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Commits on Sep 27, 2012
  1. Update contao211-translations to 201209250.

    taca authored
    Add Chinese language files.
  2. Ensure that MODULE_ARCH is syncronised between pkgsrc and configure s…

    jperkin authored
    Fixes package on Solaris.
  3. Fix recent net/freerdist update entry.

    taca authored
  4. Fix build problem with libxml2 2.9.0.

    taca authored
  5. Fix up compiler flags on Solaris, you cannot have both _XOPEN_SOURCE=…

    jperkin authored
    …600 and
    _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED=1 in C99 code.
    Fixes package on Solaris.
  6. Don't descend into osdep, libosdep has no objects and some systems do…

    jperkin authored
    … not
    like creating empty libraries.
    Fixes build on Solaris.
  7. In affine_1d_MMX(), move the initialisation of %mm3 and %mm4 registers

    apb authored
    into a separate asm statement, to give the compiler more freedom
    for register allocation.  Fixes a problem with gcc-4.5.4 on NetBSD/i386
    in which gcc complained:
    eq2.c: In function 'affine_1d_MMX':
    eq2.c:128:5: error: can't find a register in class 'GENERAL_REGS' while reloading 'asm'
    eq2.c:128:5: error: 'asm' operand has impossible constraints
  8. Define DRIVER_MAN_SUFFIX on Solaris to the same as every other system…

    jperkin authored
    …, this
    diverges from the standard layout on Solaris but ensures a consistent
    experience for pkgsrc packages.
    Fixes 31 packages on Solaris.
  9. Fix checksum for patch-ac

    sborrill authored
  10. sort

    jnemeth authored
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
  1. Adding xgettext to USE_TOOLS should finally fix build on SunOS.

    gls authored
    Thanks jperkin@.
  2. Configure the correct path for configuration files instead of using

    tron authored
    "${PREFIX}/etc". Bump package revision because of this fix.
  3. new freerdist

    christos authored
  4. delete old patch files

    christos authored
  5. update to latest freerdist-0.94:

    christos authored
        * use intmax_t instead of long long
        * Don't limit the size of the environment
        * Don't leak a directory file descriptor
        * ansify
        * dynamically allocate EARGS
        * use getaddrinfo
  6. Updated x11/xf86-input-mouse to 1.7.2nb2

    liamjfoy authored
  7. Fix package to work with uts(4)

    liamjfoy authored
  8. Disable hand-rolled assembly on Solaris, the style is incompatible with

    jperkin authored
    the Solaris linker, and -mimpure-text is no longer an option with GCC.
    Fixes build on Solaris/GCC.
  9. Cast arguments to log() to appease strict compilers / platforms.

    jperkin authored
    Fixes package on Solaris.
  10. Updated emulators/qemu to 1.2.0nb2

    sbd authored
  11. Add the or32 user space emulator.

    sbd authored
  12. Instead of using the 'gcc -dumpmachine' output for the target machine

    sbd authored
    directory name used the new GCC_TARGET_MACHINE build define which is
    ${MACHINE_GNU_PLATFORM} by default and already used in
    Note that because the default for GCC_TARGET_MACHINE _should_ be the
    same as the 'gcc -dumpmachine' output theres no need for a revbump.
  13. Perform REPLACE_SH on util/compile.

    jperkin authored
    Fixes build hang on Solaris.
  14. Updated devel/xulrunner to 15.0.1nb2

    sbd authored
  15. A couple of files are only installed if either 'md5sum' or 'md5' are

    jperkin authored
    available.  For now, just remove them from the PLIST on Solaris.  We
    may want to make md5 a tool, or use '/usr/bin/digest -a md5' in the
    Fixes package on Solaris.
  16. Add PLIST.sps (enabled on Linux x86_64/i386 and Darwin) and add sps p…

    sbd authored
    Also an and extra PLIST.jemalloc file.
  17. Mark as not for Solaris.

    jperkin authored
  18. requrie rdoc>=3.0 for --encoding option.

    obache authored
  19. Solaris requires more alloca.h fixes, move them to a common header.

    jperkin authored
    Add a MSG_NOSIGNAL compatability define.
    Fixes package on Solaris.
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