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Commits on Nov 24, 2015
  1. Changes 3.2.0:

    adam committed
    new welcome page to help new users
    touch-screen support for most editing interfaces, for sizes from small tablets to table-top devices
    enhanced and polished user interface
    much-needed improvements to the structure-board
    enhancements to components such as the pop-up plugin editor, sideframe (now called the overlay) and the toolbar
    significant speed improvements on loading, HTTP requests and file sizes
    restarts are no longer required when changing apphook configurations
    a new content wizard system, adaptable to arbitrary content types
  2. Changes 1.0.6:

    adam committed
  3. Fix RUBY_VERSION_SUPPORTED, it's "21" not "210".

    jperkin committed
  4. Drop dependency on mozilla-rootcerts-openssl.

    asau committed
    The latter is broken and makes youtube-dl unusable in unprivileged mode and potentially on non-NetBSD systems.
  5. Updated pkgtools/pkglint to 4.158

    rillig committed
  6. Updated pkglint to 4.158

    rillig committed
    This mainly fixes wrong patch detection when checking distinfo.
  7. Updated misc/chordii to 4.5.3

    mef committed
  8. Update 4.5.1 to 4.5.3 (from ChangeLog)

    mef committed
    Author: Johan Vromans <>
    Date:   2015-11-23
        Prepare for 4.5.3 release.
    Author: Johan Vromans <>
    Date:   2015-11-23
        Prevent crash on using unknown cli options.
    Author: Johan Vromans <>
    Date:   2015-11-23
        Improve LATIN2 generation; show in version.
    Author: Johan Vromans <>
    Date:   2015-10-04
        (a2crd) Fix crash when environment HOME is not set (Windows).
        (a2crd) Add -V to print version.
        (a2crd) Update help message.
    Author: Johan Vromans <>
    Date:   2015-05-04
    Author: Johan Vromans <>
    Date:   2014-12-04
        Handle CRLF input more elegantly.
    Author: Adam Monsen <>
    Date:   2015-03-21
        TODO: fix filetype in vim modeline
  9. Added net/php-baikal version 0.2.7

    wiz committed
  10. + php-baikal.

    wiz committed
  11. Import php55-baikal-0.2.7 as net/php-baikal, packaged for wip by myself.

    wiz committed
    Baikal offers ubiquitous and synchronized access to your calendars
    and address books over CalDAV and CardDAV. Baikal implements the
    current IETF recommendation drafts of these industry standards for
    centralized calendar and address book collections.
  12. Updated devel/pcre to 8.38

    wiz committed
  13. Update pcre to 8.38:

    wiz committed
    Version 8.38 23-November-2015
    1.  If a group that contained a recursive back reference also contained a
        forward reference subroutine call followed by a non-forward-reference
        subroutine call, for example /.((?2)(?R)\1)()/, pcre2_compile() failed to
        compile correct code, leading to undefined behaviour or an internally
        detected error. This bug was discovered by the LLVM fuzzer.
    2.  Quantification of certain items (e.g. atomic back references) could cause
        incorrect code to be compiled when recursive forward references were
        involved. For example, in this pattern: /(?1)()((((((\1++))\x85)+)|))/.
        This bug was discovered by the LLVM fuzzer.
    3.  A repeated conditional group whose condition was a reference by name caused
        a buffer overflow if there was more than one group with the given name.
        This bug was discovered by the LLVM fuzzer.
    4.  A recursive back reference by name within a group that had the same name as
        another group caused a buffer overflow. For example:
        /(?J)(?'d'(?'d'\g{d}))/. This bug was discovered by the LLVM fuzzer.
    5.  A forward reference by name to a group whose number is the same as the
        current group, for example in this pattern: /(?|(\k'Pm')|(?'Pm'))/, caused
        a buffer overflow at compile time. This bug was discovered by the LLVM
    6.  A lookbehind assertion within a set of mutually recursive subpatterns could
        provoke a buffer overflow. This bug was discovered by the LLVM fuzzer.
    7.  Another buffer overflow bug involved duplicate named groups with a
        reference between their definition, with a group that reset capture
        numbers, for example: /(?J:(?|(?'R')(\k'R')|((?'R'))))/. This has been
        fixed by always allowing for more memory, even if not needed. (A proper fix
        is implemented in PCRE2, but it involves more refactoring.)
    8.  There was no check for integer overflow in subroutine calls such as (?123).
    9.  The table entry for \l in EBCDIC environments was incorrect, leading to its
        being treated as a literal 'l' instead of causing an error.
    10. There was a buffer overflow if pcre_exec() was called with an ovector of
        size 1. This bug was found by american fuzzy lop.
    11. If a non-capturing group containing a conditional group that could match
        an empty string was repeated, it was not identified as matching an empty
        string itself. For example: /^(?:(?(1)x|)+)+$()/.
    12. In an EBCDIC environment, pcretest was mishandling the escape sequences
        \a and \e in test subject lines.
    13. In an EBCDIC environment, \a in a pattern was converted to the ASCII
        instead of the EBCDIC value.
    14. The handling of \c in an EBCDIC environment has been revised so that it is
        now compatible with the specification in Perl's perlebcdic page.
    15. The EBCDIC character 0x41 is a non-breaking space, equivalent to 0xa0 in
        ASCII/Unicode. This has now been added to the list of characters that are
        recognized as white space in EBCDIC.
    16. When PCRE was compiled without UCP support, the use of \p and \P gave an
        error (correctly) when used outside a class, but did not give an error
        within a class.
    17. \h within a class was incorrectly compiled in EBCDIC environments.
    18. A pattern with an unmatched closing parenthesis that contained a backward
        assertion which itself contained a forward reference caused buffer
        overflow. And example pattern is: /(?=di(?<=(?1))|(?=(.))))/.
    19. JIT should return with error when the compiled pattern requires more stack
        space than the maximum.
    20. A possessively repeated conditional group that could match an empty string,
        for example, /(?(R))*+/, was incorrectly compiled.
    21. Fix infinite recursion in the JIT compiler when certain patterns such as
        /(?:|a|){100}x/ are analysed.
    22. Some patterns with character classes involving [: and \\ were incorrectly
        compiled and could cause reading from uninitialized memory or an incorrect
        error diagnosis.
    23. Pathological patterns containing many nested occurrences of [: caused
        pcre_compile() to run for a very long time.
    24. A conditional group with only one branch has an implicit empty alternative
        branch and must therefore be treated as potentially matching an empty
    25. If (?R was followed by - or + incorrect behaviour happened instead of a
    26. Arrange to give up on finding the minimum matching length for overly
        complex patterns.
    27. Similar to (4) above: in a pattern with duplicated named groups and an
        occurrence of (?| it is possible for an apparently non-recursive back
        reference to become recursive if a later named group with the relevant
        number is encountered. This could lead to a buffer overflow. Wen Guanxing
        from Venustech ADLAB discovered this bug.
    28. If pcregrep was given the -q option with -c or -l, or when handling a
        binary file, it incorrectly wrote output to stdout.
    29. The JIT compiler did not restore the control verb head in case of *THEN
        control verbs. This issue was found by Karl Skomski with a custom LLVM
    30. Error messages for syntax errors following \g and \k were giving inaccurate
        offsets in the pattern.
    31. Added a check for integer overflow in conditions (?(<digits>) and
        (?(R<digits>). This omission was discovered by Karl Skomski with the LLVM
    32. Handling recursive references such as (?2) when the reference is to a group
        later in the pattern uses code that is very hacked about and error-prone.
        It has been re-written for PCRE2. Here in PCRE1, a check has been added to
        give an internal error if it is obvious that compiling has gone wrong.
    33. The JIT compiler should not check repeats after a {0,1} repeat byte code.
        This issue was found by Karl Skomski with a custom LLVM fuzzer.
    34. The JIT compiler should restore the control chain for empty possessive
        repeats. This issue was found by Karl Skomski with a custom LLVM fuzzer.
    35. Match limit check added to JIT recursion. This issue was found by Karl
        Skomski with a custom LLVM fuzzer.
    36. Yet another case similar to 27 above has been circumvented by an
        unconditional allocation of extra memory. This issue is fixed "properly" in
        PCRE2 by refactoring the way references are handled. Wen Guanxing
        from Venustech ADLAB discovered this bug.
    37. Fix two assertion fails in JIT. These issues were found by Karl Skomski
        with a custom LLVM fuzzer.
    38. Fixed a corner case of range optimization in JIT.
    39. An incorrect error "overran compiling workspace" was given if there were
        exactly enough group forward references such that the last one extended
        into the workspace safety margin. The next one would have expanded the
        workspace. The test for overflow was not including the safety margin.
    40. A match limit issue is fixed in JIT which was found by Karl Skomski
        with a custom LLVM fuzzer.
    41. Remove the use of /dev/null in testdata/testinput2, because it doesn't
        work under Windows. (Why has it taken so long for anyone to notice?)
    42. In a character class such as [\W\p{Any}] where both a negative-type escape
        ("not a word character") and a property escape were present, the property
        escape was being ignored.
    43. Fix crash caused by very long (*MARK) or (*THEN) names.
    44. A sequence such as [[:punct:]b] that is, a POSIX character class followed
        by a single ASCII character in a class item, was incorrectly compiled in
        UCP mode. The POSIX class got lost, but only if the single character
        followed it.
    45. [:punct:] in UCP mode was matching some characters in the range 128-255
        that should not have been matched.
    46. If [:^ascii:] or [:^xdigit:] or [:^cntrl:] are present in a non-negated
        class, all characters with code points greater than 255 are in the class.
        When a Unicode property was also in the class (if PCRE_UCP is set, escapes
        such as \w are turned into Unicode properties), wide characters were not
        correctly handled, and could fail to match.
  14. Pull upstream patch for compatibility to py-requests-2.8.0.

    wiz committed
    Use MASTER_SITES_PYPI while here.
  15. Add upstream bug report URL.

    wiz committed
  16. Added math/z3.

    dholland committed
    Also, two weeks ago, bumped gsharutils, coalesce, japhar, and ucblogo,
    and apparently once again forgot to commit this file at the time.
  17. +z3

    dholland committed
  18. Changes 1.3.2:

    adam committed
    * Bugfix: Fixed tags from filename dialog not opening on new installations
  19. Changes 0.9.1:

    adam committed
    - Improved BD-J security.
    - Improved error resilience.
    - Improved seeking (avoid skipping PAT/PMT/PCR).
    - Fix UO mask check when bd_play_title() is used for Top Menu.
    - Fix re-starting of title bound Xlets when title changes.
    - Fix loading classes with invalid debug info.
  20. Oops, accidently my local copy was older version.

    taca committed
    Really drop Ruby 1.9.3 support.
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
  1. Removed outdated TODO file

    rillig committed
  2. Updated multimedia/gmplayer to 1.2nb3

    leot committed
  3. Get rid of our fix to brushedGnome-1.0 skin now that the brushedGnome…

    leot committed
    …-1.1 is
    available upstream.
  4. Keep only one PLIST

    adam committed
  5. Updated databases/py-peewee to 2.7.3

    fhajny committed
  6. Update databases/py-peewee to 2.7.3.

    fhajny committed
    Small release which includes some changes to the BM25 sorting
    algorithm and the addition of a JSONField for use with the new
    JSON1 extension.
    Small release with bugfixes to the setup script.
    I've also cleaned up some missing APIs in the FTS5Model to
    support more flexible use of either FTSModel or FTS5Model.
    Small release which includes fixes to the setup script.
    Particularly, if you did not have Cython installed, the
    installation would completely fail. This was fixed.
    New APIs, features, and performance improvements.
    Notable changes and new features
    - PasswordField that uses the bcrypt module.
    - Added new Model Meta.only_save_dirty flag to, by default,
      only save fields that have been modified.
    - Added support for upsert() on MySQL (in addition to SQLite).
    - Implemented SQLite ranking functions (rank and bm25) in Cython,
      and changed both the Cython and Python APIs to accept weight
      values for every column in the search index. This more closely
      aligns with the APIs provided by FTS5. In fact, made the APIs
      for FTS4 and FTS5 result ranking compatible.
    - Major changes to the :ref:sqlite_ext module. Function callbacks
      implemented in Python were implemented in Cython (e.g. date
      manipulation and regex processing) and will be used if Cython
      is available when Peewee is installed.
    - Support for the experimental new FTS5 SQLite search extension.
    - Added :py:class:SearchField for use with the SQLite FTS
    - Added :py:class:RowIDField for working with the special rowid
      column in SQLite.
    - Added a model class validation hook to allow model subclasses
      to perform any validation after class construction. This is
      currently used to ensure that FTS5Model subclasses do not
      violate any rules required by the FTS5 virtual table.
    Bugs fixed
    - #751, fixed some very broken behavior in the MySQL migrator
      code. Added more tests.
    - #718, added a RetryOperationalError mixin that will try
      automatically reconnecting after a failed query. There was
      a bug in the previous error handler implementation that
      made this impossible, which is also fixed.
  7. Fix building on OS X

    adam committed
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