolean labels in XLSX [Ursache Vladimir]
     * tdf#68137 crash in traversing script fields [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#68963 avoid __refheading__ regression reported in#/recognize
       __RefHeading__ bookmarks as TOC [Justin Luth]
     * tdf#73059 isDBReadOnly ensure connection before trying to retrieve
       it [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#75565 reduce block on pasting rtf like we do for html [Caol�n
     * tdf#76636 crash on merging certain cells imported from a .doc
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#77241 sw: fix creation of field data source string [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#78148 ordinal numbers should not be auto-capitalized [Niklas Johansson]
     * tdf#78174 toolkit: work around GCC 4.9 -Os link failure [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#79239 make the dialog closable with 'X' button again [Katarina Behrens]
     * tdf#79569 crash undoing tricky cell merge [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#80370 fix Mac OS X install names of external/{coinmp,lpsolve}
       [Stephan Bergmann]
     * tdf#81429 select corresponding listbox entry if not current [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#81659 handle expand reference edge correctly [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#81876 vcl/text: fix duplicate text in fontwork [Pierre-Eric
     * tdf#82114 crash on loading certain docx [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#82524 mismatch of ValueSet and metric field values [Katarina Behrens]
     * tdf#82942 updating field contents with incorrect attribute
       positions [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#83073 use loaded graphic's width/height as defaults [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#83461 do not override MatColsRows if already set [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#83977 push/Pop before/after messing with the cursor [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#84383 officecfg: set VCL.WM.ShouldSwitchWorkspace to false
       [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#84887 TabBar::ImplShowPage crash [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#84942 make fodt non crashy like odt for formulas inside
       shapes [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#84943 make fodt non crashy like odt for formulas inside
       shapes [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#85666 when matching existing list indent use matching level
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#86399 don't clobber cluster start caret pos [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#86493 fix crash while scaling large bitmaps. [Ashod Nakashian]
     * tdf#86674 paragraphs have ATK_STATE_INVALID [Niklas Johansson]
     * tdf#87488 wrong text rotation inside a preset shape from docx [Gary Houston]
     * tdf#87534 fix HYPERLINK behaviour when used in names [Winfried Donkers]
     * tdf#87548 don't create a new list for each multiselection portion
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87760 if we can't anchor at hidden text then... [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87803 bin useless $buildidstring [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#87820 images not displayed properly in Calc [Henry Castro]
     * tdf#88051 fix Graphite layout at Linux Libertine G ligature
       followed by tab [L�szl� N�meth]
     * tdf#88455 crash using delete in available fields [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#88475 BrowseBox/grid: reposition data cursor to current row
       after paint [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#88576 fix handling of empty arguments in IF(), IFERROR()
       and IFNA() [Winfried Donkers]
     * tdf#88624 set DocumentBaseURL when saving report [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#88672 add missing return if error to not crash [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#88740 parse with locale decimal separator [Eike Rathke, Andras Timar]
     * tdf#88784 crash on loading certain docx [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#88811 SwXText::convertToTextFrame: handle shapes anchored
       to us [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#88814 parameters are kinda-partially supported, so follow
       the suggestion [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#88825 absent datasource causes exception / abort [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#88847 fields of query design can be moved to the left only
       [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#88854 crash on opening drop caps [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#88855 fix GetEnglishSearchFontName() returns incorrect value.
       [Tomofumi Yagi]
     * tdf#88899 sw: fix expanding of SwDocInfoField with DateTime [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#89048 macab initialize record list even for never-match
       condition. [Norbert Thiebaud]
     * tdf#89070 table filter dialog: properly initialise OTableTreeListBox
       [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#89105 sw: Remove unnecessary downcast [Matteo Casalin]
     * tdf#89129 crash when defining a specific relationship [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#89179 fix Undo of Numbering Level change crash [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#89227 if no SwView then disable accept/reject change buttons
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#89252 fix bold, regular font spacing bug for Graphite fonts
       [Martin Hosken]
     * tdf#89330 preserve file name case in an unresolvable external
       named range [Jan Kantert]
     * tdf#89437 ordinal suffix should never be superscript in some
       languages [Niklas Johansson]
     * tdf#89460 test pChangeTrack before using it [Laurent Godard]
     * tdf#89482 avoid __refheading__ regression reported in [Justin Luth]
     * tdf#89484 check that sheet reference is within selected sheets [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#89500 catch ISO 8601 datetime in all locales [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#89665 i18npool: fix pathological transliterate slow-path [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#89666 vcl: speed up HbLayoutEngine line layout for large
       paragraphs [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#89679 fix incorrect mapping of font-family-complex and
       CharFontNameAsian [Mark Hung]
     * tdf#89774 oox: TotalTime is in minutes [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#89958 filter ends with / does not end with correction [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#90138 don't try to save a marks OtherPos if it doesn't have
       one [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#90301 string access out of bounds [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#90403 PPTX import: use real table size [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#90404 OOXML chart legend import improvement [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#90472 initial load of bibliography doesn't... [Caol�n McNamara]
    Fixed bugs in 4.3.6 RC2 (4.3.6):
     * coverity#1266508 useless call (gold) [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1136013 [abrt] libreoffice-core: sd::SdExternalToolEdit::Update():
       soffice.bin killed by SIGSEGV [Michael Stahl]
     * rhbz#1179642 [abrt] libreoffice-core: SvTreeListEntry::GetUserData():
       soffice.bin killed by SIGSEGV [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1180114 writerfilter: don't crash on w:customXmlDelRangeStart
       etc. [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#38838 useless call (gold) [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#70236 propertly recognise full Access 2007 URL [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#75467 extend Carbon API alias resolve from OS X 10.5 to 10.7
       [Peter Nowee]
     * tdf#81124 crash on setting autofilter on column with no content
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#84336 fix swf rendering [Matthew Francis]
     * tdf#87601 specific html doc hangs on load [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#88378 flipping by reversing co-ord system no longer works
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#88455 delete in empty data field crashes [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#88475 BrowseBox/grid: reposition data cursor to current row
       after paint [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#88721 correct negated condition in range name validation [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#88735 crash after calling sort after subtotal removal [Caol�n
    Fixed bugs in 4.3.6 RC1:
     * bnc#822341 PPTX export of embedded text documents [Zolnai Tam�s]
     * bnc#862510 PPTX import: Wrong text color inside shape [Zolnai Tam�s]
     * bnc#904423 text(box) is rendered white on white when it is not
       [Zolnai Tam�s]
     * coverity#735424 revert "Logically dead code" [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * i#121504 image missing from doc [Caol�n McNamara]
     * i#124452 revert "correct svg:viewBox for EnhancedCustomShape..."
       [Andras Timar]
     * icu#11451 bidi, the gift that keeps on giving [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1012353 go back to the old way of doing things [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1116534 [abrt] libreoffice-core: intrusive_ptr(): soffice.bin
       killed by SIGSEGV [David Tardon]
     * rhbz#1164614 xslt dialog crashes if there are no entries [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1165444 [abrt] libreoffice-core:
       EditView::GetFieldUnderMousePointer(): soffice.bin killed by
       SIGSEGV [Caol�n McNamara]
     * rhbz#1175142 nStarts ends up as an invalid -1 [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#38844 color graphics as black and white [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#40746 fix another validation error for OOXML [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#45266 import part for: " use correct xml element name " [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#48846 go back to the old way of doing things [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#53001 reintroduce embedded picture for form components
       [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#53460 crashes after casting SwTxtFrm to unrelated SwLayoutFrm
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#61704 don't overwrite users input if the value is unchanged
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#65163 reintroduce embedded picture for form components
       [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#67615 ComboBox in table should use same formatting as floating
       ComboBox [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#67930 reportbuilder: Revert "don't use variables ... [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#68024 reportbuilder: Revert "don't use variables ... [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#68385 update references only if cut originates from the same
       document [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#68684 export more numbering types correctly into HTML [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#69006 crash when pasting over a formula [David Tardon]
     * tdf#70157 fix crash on loading [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#72031 RTF import: bogus call to getBestTextEncodingFromLocale()
       [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#73165 don't restart timer if already running [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#74981 sw: fix attributes when splitting paragraph [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#75137 can't Move Cursor Between Footnotes with Up/Down Arrow
       Keys [Takeshi Abe]
     * tdf#75408 go back to the old way of doing things [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#76334 revert "correct svg:viewBox for EnhancedCustomShape..."
       [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#76780 don't limit PositionY to available width [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#79249 call formula compiler with error string [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#79449 the xlink:type attribute is mandatory [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#79810 SwTxtNode::IsIgnoredCharFmtForNumbering: ignore
       RES_CHRATR_COLOR [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#80091 handle relative refs correctly in xls import, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#80968 file resultset seek table to before beginning on
       opening resultset [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#81195 use the correct tab for sheet local names, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#81501 ctrl+A and Data Sort took ages to broadcast ALL cells [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#82219 color graphics as black and white [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#82312 excel chart has a wrong size [Noel Grandin]
     * tdf#82681 return IsUserDefined w/o negation [Katarina Behrens]
     * tdf#83027 no separator really means no separator, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#83354 chart is truncated - moved down outside the margins
       of the object [Zolnai Tam�s]
     * tdf#83534 for external data sources this variable can be null,
       [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#83606 Data ranges in chart inside spreadsheet can't be
       modified/updated in the data range window [Laurent BP]
     * tdf#84556 relative refs wrap around in xls, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#84685 writerfilter: RTF import: support \xe index entry [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#84686 prevent std::bad_alloc exception by stricter input
       check [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#85179 RTF import: positive border width and fLine=0 means
       no border [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#85258 differentiate between empty cell and empty result in
       matrix [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#85304 don't update range name if ref not in update range,
       [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#85353 we want to compare two different cells, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#85496 editeng: avoid exporting duplicate attributes [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#85590 'Pick a color' circle location is incorrect when opened
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#85617 handle index based external refs in formulas in ooxml
       import, [Markus Mohrhard, Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#85856 we need the original context that contains the data,
       [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#85876 sw: fix attributes when splitting paragraph [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#85889 RTF import: bogus call to getBestTextEncodingFromLocale()
       [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#86166 we need the SdrPage for deleting the notes, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#86241 import @TERM and @CTERM functions from Lotus 1-2-3
       files [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#86253 we need to copy the condition format cell for cell,
       [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#86472 added white backgrounds to images so they appear fine
       in dark themes [Yousuf Philips]
     * tdf#86689 Strikethrough: "With /" and "With X" [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#86734 reimplement shared formula import for xlsb, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#86750 RTF import: fix table of contents links [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#86754 handle all fill cases correctly, [Markus Mohrhard]
     * tdf#86761 RTF import: positive border width and fLine=0 means
       no border [Miklos Vajna]
     * tdf#86772 show localized filter names in Save dialog [David Tardon]
     * tdf#86809 connect filter conditions correctly [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#86820 executing toolbar menu entry can destroy menu [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#86843 avoid getting deleted before finishing Broadcast
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#86931 wrong offsets used to set language [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#86978 append formula cells to track instead of tree [Eike Rathke]
     * tdf#87015 image missing from doc [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87044 reportbuilder: Revert "don't use variables ... [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#87108 crash on saving fodg [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87110 xmloff: don't catch IllegalArgumentException here [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#87189 don't draw negative canvas sizes [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87199 sw: fix root cause of a11y crash when merging cells
       [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#87292 use system dependent path instead of file URL [Andras Timar]
     * tdf#87555 ComboBox in table should use same formatting as floating
       ComboBox [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#87558 better fix for Duplication in Last Used Functions
       sidebar list [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#87581 Pb to delete words with 2 initials in Autocorr Except
       [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#87612 don't overwrite users input if the value is unchanged
       [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87754 duplicated strings in an ItemList are not translated
       [Zolnai Tam�s]
     * tdf#87789 groups should appear like views and not like tables [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#87823 move Menu->New Menu [Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87840 mix between ignorecurrency and inputchecks [Julien
       Nabet, Caol�n McNamara]
     * tdf#87968 Assertion failed: false rtl_uString_newFromSubString [Julien Nabet]
     * tdf#88005 sw: fix check in SwWW8ImplReader::StopApo() [Michael Stahl]
     * tdf#88099 PostgreSQL-SDBC: use correct syntax for boolean
       comparisons [Lionel Elie Mamane]
     * tdf#88200 only delete cell content for CELLTYPE_NONE, [Markus Mohrhard]
  7. Updated devel/opengrok to

    wiz authored
  8. Update to, based on PR 50203 by NONAKA Kimihiro.

    wiz authored
    Convert to while here.
    March 2015 update (0.12-stable)
    This is bug fix release based on 0.12.1.
    Bug fixes:
        change the tunable for fetching history when not found in file history cache fixes #917
        fallback to newer file if genre for older file is null fixes #832
        fix Solaris package install to depend on JRE 7
    January 2015 update (0.12-stable)
    This is bug fix release based on 0.12.1.
    Bug fixes:
      check write object to be non null before calling close on it
      filter repositories based on list of directories before invalidating when doing partial reindex fixes #880
    January 2015 update (0.12-stable)
    This is bug fix release based on 0.12.1.
    Bug fixes:
      change indexpart command in the OpenGrok shell script to require SRC_ROOT
    January 2015 update (0.12-stable)
    This is bug fix release based on 0.12.1.
    Functional changes:
       add support for parallel indexing #876
    November 2014 update (0.12-stable)
    This is bug fix release based on 0.12.1.
    Bug fixes:
      support branches for Mercurial repository #865
      Search link does not contain project #835
  9. Fix pattern so it allows the current mutt version.

    wiz authored
    Bump version.
    Noted by sevan@
Commits on Sep 3, 2015
  1. Updated print/cups to 2.1.0

    wiz authored
  2. Update to 2.1.0:

    wiz authored
    CHANGES.txt - 2.1.0 - 2015-08-31
    	- Fixed more scheduler crash bugs in the new logging code (STR #4687,
    	  STR #4690)
    	- The scheduler did not use the ConfigFilePerm setting when copying PPD
    	  files or interface scripts attached to a request (STR #4703)
    	- Now support new Chinese locale IDs and their correct fallback locales
    	  (<rdar://problem/22086642>, <rdar://problem/22130168>)
    	- "make check" incorrectly reported an expectation of 18 warning
    	  messages when 8 were expected (STR #4684)
    	- The new PDF file type rule did not work (STR #4692)
    	- The scheduler did not update the jobs.cache file when job files were
    	  expired (STR #4706)
    	- Fixed some configure script issues (STR #4694, STR #4695, STR #4698)
    	- Documentation updates (STR #4691, STR #4693)
    	- Added support for 3D printers (basic types only, no built-in filters)
    	  based on PWG white paper.
    	- Fixed bugs in the new journald support (STR #4655, STR #4658,
    	  STR #4661)
    	- Fixed domain socket support on Linux (STR #4679)
    	- Fixed signal handlers in the dnssd and usb backends (STR #4671)
    	- <Limit All> in <Policy> sections now applies to all operations when
    	  used by itself (STR #4659)
    	- Configure script changes for systemd support (STR #4669)
    	- Updated autoconf sources to use newer form of AC_INIT (STR #4664)
    	- Improved speed of ppdMarkDefaults for complex/large PPDs
    	- The IPP backend now stops sending print data if the printer indicates
    	  the job has been aborted or canceled (<rdar://problem/17837631>)
    	- The IPP backend now sends the job-pages-per-set attribute when
    	  printing multiple copy jobs with finishings
    	- The IPP backend now updates the cupsMandatory values when the printer
    	  configuration changes (<rdar://problem/18126570>)
    	- No longer install banner files since third-party banner filters now
    	  supply their own (STR #4518)
    	- Added support for EXPECT-ALL directive in ipptool test files
    	  (STR #4469)
    	- Added support for WITH-VALUE-FROM predicate in ipptool test files
    	  (STR #4470)
    	- The scheduler no longer listens on the loopback interface unless the
    	  web interface or printer sharing are enabled
    	- Added a PPD generator for IPP Everywhere printers (STR #4258)
    	- Now install "default" versions of more configuration files
    	- The cupstestppd program did not handle "maxsize(nnn)" entries in
    	  cupsFilter/cupsFilter2 values (<rdar://problem/18974858>)
    	- The scheduler now checks the return value of rename() calls
    	  (STR #4589)
    	- The scheduler now validates ErrorPolicy values in config files
    	  (STR #4591)
    	- Long cookies caused the web interface to stop working (STR #4619)
    	- Added SSLOptions values to allow Diffie-Hellman key exchange and
    	  disable TLS/1.0 support.
    	- Updated the scheduler to support more IPP Everywhere attributes
    	  (STR #4630)
    	- The scheduler now supports advanced ASL and journald logging when
    	  "syslog" output is configured (STR #4474)
    	- The scheduler now supports logging to stderr when running in the
    	  foreground (STR #4505)
  3. Mark package as broken for OpenBSD, the portable distribution is not …

    sevan authored
    for use on OpenBSD, there is a separate release for that.
    Reviewed by wiz@
  4. Updated mail/mutt to 1.5.24

    wiz authored
  5. Update mail/mutt to 1.5.24.

    wiz authored
    Update compressed patch to follow suit.
    Remove x-label option since patch hasn't been updated since 1.5.17 (2007).
    Comment out sidebar option since patch hasn't been updated yet.
    1.5.24 contains several new features in addition to bug fixes, perhaps
    hinting it's past time to release 1.6.0.  At the very least, the Mutt
    team would like to encourage everyone to consider this release as
    "very close to stable" and suggest anyone still using the 1.4 series
    please upgrade.
    A few changes were made to the suggested GPG and S/MIME configuration
    settings.  Please take the time to review the UPDATING file, as well
    as the sample gpg.rc and smime.rc files under the contrib
    We'd like to thank everyone who contributed patches, bug reports,
    translation, feedback, documentation updates, and testing.  We're
    grateful for all of your help in making this release happen.
  6. Updated www/netsurf to 3.3

    leot authored
  7. Update www/netsurf to netsurf-3.3, based on work done in pkgsrc-wip.

    leot authored
    NetSurf 3.3 released 15 Mar 2015
        NetSurf 3.3 is primarily a bug-fix release. Several of the front ends have
        received quite a bit of attention, with new features and improvements;
        notably the AmigaOS front ends has gained the beginnings of support for
        AmigaOS 3. We recommend all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 3.2 released 30 Aug 2014
        NetSurf 3.2 is primarily a bug-fix release. In addition to fixes, a disc
        cache feature has been added, and a little work has been done to improve
        CSS3 support. Several of the front ends have received quite a bit of
        attention, with new features and improvements; notably the GTK, AmigaOS and
        Framebuffer front ends. We recommend all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 3.1 released 26 Apr 2014
        NetSurf 3.1 contains many improvements over the previous release. The
        highlights include much faster CSS selection performance, faster start up
        time, new look and feel to the treeviews (hotlist/bookmarks, global history
        and cookie manager), improved options handling, undo/redo support in
        textareas, and general improvement of forms. Also included are many other
        additions, optimisations and bug fixes. We recommend that all users
    NetSurf 3.0 released 20 Apr 2013
        NetSurf 3.0 contains many changes over the 2.x release series. The biggest
        difference is the use of our new Document Object Model library, LibDOM.
        This new library is a foundation that paves the way for us to implement a
        fully dynamic layout engine in the future. Other improvements in NetSurf
        3.0 include completely new textarea support, ability to fetch and parse CSS
        in parallel with HTML documents, extensive behind-the-scenes refactoring,
        and a host of smaller changes and fixes. A more complete listing is
        available in the Change Log.
    NetSurf 2.9 released 28 Apr 2012
        NetSurf 2.9 contains many improvements over the previous release. The most
        significant changes are new multi-tasking behaviour, optimised URL
        handling, fetcher optimisations, cache optimisations, and faster CSS
        selection. Full details in the change log. We recommend all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 2.8 released 21 Sep 2011
        NetSurf 2.8 adds support for frames and iframes on all platforms, MIME type
        sniffing, and a new image cache. Image decoding can now be deferred until
        images are required for more optimal resource use and faster page load
        times. The release also incorporates many other new features,
        optimisations, improvements and bug fixes. Full details in the change log.
        We recommend all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 2.7 released 16 Apr 2011
        NetSurf 2.7 contains many improvements over the previous release. The most
        significant change is the addition of core global history, bookmarks and
        cookie management features. Full details in the change log. We recommend
        all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 2.6 released 21 Sep 2010
        NetSurf 2.6 is primarily a bug fix release. It contains some improvements
        to page rendering, fetching & caching, memory usage, as well as some
        front-end specific fixes. Full details in the change log. We recommend all
        users upgrade.
    NetSurf 2.5 released 24 Apr 2010
        NetSurf 2.5 contains many improvements over the previous release. The major
        changes are the use of our brand new CSS parser and selection engine
        (LibCSS), and a newly designed cache for fetched content. Full details in
        the change log. We recommend all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 2.1 released 23 May 2009
        NetSurf 2.1 is a bug fix release. It contains some improvements to page
        rendering as well as some front-end specific fixes. Full details in the
        change log. We recommend all users upgrade.
    NetSurf 2.0 released 25 Apr 2009
        NetSurf 2 is a major update over the 1.x release series, and represents
        almost two years of development. New features include a new HTML parser,
        SVG support, PDF export, improved page layout and a more complete GTK
        interface. This is also the first release for our new framebuffer target
        and the native ports to AmigaOS, BeOS and Haiku.
  8. Unbreak on Bitrig/amd64, ARM support not implemented yet.

    sevan authored
    Patches filed upstream as binutils/18920
    Reviewed by wiz@
  9. Exclude this package on OmniOS which ships with a copy of tcsh.

    sevan authored
    OmniOS is an Illumos distro which falls under the SunOS variant for us.
    Include mk/ before the shells/tcsh/Makefile so the
    OS_VARIANT variable is available for testing.
    Reviewed by agc@ wiz@
  10. Updated www/liferea to 1.10.16

    leot authored
  11. Update www/liferea to liferea-1.10.16.

    leot authored
    pkgsrc changes:
     * Now liferea depends on www/webkit24-gtk3 (and x11/gtk3)
    2015-06-19  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.16
    	* Fixes Github #180: Removing item from (v)folder marks all read
    	  (reported by GreenLunar)
    	* Fixes Github #140, #158: Vertical pane placement is forgotten.
    	  (patch by foresto)
    	* Fixes Github #182: Missing config.h include in date.c
    	  (reported by Paul Gevers)
    2015-04-20  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.15
    	* Fixes launching URLs in Firefox 36+
    	  (reported by Geoffrey Leach)
    	* Fixes Github #30: Segfault after updating from 1.8 to 1.10
    	  (reported by vakuum)
    	* Improves Github #36, #113: UI lock up during refresh
    	  (suggested by mozbugbox)
    	* Fixes typo in Italian translation.
    2015-02-26   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.14
    	* Fixes Github #154: Crashes while starting (on corrupt icon)
    	  (reported by jcamposz)
    	* Fixes Github #134: Broken default news feed.
    	  (reported by pvdl)
    	* Fixes Github #122: Crashes at launch, "segmentation fault"
    	  (reported by geoffm)
    	* Fixes some memory leaks
    	  (patch by Rich Coe)
    	* Fixes Github #145: Wrong method triggered on 'Launch External'
    	  (patch by mozbugbox)
    	* Fixes Github #149: Fixes a random crash on startup
    	  (patch by mozbugbox)
    	* Fixes all issues reported by Coverity scan
    2015-01-07   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.13
    	* Fixes Github #112: Wrapping issue in folder display
    	  (reported by Jeff Fortin)
    	* Fixes Github #114: Avoid termination on UTF-8 validation error
    	* Fixes Github #132: Broken link in documentation
    	  (reported by kallus)
    2014-10-14   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.12
    	* Fixes Github #86: Support HTTP content negotiation
    	  (suggested by DanMan)
    	* Fixes Github #98:  Stop calling Atom person constructs w/ URI invalid
    	  (patch by Aristotle Pagaltzis)
    	* Fixes Github #100: Problems with dark Adwaita theme in GTK 3.14
    	  (reported by majutsushi)
    2014-08-24   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.11
    	* Fixes Github #53: Doesn't automatically update feed name and favicon
    	  for new feed (reported by asl97)
    	* Fixes Github #67: Missing dist files for documentation
    	  (patch by Mikel Olasagasti)
    	* Fixes Javascript links not opening in new browser tabs
    	* Updated French translation (Guillaume Bernard)
    	* Updated Hebrew translation (Genghis Khan)
    2014-07-20   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.10
    	* Fixes Github #26: RTL comments appear incorrectly
    	  (reported by yaronf)
    	* Fixes Github #21: No notifications for Tiny Tiny RSS feeds
    	  (reported by simontunnat)
    2014-04-21   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.9
    	* Fixes Github #19: non void function should return value
    	  (reported by kwm81)
    	* Fixes SF #1141: Liferea does not update feeds with TinyTinyRSS
    	  (reported by Dominik Grafenhofer, denk_mal, Fabian Henze)
    	* Fixes SF #1150: subscription prop/source: not all fields and
    	  buttons visible (reported by David Smith)
    2014-03-26   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.8
    	* Fixes Github #13: Parsing errors not visible with dark themes
    	  (reported by Steve Kelly)
    	* Fixes SF #1137, #1142: startup race with LifereaHtmlView
    	  (reported by Yanko Kaneti)
    2014-03-17   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.7
    	* Make Liferea use ETags and send If-None-Match
    	  (patch by Chris Siebenmann)
    2014-02-24   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.6
    	* Fixes SF #1135: liferea-add-feed doesn't process feed:https//
    	  (patch by Kevin Walke)
    	* Fixes SF #1137: crash on startup in enclosure_list_view_load
    	  (reported in Redhat #1048499, Fedora #214888)
    2014-01-15   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.5
    	* Fixes #1056, #1089, #1098: Honor preferences when opening links
    	  (patch by Daniel Seither)
    	* Fixes SF #1096: missing installation of liferea.convert file
    	  (reported by stqn)
    	* Fixes Redhat #947358: popup notification only for new items
    	  (patch by Fabrice Bellet)
    2014-01-13   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.4
    	* Fixes SF #1123: Mistakenly claims "TinyTinyRSS source is not self-updating"
    	  (reported by Dominik Grafenhoher)
    	* Fixes SF #1119: Crash on font resize at startup.
    	  (reported by David Smith)
    	* Fixes #1117: Selecting last unread item in reduced feed list jumps to next feed
    	  (reported by Bruce Guenter)
    	* Updated Arabic translation (Khaled Hosny)
    2013-10-08   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.3
    	* Asking for credentials again if TinyTinyRSS login fails
    	* Asking for TinyTinyRSS credentials only 3 times
    	* Checking wether TinyTinyRSS base URL is lost
    	* Added warning on TinyTinyRSS login when source is not self-updating
    	* "--debug-net --debug-verbose" now traces POST data
    	* Patch #230 Add GNOME AppData XML (Mikel Olasagasti)
    	* Updated Italian translation (Gianvito Cavasoli)
    	* Updated Italian localized feed list (Gianvito Cavasoli)
    2013-09-05   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.2
    	* Patch SF #222: Make media player seekable
    	  (Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    	* Fixes SF #1102: Spelling error in man page
    	  (David Smith)
    	* Fixes SF #1104: liferea.desktop missing keywords
    	  (David Smith)
    	* Fixes SF #1105: Start Minimized to Tray Does Not Work
    	  (reported by bitlord)
    	* Fixes SF #1114: Crashes opening browser on item without link via popup
    	  (reported by Rich Coe, David Smith)
    	* Improved handling of broken Atom author information.
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Removed dead Google Reader code to avoid doing requests to Google.
    	  Replaced with dummy source that even allows normal feed updates.
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Added hint to FAQ on how to workaround broken Flash support
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Dumping feedlist.opml with indentation for readability.
    	  (suggested by Christoph Temmel and Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    2013-07-28   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.1a
    	* Fixes SF #1102: Liferea does not show a window
    	  (reported by genodeftest)
    2013-07-28   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.1
    	* Fixes SF #1059: Liferea crashes with system proxy enabled
    	  (reported by genodeftest)
    	* Fixes SF #1095: Theme color detection bug / white fonts.
    	  (reported by David Smith and others)
    	* Fixes SF #1097: Default feed refresh interval cannot be set to 0
    	  (reported by stqn)
    	* Fixes SF #1100: --debug-gui crashes with segmentation fault
    	  (reported by genodeftest)
    	* Fixes SF #1101: Outdated manpage
    	  (reported by genodeftest)
    	* Patch SF #225: Make media player work with GStreamer 1.0
    	  (Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    	* Patch SF #226: Add trailing semi-colon to MimeType so that the desktop
    	  file validates (Yanko Kaneti)
    	* Patch SF #227: Remove letfover square bracket
    	  (Yanko Kaneti)
    	* Patch SF #228: Add net.sf.liferea.gschema.xml to AC_CONFIG_FILES
    	  (Yanko Kaneti)
    2013-07-10   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10.0
    	* Added experimental sync support for TheOldReader
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Removed 'Update' link in comments display as it is pretty useless
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Removed 'No Comments' display as it is rather useless
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Prevent re-rendering item display on setting item flagged
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Changed unread number rendering to be right bound and non-ellipsized
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Fixes g_strstr_len assertions caused by search folder item matching
    	  (Rich Coe)
    	* Updated documentation to reflect Google Reader, TheOldReader changes
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* Removed welcome text, restoring last feed/item selection instead
    	  (Lars Windolf)
    	* now reports errors on missing autoconf or intltool
    	  (suggested by Scott Kostyshak)
    	* Correctly check for gobject-introspection build dependency
    	  (suggested by Scott Kostyshak)
    	* Updated Basque translation (Mikel Olasagasti Uranga)
    	* Updated Danish translation (Joe Hansen)
    	* Updated Dutch translation (Erwin Poeze)
    	* Updated Finnish translation (Jorma Karvonen)
    	* Updated Russian translation (Leonid Selivanov)
    	* Updated Ukrainian translation (Yuri Chornoivan)
    	* Updated Vietnamese translation (Trần Ngọc Quân)
    	* Updated German translation (Lars Windolf)
    2013-05-22   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10-RC4
    	* Added an option to convert Google Reader subscriptions
    	  to local feeds (Lars Windolf)
    	* Fixes SF #1080: segfault opening attachment due to incorrect g_free()
    	  (reported by Adam Nielsen)
    	* Fixes SF #1075: GLib warnings of "string != NULL" assertion failure
    	  (reported by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    	* Fixes missing shading in 2-pane mode rendering
    	  (reported by Zoho Vignochi)
    	* Fixes search folders including comment items
    	  (reported by David Willmore)
    2013-05-22   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10-RC3
    	* Fixes SF #1069: broken rendering in tt-rss feeds
    	  (patch by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    	* Merged SF #219: View *.xml files along with *.opml files in file chooser
    	  (patch by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    	* Merged SF #233: Show feed name in item view when in merged views.
    	  (patch by Simon Kågedal Reimer)
    	* Merged SF #193: Use GtkInfoBar for note in preferences window
    	  (patch by Fred Morcos)
    	* Require intltool >= 0.40.4 (Adrian Bunk)
    	* Updated Catalan translation (Gil Forcada)
    	* Updated Danish translation (Joe Hansen)
    	* Updated Polish translation (Piotr Sokół)
    2013-05-12   Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10-RC2
    	* Extended user agent by "AppleWebKit (KHTML, like Gecko)"
    	  to solve incorrect mobile redirect with
    	* Added social bookmarking support for Mister Wong
    	* Added social bookmarking support for Google Bookmarks
    	* Update of German FAQ
    	* Update of English FAQ
    	* Added MimeType to .desktop file (Craig Barnes)
    	* Fixes SF #1063: Can't open preferences twice
    	  (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, reported by David Smith)
    	* Fixes SF #1040: In feed entries, spaces are replaced with "+"
    	  (reported by Emmanuel Seyman)
    	* Fixes SF #1051: Issues in RTL GUI of Liferea
    	  (reported by phixy)
    	* Fixes SF #1038, #1074: Updates ttrss feeds over and over
    	  (reported by many users)
    	* Fix several memory leaks (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort)
    	* Require glib >= 2.28 for GApplication (Adrian Bunk)
    	* Use the GTK+ 3 version, not wrongly the GTK+ 2 version,
    	  of the libindicate GTK+ bindings (Adrian Bunk)
    	* Updated the default feedlists (Adrian Bunk)
    	* Removed support for libnotify < 0.7 (Adrian Bunk)
    	* Added Vietnamese translation (Trần Ngọc Quân)
    	* Updated Albanian translation (Besnik Bleta)
    	* Updated Asturian translation (Iñigo Varela)
    	* Updated Basque translation (Mikel Olasagasti Uranga)
    	* Updated Danish translation (Joe Hansen)
    	* Updated Finnish translation (Jorma Karvonen)
    	* Updated German translation (Christian Stadelmann)
    	* Updated Hungarian translation (Gabor Kelemen)
    	* Updated Japanese translation (Takeshi Hamasaki)
    	* Updated Latvian translation (Rihards Priedītis)
    	* Updated Ukrainian translation (Yuri Chornoivan)
    2013-01-30  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.10-RC1
    	Please note that due to the SourceForge upgrade bug ticket numbering
    	did change. This might be confusing... Old numbers are 7 figures,
    	newer ones only 4!
    	* Patch SF #3407290: Migrate to GSettings
    	  (by Mikel Olasagasti)
    	* Patch SF #3579177: Change .desktop category to News;Feed;
    	  (by Stanislav Brabec)
    	* Fix for Debian #668197: x-www-browser preference not working
    	  (David Smith)
    	* Added slider and time display to media player plugin.
    	* Added Google Plus to social bookmarking options.
    	* Removing deprecated g_thread_init() call
    	* Auto-enable plugins on migration
    	* Added missing -a option to manpage
    	* Updated manpage to reflect XDG path migration
    	* Changing GSettings path from /apps/liferea to /org/gnome/liferea
    	* Changes default download thread concurrency from 2 to 3
    	* Fixes regression about using the GNOME default font
    	* Improves all item/link launching menus to consistently provide
    	  three options: Tab, Browser and External Browser
    	* Fixes SF #1037: Incorrect notifications for Google Reader
    	  (patch by David Smith)
    	* Fixes SF #1048: Removed all references from FAQ
    	  and XSLT as it was reported to host malware.
    	  (reported by bkat)
    	* Fixes SF #1041: Some GPLv2 license headers were outdated
    	  (reported by Emmanuel Seyman)
    	* Fixes SF #1044: tt-rss API changed (we now support only 1.6 API)
    	  (patch by Sebastian Noel)
    	* Fixes assertion when creating new tt-rss subscriptions
    	* Fixes XHTML errors caused by extra <body> tags returned by tt-rss
    	* Fixes missing item list update when browsing item URLs in Liferea
    2012-10-28  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.9.7
    	* Added new preference for default viewing mode.
    	* Changing toolbar button order to prevent accidental clicks on
    	  "Mark All Read" when clicking on more frequent buttons like
    	  "Next Unread".
    	* Added Google Chrome as a browser choice to preferences.
    	* Roughly reordered browser choices after browser market share.
    	* Removed shading behaviour for unread items in combined view
    	  as it doesn't match GTK theming well
    	* Removed auto-hide Javascript menu from combined view to simplify
    	  rendering in 3-pane modes.
    	* Fixes items not removed from search folder count when feed is removed.
    	* Fixes search folder rebuilding (do not include comment items).
    	* Fixes SELECT offset handling when rebuilding search folders.
    	* Now gives feedback when rebuilding search folders in feed list.
    	* Update of German translation
    2012-10-09  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.9.6
    	* Removed "pass URL" check box from MIME type dialog.
    	* Removed "Save In" entry from "Download" tab in preferences.
    	* Removed "curl" choice in download tool preferences.
    	* Removed "wget" choice in download tool preferences.
    	* Added "steadyflow" choice in download tool preferences.
    	* Patch SF #3569056: Use symbolic close buttons and spacing on tabs like gedit
    	  (Sebastian Keller)
    	* Fixes reloading item when browsing the web inside the item view.
    	* Fixes preferences dialog not opening up a second time.
    	* Fixes padding/alignments in preferences dialog.
    	* Fixes SF #1418701: Remote server pounded into dirt on auto-download
    	  (reported by anonymous)
    	* Fixes SF #3567827: Double border around webview
    	  (reported by borschty)
    	* Fixes SF #3572660: crash in google_source_remove_node
    	  (reported by Yanko Kaneti)
    	* Prevents adding folders/search folders/newsbins to Google Reader
    	* Prevents sorting subscriptions in Google Reader
    	* Updated Polish translation (Wojciech Myrda)
    2012-09-14  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.9.5
    	* GIR dependencies are now mandatory
    	* Migration to XDG directory layout in $HOME
    	* Migrate from X session manager to GtkApplication
    	* Raising GTK dependency to 3.4 for GtkApplication
    	* Storing last window state in GConf now instead in the session command
    	* Added to social bookmarking sites (SF #3564393)
    	  (patch by prurigro)
    	* Use hint label for manual browser command preference (SF #3129429)
    	  (patch by Fred Morcos)
    	* Fixes comments_deinit() never being called
    	* Fixes search folder counter update on feed removal
    	* Fixes SF #3567715: Crash on network online status changes
    	  (patch by Yanko Kaneti)
    2012-08-24  Lars Windolf <>
    	Version 1.9.4
    	* Changes (c) name "Lars Lindner" -> "Lars Windolf" due to marriage
    	* Removed compilation support for GTK2
    	* Added GIR plugin system with libpeas
    	* Added GnomeKeyring plugin that stores password in a keyring
    	  instead of in the exported OPML.
    	* Added simple media player plugin to play audio and video enclosures.
    	* Only present enclosures of audio and video MIME type
    	* Raise libindicate minimum dependency to 0.6
    	* Patch SF #3515882: Also support libindicate 0.7 (Chow Loong Jin)
    	* Dropping SIGSEGV signal handler to allow distro crash report tools to
    	  work (as found in Ubuntu)
    	* Ensure node ids are in DB node relation on startup.
    	* Adding AM_PROG_AR to to work with automake 1.12
    	* Moved tab close button from the URL bar to the right of the tab label.
    	* Smarter browser toolbar: appears now also in the item view when
    	  browsing external content.
    	* Don't ask for Google Reader authentication more than three times
    	  with auto-update to avoid annoying the user.
    	* Fixes SF Trac #10: Crash on empty search folders within folders
    	  (reported by phyxi)
    	* Fixes SF Trac #19: Auto-load-link doesn't work with feeds with comments
    	  (reported by wonk0)
    	* Fixes SF #2855990: Crash when dragging Google Reader feeds outside
    	  Google Reader. This is now prevented.
    	  (reported by algnod)
    	* Fixes SF #3515880: missing include when compiling with libindicate
    	  (patch by Chow Loong Jin)
    	* Fixes search folders being invisible in reduced mode.
    	* Fixes ever growing temporary DB files.
    	  (patch by Sven Hartge)
    	* Fixes visibility of enclosure list view for Ubuntu.
    	* Fixes crashes on enclosure list context menu.
    	* Fixes SF #3557513: Fixes crash on empty links in auto-load-link mode.
    	  (patch by msquared84)
    	* Fixes unknown metadata types reported in trace when loading Google
    	  Reader subscriptions from DB.
    2012-03-30  Lars Lindner <>
    	Version 1.9.3
    	* Added a new item history feature that allows navigating
    	  through recently viewed items.
    	* Added new "Fullscreen" toggle menu option.
    	* For GTK+3: request dark theme variant for better contrast
    	  between GUI and content. (Jeff Fortin)
    	* Change schema defaults for folder display. Now unread
    	  items are loaded per-default when clicking a folder.
    	* Patch SF #3473743: GTK2 dependency has to be 2.24 (bento)
    	* Improve DB item counting statements.
    	  (patch by Regis Floret)
    	* Change OpenStreetMap rendering from osmarender to mapnik.
    	  (patch by Mikel Olasagasti)
    	* Patch SF #3127016: Automatic scrollbars on enclosure actions view
    	  (patch by Fred Morcos)
    	* SF Trac #7: Removing icon from "Cancel All" in update dialog
    	  so that .gtkrc "gtk-button-images=0" does have correct effect.
    	  (reported by phixy)
    	* Fixes SF #3480238: crashes when double clicking find
    	  (reported by joeserneem)
    	* Fixes Debian #660602: Item pane may be reset during feed update
    	  (reported by Ben Hutchings)
    	* Reimplemented search folder rule for item with enclosures.
    	* Reimplemented search folder rule for item categories.
    	* Reimplemented feed title matching rule for search folders.
    	  (patch by John Levon)
    	* Updated Catalan translation (Gil Forcada)
    2012-03-23  Lars Lindner <>
    	Version 1.9.2
    	* Fixes another migration issue left from 1.9.1
    	* Increasing sqlite3 dependency to 3.7+ for WAL journaling.
    	* Removed sqliteasync code in favour of WAL journaling.
    	  This significantly improves performance for ext4.
    	* Added indices for parent_item_id and parent_node_id
    	  to avoid slow item removal. (suggested by Paulo Anes)
    2012-03-18  Lars Lindner <>
    	Version 1.9.1
    	* Disabled migration to ~/.liferea_1.9
    	* Revert ISO 8601 parsing using Glib due to Debian #653196
    	  This fixes SF #3465106 (reported by Vincent Lefevre)
    	* Fixes SF #3477582: welcome screen not using theme colors.
    	  (reported by stqn)
    	* Do not update DB node and subscription info on startup
    	  for performance reasons.
    	* Perform VACCUM only when page fragmentation ratio < 10%.
    	  (suggested by adriatic)
    	* Removed tooltip on the "Next Unread Item" button to avoid
    	  having it flashing each time it is clicked when skimming
    	  through items.
    2011-12-23  Lars Lindner <>
    	Version 1.9.0
    	* Add configure switch to compile against GTK2 or GTK3.
    	  (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Adrian Bunk)
    	* Raise dependencies and updated code to compile against GTK3.
    	  (Emilio Pozuelo Monfort, Adrian Bunk)
    	* Fixes proxy preference not affecting the HTML widget.
    	  (reported by Chris Siebenmann)
    	* Fixes SF #3363481: Feeds fail to update properly when entries ordered
    	  "wrong" (patch by Robert Trace)
    	* Fixes writing subscriptions into DB when importing from OPML
    	  (reported by Dennis Nezic)
  12. Fix patch to declare frexpl.

    gdt authored
    The patch was intending to insert a declaration on NetBSD before
    6.99.17, but had <= instead of >= for the if to omit it.  Resolves
    build on NetBSD 6.
  13. Mention mail/mutt-devel removal.

    wiz authored
  14. Updated mail/mutt to 1.5.23nb7

    wiz authored
  15. Update to 1.5.23 using mail/mutt-devel.

    wiz authored
    Upstream now calls this the stable version
  16. Add missing "to" in entry.

    wiz authored
  17. Updated sysutils/cdrtools to 3.01

    wiz authored
  18. Update to 3.01, based on diff by Frederik in private mail.

    wiz authored
    NEW features of cdrtools-3.01:
    This is the first localization step for cdrtools. All programs now (hopefully)
    call gettext() for all strings that need localization.
    -	The next step will include dgettext() calls for the libraries.
    -	The following step will include the extracted strings
    -	The last step will include German translations and install support
    	for the resulting binary message object files.
  19. Fix some bugs related to maxuploadsize. Without these patches, all file

    sborrill authored
    uploads are blocked irrespective of what is set in the configuration files.
    Remove MESSAGE as licence has changed, it is now entirely GPL.
  20. Updated www/nginx-devel to 1.9.4

    fhajny authored
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