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Commits on Oct 30, 2011
Commits on Jan 9, 2011
  1. security update

    spz authored
    Problems fixed:
    #32080 	Specially crafted <base href> can lead to XSS exploit
    #32032 	TextEncode related resource information not saved correctly in db file
    #32014 	CVE-2010-1677: DoS when processing html messages with deep tag nesting
    #32013 	CVE-2010-4524: Improper escaping of certain HTML sequences (XSS)
    #26577 	Changed semantic for unpack breaks UTF-8
    #25486 	Resource FieldStore causes .mhonarc.db to grow over bounds.
    #25225 	dir_create() fails to make temporary directories (PATCH)
    #24247 unneeded ESC ( B remains in message body
    #23198 	Incorrect Setting Installation Directory
    #20142 	strip backslash in rfc822 From: field
    #20074 	extra space in subject
    #18908 	X-Subject data get split in separate lines
    #18113 	inconsistant thread slices w/ poor man's windowing
    #17904 	FieldOrder affects AddressModifyCode
    #17860 	incorrect nested HTML Tags for references
    #17660 	Threaded index resource ordering doesn't allow well formed XML output
    #15433 	relative attachmentdir is relative to current working dir, not outdir
    #14747 	major (10X) memory savings possible in some situations
    #13853 	creation of archive with attachments writes over symlinks
Commits on Jan 5, 2011
Commits on Mar 12, 2010
  1. * set LICENSE=gnu-gpl-v2

    obache authored
    * add user-destdir installation support.
Commits on Aug 20, 2009
Commits on Jun 14, 2009
  1. Remove @dirrm entries from PLISTs

    joerg authored
Commits on Feb 28, 2007
  1. Update mhonarc to version 2.6.16.

    jwise authored
    Changes are fixes to following bugs only:
      * in urlize change %X to %02X
      * MIMEFILTERS settings not retained in database
      * should be able to handle a soft line break at the end of the string
      * HTML mail does not get its charset converted
Commits on Jan 26, 2007
  1. Fixed PKGMANDIR.

    rillig authored
Commits on Aug 20, 2005
  1. Add two missing doc files.

    kristerw authored
Commits on Aug 17, 2005
  1. Update to version 2.6.15. Changes from 2.6.11 (last pkgsrc version):

    jwise authored
    2005/07/27	(2.6.15)
    * Removed debugging statement introduced during v2.6.14 development
      which caused the filename of each message to be printed to stderr
      when processing MH-style folders.
    * Fixed META.yml for CPAN: YAML is picky about tab characters, and
      there was a couple of tab characters causing CPAN's YAML parser to
      abort with an error.
    2005/07/23	(2.6.14)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         2641   Additional Callbacks
         3225   CHARSETCONVERTERS not reset across multi-archive process
        11759   email address exposed in subject line
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    * New resources:
        PRINTXCOMMENTS	Print <!--X-...--> comments in generated pages.
    * Added "Performance Tips" document: Provides configuration tips
      to improve the execution performance of mhonarc.
    2005/07/06	(2.6.13)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
        12314   linebreak not utf-8 aware
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    * mha-preview example script changes:
      - If preview data not available for message, the empty string
        is used.  Before, undef was returned to mhonarc, causing
        warning messages and $X-MSG-PREVIEW$ to show up on index pages.
      - Beefed up preview text extraction to skip past quoted text.
      Someday, mha-preview functionality will be intrinisic to mhonarc.
    2005/06/08	(2.6.12)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
        11761   spammode causes broken mailto: links in message body
        13316   No warning generated when RCFILE set to non-existent file
        13317   POSIX::setlocale() not invoked with LANG resource setting
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    * New resources:
        MIMEINCS		Content-types to allow.
    * Beefed up filtering of UTF-8 messages:  "Malformed UTF-8
      ..." warnings are now suppressed with such sequences being converted
      to U+FFFD (&#xFFFD;), which should normally cause an HTML viewer
      to render a question-mark-like glyph.
      Earlier version passed malformed utf-8 sequences through.
      No bug/security problems have been reported against this, but it
      was a bad practice that has now been corrected.
    * The return value for $mhonarc::CBMessageBodyRead and
      $mhonarc::CBRawMessageBodyRead is no longer N/A.  If the return
      value evaluates to false, the current message will be excluded from
      the archive and further processing.  A true value must be returned
      if the message is to not be excluded.
Commits on Aug 10, 2005
  1. Install the man pages back into ${PREFIX}/man/man1 so that they can

    jlam authored
    be found without any special configuration for man.  While here, hard
    code all of the paths for the install script to insulate ourselves
    against future changes in perl.  Bump the PKGREVISION to 2.
Commits on Aug 9, 2005
  1. Make necessary package list change after update of Perl to 5.8.7.

    tron authored
    Bump package revision.
Commits on Jul 16, 2005
  1. Get rid of USE_PERL5. The new way to express needing the Perl executable

    jlam authored
    around at either build-time or at run-time is:
    	USE_TOOLS+=	perl		# build-time
    	USE_TOOLS+=	perl:run	# run-time
    Also remove some places where perl5/ was being included
    by a package Makefile, but all that the package wanted was the Perl
Commits on May 27, 2005
  1. - Update mhonarc for recent security issue (XSS)

    adrianp authored
    - From the changelog:
    >      9050   Regex abort error in under Win32
    >     11187   incorrectly parsing UTF-8 encoded messages
    >     11207   usenameext option to m2h_external::filter has no effect
    >     11760   spammode false positives on some HTML mail
    >     11762   rel=nofollow attribute support in message body hyperlinks
    >     11977   TSLICETOPBEGCUR ignored
    >     12512   Consecutive spaces not displayed in some cases
    >     12802   SubjectStripCode not working on message file
    >     12930   Cross site scripting bug in m2h_text_html::filter
Commits on Feb 24, 2005
  1. Add RMD160 digests.

    agc authored
Commits on Jun 26, 2004
  1. Update MASTER_SITES

    adrianp authored
Commits on Jun 21, 2004
  1. Update mhonarc from 2.6.8 to 2.6.10

    adrianp authored
    Ok'ed jwise@/wiz@
    2004/05/17      (2.6.10)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         8982   Can't use global $1 in "my" at
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    2004/05/07      (2.6.9)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         5473   directory separator for attachments on W2K
         5643   New ressource - newsserver
         5758   MULTIPG and NOSAVERESOURCES cause archive to be rewritten
         5905   Modification of non-creatable array value attempted
         6208   Mhonarc creates slightly incorrect HTML-code
         7571   <include> element doesn't look for resource files in
         7628   typo in
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    * New resources:
        ATTACHMENTDIR       Directory to save attachments.
        ATTACHMENTURL       Web URL to attachment directory.
        NEWSURL             URL template for linking to newsgroups.
    * Attachment filenames have changed from the numeric-style
      <ext><#####>.<ext> to <ext><XXXXXXXXXX>.<ext> where <XXXXXXXXXX>
      is a random string.  The change corresponds with a change to the
      API to mhonarc::write_attachment() function in
    * m2h_text_plain::filter:
      . Changed default quoting styles: Left rule changed from 0.1em
        to 0.2em and the color changed from #0000FF to #5555EE.
      . Minor changes to flowed formatting in order to provide
        consistancy with how Mozilla's Gecko engine renders flowed text.
    * will use MIME::Base64 module if present.  MIME::Base64
      uses an underly C implementation for decoding, so it is noticably
      faster than the pure-Perl approach.
Commits on Sep 16, 2003
  1. Updated to 2.6.8.

    xtraeme authored
    Patch provided by Adrian Portelli <> via PR
    2003/08/12      (2.6.8)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         4719   Spurious read_fmt_file call
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    2003/08/07      (2.6.7)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         4569   Problem with unfolding can mess up boundary processing in
                multipart messages.
         4594   Initial space on lines removed when using fancyquote.
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    * Added LANG resource to define locale.  Affects resource filename
      resolution and message subject and author sorting.
    * updated to define the following special header field
      keys passed to filter routines:
        x-mha-content-type    The media type of the entity extracted from
                              content-type entity header
        x-mha-part-number     The relative part number of the entity with
                              respect to parent entity.  To get the
                              absolute part number, use
        x-mha-parent-header   Reference to parent header fields hash.
      This, and other data structures, are now mentioned in the MIMEFILTERS
      resource page.
    * Text/richtext tag, <samepage>, is quietly dropped in
Commits on Jul 31, 2003
  1. Remove outdated MESSAGE file.

    jwise authored
  2. As pointed out by wiz@, a newer version of this pkg has become availa…

    jwise authored
    …ble in
    the mean time.  Update to MHonarc 2.6.6, based on patch from
    2003/07/21	(2.6.6)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         4387   m2h_text_plain::filter maxwidth usage can lead to crash
    	    with a certain kind of input
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    2003/07/19	(2.6.5)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
         4126   Typo in causes error message for big5
    	    character set
         4315   allowcomments' directive to filter() is ignored
        ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
    * An architecture independent RPM package is now provided for
      installation.  Because of this, the package name format has slightly
      changed to be consistent RPM, and other, package managers:
          Old format      New Format
          -------------   -------------
          MHonArcX.X.X    MHonArc-X.X.X
      Installation document has been updated to reflect this change.
      If you create third-party distribution bundles for MHonArc, you may
      need to update your bundling process to take account of this change,
      mainly because the directory created when extracting the tar or
      zip bundles now include the hyphen.
  3. Remove out of date archive from MASTER_SITES.

    jwise authored
  4. Update MHonarc to version 2.6.4. Changes since last pkgsrc version (2…

    jwise authored
    2003/06/20	(2.6.4)
    * Bug Fixes:
      + Official:
          Bug ID  Summary
          ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
          3478    Quoted-Printable decoding should also work with
    	      lowercase hex numbers
          ------  ------------------------------------------------------------
      + Unoffical:
          - It appears that the UTF8 mapping table for cp1252,
    	MHonArc::UTF8::CP1252, had bad data.  This has been
    * Management of character mapping tables have been changed.  The
      various .pm module tables are now auto-generated by ucm, and
      similiar, map files.  For the end-user, the change should be
      transparent.  The change only affects how developers maintain
      the tables, and the change should make it much easier to make
      fixes to any mappings.
    2003/04/05	(2.6.3)
    * Bug Fixes:
        Bug ID  Summary
        ------  --------------------------------------------------------------
        3020    Trailing \ in regex
        3128    XSS Vulnerabilies
        2971    spammode option interferes with iso-2022-jp
        ------  --------------------------------------------------------------
    2003/03/11	(2.6.2)
    * Bug Fixes:
      Bug   Resolution Fixed       Summary
      ID               Release
      2738  Fixed      2.6.2       An illegal From: address can cause MHonArc
    			       to hang
    2003/02/22	(2.6.1)
    * Bug Fixes: See
    * Corrected character mapping tables for VISCII based on a
      message to the perl-unicode mailing list.
    * Added FASTTEMPFILES resource which causes MHonArc to use
      non-random temporary files.  This is less secure, but provides
      a little bit of speed improvement.
    2003/02/10	(2.6.0)
    * Bug Fixes: See
    * New resources:
        DEFCHARSET		Default character set of message text data.
        CHARSETALIASES	Define aliases for base charset names.
        DBFILEPERMS		File permissions for DBFILE.
        FIELDSTORE		Message header fields to store in database.
        FILEPERMS		File permissions for archive files.
        ICONURLPREFIX	URL string to prepend to ICONS URLs.
        MODIFYBODYADDRESSES	Apply ADDRESSMODIFYCODE to text message bodies.
        RECONVERT		Reconvert existing messages.
        TENDBUTTON		Button to last message in thread.
        TENDBUTTONIA	Inactive button to last message in thread.
        TENDLINKIA		Inactive link to last message in thread.
        TENDLINK		Link to last message in thread.
        TEXTENCODE		Encode message text to given character encoding.
        TTOPBUTTON		Button to first message in thread.
        TTOPBUTTONIA	Inactive button to first message in thread.
        TTOPLINKIA		Inactive link to first message in thread.
        TTOPLINK		Link to first message in thread.
    * New resource variables:
        $ICONURLPREFIX$	Value of ICONURLPREFIX resource.
        $MSGHFIELD$		Retrieve header field value stored via
    * MHonArc::CharEnt:
      + Several charset mappings added to MHonArc::CharEnt with the
        default value for CHARSETCONVERTERS updated to reflect the new
        mappings.  New charset supported include UTF-8, various Cyrillic
        sets, VISCII, Chinese sets, Japanese (iso-2022-jp and euc-jp),
        Korean, Apple-based charsets, etc.  See the documentation for
        the CHARSETCONVERTERS and CHARSETALIASES for complete list of
        character sets supported.
        Note: Sets that have bidirectional rendering (Hebrew, Arabic)
        exist, but automatic directional re-ording for rendering is
        currently not supported.
      . Some existing mappings have been updated to use Unicode numeric
        character entity references (&#xHHHH;) instead of standard SGML
        character entity references (eg. &Aelig;).  Most, if not all,
        web browsers only support the set of SGML entity references
        defined in the HTML 4.0 specification.
        All existing tables should now generate entity references
        recognized by all HTML 4.0 compliant browsers.
    * MHonArc::UTF8:
      . Module completely redone to support various versions of Perl.
        utf8 support code added to all conversion to utf8 with perl
        installations that do not have utf8 support, but to also
        leverage perl installations with utf8-related modules.
    * Default filter for iso-8859-1 and iso-2022-jp changed to
      MHonArc::CharEnt::str2sgml.  This helps keep MHonArc locale
      neutral in its default configuration.  Special note added
      to release notes for Japanese users about the change.
    * m2h_text_plain::filter (
      + Added more robust handling of format=flowed data.  By default,
        all text is rendered in a monospaced font to provide visual
        consistency between flowed and fixed text.  Proportional spaced
        font can be generated using the "nonfixed" option (where
        "keepspace" option should also be used to help preserve the
        formatting characteristics of the data).
      + Added "fancyquote" option to provide highlight of quoted text
        similiar to text/plain;format=flowed data.
      + Added "disableflowed" option to disable the flowed data
        conversion.  Data will be converted as regular text/plain.
        This option is useful for archives that cater to text-based
      + Added "quoteclass=<classname>" option to specify a CSS classname
        to assign to BLOCKQUOTE elements added when processing flowed
        data or when "fancyquote" is active.  This suppresses inline
        style generation.
      + Added "subdir" option for use when "uudecode" is enabled.
      - Reduced set of quote characters to just '>'.  Other characters
        are used by some people (eg. '}', '|', '+'), especially on the
        USENET, but supporting them tends to produce undesirable
        results, especially when using fancyquote.
        (Maybe make it configurable?)
      + If uudecode and usename specified, check if file ends in
        .s?html?, and if so, pass data to HTML filter.
      . Make sure to return a non-empty string for an empty body
        when in uudecode mode.  Avoids bogus warning message that
        data could not be converted.
    * MIMEEXCS automatically handles unofficial version of a media type.
      For example:
      Will exclude text/html and text/x-html data.
    * m2h_text_html::filter (
      + CHARSETCONVERTERS is used for converting character data.
      - Removed default=charset option.  This option is no longer
        needed with new character encoding processing features and
        CHARSETALIASES resource.
      + Convert javascript:... URLs to "_javascript_:..." when scripting
        is disabled (the default).  This is an extra measure ontop of
        element and attribute stripping.
      * <a href>'s are now preserved when cid: only URLs enabled (the
        default).  This prevents regular hyperlinks in HTML messages from
        getting stripped, which I think most people desire.  Otherwise,
        the allownoncidurls option must be used, and then this opens one
        up to potential XSS attacks.
        Due to the javascript: URL munging, preserving <a href>'s should
        be safe from auto-XSS attacks.  Readers should still be careful
        about any links they activate.
      + Added "subdir" option to specify that MHTML referenced data
        (e.g. images) are saved in a subdirectory.
      + Added "disablerelated" to disable cid: URL resolution.
      . STYLE and CLASS attributes stripped if nofont argument specified.
    * m2h_text_enriched::filter (
      + CHARSETCONVERTERS is used for converting character data.
      + <lang><param>lang</param> is now mapped to <dir lang="lang">.
      + Added handling of some text/richtext tags.
      . Escape unrecognized tags.
    * Archive file creation modified to minimize the local symlink exploits:
      1.  A temp file with a random name is first created and written to.
      2.  Temp file is compressed if GZIPFILES is active.
      3.  Temp file is renamed to final filename.
      4.  File permissions are set according to FILEPERMS/DBFILEPERMS.
      Using a random temp filename makes it difficult for someone to
      predict filenames to execute a symlink exploit.  The rename operation
      is immune to symlink exploits, hence trying to using well-known names
      (e.g. maillist.html, threads.html) for exploitation will not work.
      A similiar technique is used for directory creation for filters
      that support the "subdir" option.
      Generation of temp files is done via the File::Temp module, if
      installed.  If not installed, a homegrown implementation is used.
      Although not as secure and robust as File::Temp, it's better than
      nothing and should provide a decent deterrent.
    * Setuid/setgid execution causes mhonarc to terminate with an error.
      Mhonarc does not pass taint checks, so we abort with an error that
      setuid/setgid execution is not supported.  MHonArc is too insecure
      for setuid operation and trying to make it setuid-safe would require
      alot of work and potentially limit a large amount of functionality.
    * More robust parsing used for determining $FROMNAME$ and $FROMADDR*$
      resource variables.
    * library removed and replaced with MHonArc::RFC822 module.
    * Warning message, "Unable to process data..." removed from message
      page when unable to convert any part of a message (usually due to
      user-defined MIMEFILTERS settings).  Instead, a warning message
      is generated to standard error (like other mhonarc warnings) and
      the resulting message page will have a blank message body.
    * m2h_msg_extbody::filter: (
      + Added support for http/x-http access type.  This appears to
        be an experimental access type since the general URI type can be
        used instead.
      . Properly sanitize parameter data.
      . Some minor cosmetic changes in the HTML generated.
    * m2h_text_tsv::filter (
      . Sanitize field data.
    * m2h_text_setext::filter ( has been removed.  It
      appears this media-type is part of document history.
Commits on Jul 17, 2003
  1. s/

    grant authored
Commits on Dec 31, 2002
  1. Update homepage.

    jwise authored
  2. Update mhonarc to version 2.5.14. Changes since 2.5.11 (the last pkgsrc

    jwise authored
    version) include:
    2002/12/21	(2.5.14)
    * Security patch release: This release fixes a cross-site scripting
      (XSS) vulnerability in m2h_text_html::filter (the HTML filter).
      A specially crafted HTML message can have scripting markup get
      by the script filtering done by m2h_text_html::filter.
    2002/10/21	(2.5.13)
    * Bug Fixes: See
    * DBFILE resource can now be set to an absolute pathname.  This
      allows the database file to be located in a separate location than
      in the archive directory.  If not an absolute pathname, then
      value is treated relative to OUTDIR.
    * updated to handle MHTML messages better.
      changed accordingly.
    * handling of malformed multipart messages improved.
      Cases were a the terminating boundary delimiter did not exist would
      generate a warning message in the converted message body that data
      could not be converted.  This case should now be handled so that
      end of entitiy implies a terminating boundary delimiter,
      (Thanks goto Randy Blaustein for providing real-world test cases).
    * Fixed problem where some message attachments were "lost".  This
      mainly occurs when using mha-decode with the -dcd-digest option,
      or if you have registered the m2h_external::filter for message/*
      data types.
      (Thanks goto Steve Johnson for finding this problem.)
    * m2h_external::filter will now include the subject of a message
      in the attachment link if saving message/* data to a file.
    * m2h_external::filter properly escapes the filename parameter
      when displaying it in the attachment link.  This is done to
      avoid any possible XSS exploits.  Note, no exploits have been
      reported by using the filename parameter in messages, so this
      change is more of a preemptive measure.
    * m2h_external::filter will fall back to a "txt" extension for
      unknown text types instead of a "bin" extension.
    * m2h_text_plain::filter: Removed hardcoded 'as-is' for US-ASCII
      data.  This is so a user could define a converter if having to deal
      with mislabeled character data.
      (Thanks goto Mooffie for finally finding a real-world case to not
      hardcode us-ascii).
    2002/09/03	(2.5.12)
    * Strip more tags and attributes that could potentially be used for
      XSS exploits in the HTML filter.  This is a more of a preemptive
      change since no new exploits have been reported.
    * DATEFIELDS resource now supports indexed field names.  For example:
      The example says that mhonarc should check the second received
      field, then the first received field, and then the first date field
      to determine the date of a message.
Commits on Aug 23, 2002
  1. Update to mhonarc-2.5.11.

    grant authored
    The following is a summary of sigificant changes since 2.5.3. Please
    see CHANGES in the distfile for the full list of changes.
    * The following mail header fields added to list of fields that can
      contain mail addresses: mail-reply-to, original-bcc, original-cc,
      original-from, original-sender, original-to, resent-bcc, x-envelope.
      Applicable to MAILTO, MAILTOURL, and ADDRESSMODIFYCODE resources.
    * Added MHonArc::UTF8 CHARSETCONVERTER module as recommended at
      However, module redone to use utf8 pragma in Perl where appropriate
      and to remove unnecessary code.  Use of module does require that
      the Unicode::MapUTF8 module is installed and the utf8 pragma is
      supported in the version of Perl you are using.
    * Added MIMEALTPREFS resource: Content-type preferences for
      multipart/alternative data.  You can now tell MHonArc to use the
      text/plain part over a text/html part in multipart/alternative
    * Added the following resources:
        IDXPGSSMARKUP   Markup at the beginning of all index pages.
        MSGPGSSMARKUP   Markup at the beginning of all message pages.
        TIDXPGSSMARKUP  Markup at the beginning of all thread index pages.
      Each resource will default to the value of the SSMARKUP resource
      if not defined.
    * Removed references to HEADER and FOOTER resources in the docs.
      Resources removed in v2.5.0.
    * Updated default resource layout settings in docs to use lowercase
      tag names since MHonArc changed to use lowercase in defaults
      in v2.4.7.
    * Added NOSUBJECTTXT resource: Defines raw subject text to use
      for messages that do not have a subject.
    * Incorporated format=flowed support into contributed
      by Ken Hirsch, with some minor improvements.
    * mha-decode now supports the following option: -dcd-digest.  This
      tells mha-decode to not recursively process attached message/rfc822
      and message/news entities.  This option is useful to extract
      out all the individual messages of a message digest.
    * Added message/rfc822 and message/news to
      content-type => extension/description hash.  The extension used
      is ".822".
Commits on Aug 21, 2002
  1. use .bz2 distfile.

    grant authored
Commits on Jul 15, 2002
  1. Added $NetBSD$ tag according to mail from Thomas Klausner on tech-pkg…

    heinz authored
    …. Some
    slight formatting changes.
Commits on Apr 21, 2002
  1. One more compatibility note.

    jwise authored
  2. Add a MESSAGE file noting two minor configuration incompatibilities with

    jwise authored
    the previous pkgsrc version of mhonarc.
    Suggested by Paul Hoffman (
  3. Update to mhonarc-2.5.3.

    jwise authored
    Changes since 2.4.9 (the last pkgsrc version):
    *   Added 'use locale' pragmas to be applied when sorting messages.
        This is considered experimental, but it appears to give better
        results when sorting text that contains 8-bit-non-English
        characters.  This is far from any real locale support, but
        hopefully it is better than nothing.
    *   Beefed up HTML filtering in to eliminate some
        security exploits.
        CAUTION: If you are worried about security, it is recommended
    	     that you disable support of text/html messages in
    	     your mail archives.  There is no guarantee that
    	     the library is robust enough to
    	     eliminate all possible exploits that can occur with
    	     HTML data.
        Thanks goto Jason Molenda and Hiromitsu Takagi for spotting
        more exploit cases.
    * checks MIMEXCS if text/html data is excluded
        when the htmlcheck option is specified.  Seems unnecessary
        because someone use excludes HTML data will probably not use
        the htmlcheck option to m2h_text_plain::filter.
    *   Modified mail address extraction for $FROMADDR$ resource
        variable to help deal with malformed From: header fields.
        Thanks to Eugene Eric Kim for the recommendation.
    *   Fixed uudecoding support in to handle spaces
        in filenames and \r\n EOLs.  Thanks to Jordan Russell for
        spotting this.
    *   Added ISO-8859-15 mappings.  Thanks goto Jan Kraeber for the
    *   Removed GIF images from distribution.  All GIF images
        have been converted to PNG format.  Transparency of PNG
        images may only be supported in the latest versions of various
        graphical web browsers.
        See <> for reasons
        why GIF images should not be used.
    *   Source code imported into CVS.  CVS respository is currently
        not available publicly.  Stilling wondering if a site like should be used or if the respository should
        be hosted independently, like at
    *   Fixed regex patterns in to avoid Perl warning
    *   Created a contrib/ directory to contain any contributed
        programs imported into the MHonArc distribution.  Moved from extras/ to contrib/.
    *   Added Security section to FAQ.  Provided more information to
        question, "Why does a message get split into mulitple messages
        with no headers?", mainly information contributed by users.
    2001/11/24	(2.5.2)
        (See BUGS for the list of bugs reported and fixed)
        o	mha-dbrecover new options:
    	  -dbr-startnum #
    	      The starting message number to recover data from. This
    	      option is useful if you have many message files in a
    	      directory, but you only want to recover a subset of the
    	      files. If this option is not specified, the starting
    	      number is 0.
    	  -dbr-endnum #
    	      The ending message number to recover data from. This
    	      option is useful if you have many message files in a
    	      directory, but you only want to recover a subset of the
    	      files. If this option is not specified, all messages
    	      starting from -dbr-startnum will be recovered.
        o	MSGPGBEGIN default value changed where $SUBJECTNA:72$ has
    	been replaced with $SUBJECTNA$.  This is so default values
    	do not have any possible conflicts with variable-width
    	character sets.
    2001/11/13	(2.5.1)
        (See BUGS for the list of bugs reported and fixed)
        o	Added special note within the release notes about
        o	Some documentation corrections.
    2001/10/14	(2.5.0)
        [This is non-beta release of 2.5.0.  See the change notes
         below and for the various beta release for a complete list of
         changes from the last v2.4 release.]
        (See BUGS for the list of bugs reported and fixed)
        o	The ICONS resource has been updated to support the association
    	of icons at the base type level (e.g. text/*) and to specify
    	width and height hints.  The example icon resource file
    	listed in an appendix of the documentation updated to
    	to use changes to ICONS resource.
        o	Formatting of attachment links within the
    	filter has been updated to provide more verbose information.
    	Description of the format provided in the MIMEFILTERS
    	documentation.	Also, a 'frame' filter argument is now
    	supported to instruct the filter to draw a frame around
    	the link.
        o   Default value for MIMEArgs has been changed to the following:
    	  m2h_external::filter; inline
    	This is more concise then previous default value.
    	On a resource file maintenance standpoint, it is generally
    	best to specify filter arguments at the filter level and
    	not at the content-type level.
        o   Value of Perl's $^O variable printed with version information
    	for -V, -v, -help command-line options.
        o	The count of new messages added to archive are now printed
    	along with the total message count when QUIET is not active.
    2001/09/05	(2.5.0b2)
        (See BUGS for the list of bugs fixed)
        o	Long overdue update of ACKNOWLG file.
        o	New resources:
    	  TSLICELEVELS	-- Maximum depth for thread slices.
        o	New resource variables:
    	  $TLEVEL$	-- Numeric level of message in thread.
        o	Added recognition of windows-1250 and windows-1252 charsets
    	into MHonArc::CharEnt and to default value of CHARSETCONVERTERS
    	resource.  To apply to existing archives, use mha-dbedit
    	with examples/def-mime.mrc resource file.
        o	SUBJECTREPLYRXP now used to determine if "Re: " is added
    	when $SUBJECT$ is used within MAILTOURL.
        o	Code cleanup to eliminate perl -w warnings.  Cleanup not
    	required for running MHonArc, but convenient for those that
    	use MHonArc with perl's -w option.
    2001/08/26	(2.5.0b)
        (See BUGS for the list of bugs fixed)
        o	API for MIMEFILTERS has been changed.  Content filters are
    	now called as follows:
    	  ($html, @files) =
    	      &filter($fields_hash_ref, $body_data_ref, $is_decoded,
    		      A reference to hash of message/part header
    		      fields.  Keys are field names in lowercase
    		      and values are array references containing the
    		      field values.  For example, to obtain the
    		      content-type, if defined, you would do:
    		      Values for a fields are stored in arrays since
    		      duplication of fields are possible.  For example,
    		      the Received: header field is typically repeated
    		      multiple times.  For fields that only occur once,
    		      then array for the field will only contain one
    		      Reference to body data.  It is okay for the
    		      filter to modify the text in-place.
    		      Boolean flag if body data has been decoded.
    		      This is normally true unless some non-standard
    		      content-transfer-encoding is used.
    		      String containing filter args as defined by
    		      MIMEARGS resource.
    	  The return value is still treated in the same manner as
    	  previous releases.  The first item in the return list is
    	  the text that should printed to the message page.  Any
    	  other items in the return list are derived filenames created
    	  by the filter.  If undef, or the empty string, is returned, assumes the filter was unable to filter the
    	All the filters provided in the MHonArc distribution have
    	been modified to use the new calling convention.
        o	The HEADER and FOOTER resources are no longer supported.
        o	The default value of DEFRCNAME is now ".mhonarc.mrc"
    	("mhonarc.mrc" for Win/DOS).
        o	ISO8859 character set data processing now defaults to using
    	the MHonArc::CharEnt module.  The old library
    	is still provided for compatibility with older archives.
    	To update archives to use the new settings, you can run
    	the following command,
    	    mha-dbedit -rcfile examples/def-mime.mrc \
    		       -outdir /path/to/archive
    	where "examples/def-mime.mrc" represents the default MIME
    	processing resources for MHonArc provided within the MHonArc
    	The new module is more efficient in memory usage by only
    	loading mappings for character sets actually processed.  The
    	old library preloads all mappings.  Also, the
    	module is designed to be easily extensible for processing
    	any 8-bit-based character sets.
        o	Reference, follow-up, and derived file information of a
    	message is now stored in a different format in the database
    	(and internally).  MHonArc will auto-update older archives
    	to the new format.  The newer format should provide some
    	performance improvement.
        o	Messages with no subjects are now stored with no subjects.
    	In previous releases, the text "No Subject" was automatically
    	added as a message was parsed, hence there was no real
    	indicator that a message had no real subject.
    	A related change is that messages without subject text
    	are skipped in subject-based thread detection.  Therefore,
    	a no-subject message will never be a possible follow-up,
    	but it is still possible for it to be an explicit follow-up
    	if it includes reference message-ids.
    	NOTE: This functionality does not apply to messages
    	processed by earlier versions where the text "No Subject"
    	was auto-applied to messages when parsed.  A recreation
    	of an archive from the original message data would
    	have to be done to have new behavior applied to message
    	processed by earlier releases.
    	A messages with no subject will now have the string
    	"[no subject]" displayed any time the $SUBJECT$ resource
    	variable is used for the message.
        o	New resources:
    	    FIRSTPGLINK 	Link markup for first page of main index.
    	    LASTPGLINK 		Link markup for last page of main index.
    	    TFIRSTPGLINK 	Link markup for first page of thread index.
    	    TLASTPGLINK 	Link markup for last page of thread index.
    	    TNEXTINBUTTON	Button markup for next message
    				within a thread.
    	    TNEXTINBUTTONIA	Inactive button markup for next
    				message within a thread.
    	    TNEXTINLINK 	Link markup for next message within
    				a thread.
    	    TNEXTINLINKIA	Inactive link markup for next
    				message within a thread.
    	    TNEXTTOPBUTTON	Button markup for first message in
    				the next thread.
    	    TNEXTTOPBUTTONIA	Inactive button markup for first
    				message in the next thread.
    	    TPREVINBUTTON	Button markup for previous message
    				within a thread.
    	    TPREVINBUTTONIA	Inactive button markup for previous
    				message within a thread.
    	    TPREVINLINK 	Link markup for previous message
    				within a thread.
    	    TPREVINLINKIA	Inactive link markup for previous
    				message within a thread.
    	    TPREVTOPBUTTON	Button markup for first message in the
    				previous thread.
    	    TPREVTOPBUTTONIA	Inactive button markup for first
    				message in the previous thread.
    	    TSLICECONTBEGIN	Thread slice markup before the
    				continuation of a broken thread.
    	    TSLICECONTEND	Thread slice markup after the
    				continuation of a broken thread.
    	    TSLICEINDENTBEGIN	Thread slice markup for opening a level
    				when continuing a broken thread.
    	    TSLICEINDENTEND	Thread slice markup for closing a level
    				when continuing a broken thread.
    	    TSLICELIEND 	Ending markup for a thread slice
    				message listing.
    	    TSLICELIENDCUR	Ending markup for a thread slice
    				message listing.
    	    TSLICELINONE	Thread slice markup for a missing
    				message in thread slice.
    	    TSLICELINONEEND	Ending markup for a missing message in
    				thread slice.
    	    TSLICELITXT 	Markup for a thread slice message
    	    TSLICELITXTCUR	Markup for a thread slice message
    				listing if current message.
    	    TSLICESINGLETXT	Markup for a thread slice listing with
    				no follow-ups.
    	    TSLICESINGLETXTCUR	Markup for a thread slice listing with
    				no follow-ups if current message.
    	    TSLICESUBJECTBEG	Markup before a subject based thread
    				slice listing.
    	    TSLICESUBJECTEND	Markup after a subject based thread
    				slice listing.
    	    TSLICESUBLISTBEG	Thread slice markup for starting a
    	    TSLICESUBLISTEND	Thread slice markup for ending a
    	    TSLICETOPBEGIN	Thread slice markup for the root/start
    				of a thread.
    	    TSLICETOPBEGINCUR	Thread slice markup for the root/start
    				of a thread.
    	    TSLICETOPEND	Thread slice markup for the end of a
    	    TSLICETOPENDCUR	Thread slice markup for the end of a
    				thread if current message.
        o	$TSLICE$ resource variable can now take up to three arguments:
    	    <before>	: Number indicated the maximum number of
    			  message to print before the current message.
    			  If empty, the before value specified in
    			  TSLICE resource will be used.
    	    <after>	: Number indicated the maximum number of
    			  message to print after the current message.
    			  If empty, the after value specified in
    			  TSLICE resource will be used.
    	    <inclusive> : If `1', only messages within the current
    			  thread will be printed.  If `0', messages
    			  from the previous and next threads can
    			  be printed if the values for <before> and
    			  <after> would go beyond the current thread.
        o	TSLICE resource updated to allow specification of default
    	value of inclusive flag.
        o	The following new message specifications can be used for
    	message data-related resource variables:
    	    TNEXTIN		Next message within current thread.
    	    TNEXTTOP		Start of next thread.
    	    TPREVIN		Next message within current thread.
    	    TPREVTOP		Start of previous thread.
    	When used as arguments to the the $BUTTON$ and $LINK$ resource
    	are respectively applied.
        o	The use of TNEXT, TPREV (and new TNEXTTOP and TPREVTOP)
    	message specifications in resource variables behave more
    	intuitively when TREVERSE is active.  If at the boundaries
    	of a thread, TNEXT and TPREV will reference the first
    	message of the next thread by date and the first message
    	of the previous thread by date, respectively.
        o	Version of MHonArc and Perl are printed when MHonArc starts
    	unless QUIET is active.
        o (text/plain) filter changes:
    	.   If the htmlcheck option is set and it is detected that
    	    the data is HTML, an attempt is first made to use the
    	    registered text/html filter via MIMEFILTERS.  If none
    	    is defined, will be used.
    	.   When uudecode option is set, an attempt is to use
    	    the registered decoder for uuencode via MIMEDECODERS.
    	    If not defined, then base64::uudecode is used from
        o (text/html) filter changes:
    	.   Elements that have URL attributes that auto-load data --
    	    atributes converted to 'javascript:void(0);' URLs.	See new
    	    'allownoncidurls' filter argument below for more details.
    	.   The follow filter arguments have been added:
    	    allownoncidurls Preserve URL-based attributes that are not
    			    cid: URLs.	Normally, any URL-based
    			    attribute -- href, src, background,
    			    classid, data, longdesc -- will be
    			    converted to 'javascript:void(0);'
    			    if it is not a cid: URL.  This is to
    			    prevent malicious URLs that verify mail
    			    addresses for spam purposes, secretly set
    			    cookies, or gather some statistical data
    			    automatically with the use of elements
    			    that cause browsers to automatically
    			    fetch data: IMG, BODY, IFRAME, FRAME,
    	    notitle  	    Do not print title.
        o	Searching for OTHERINDEXES resource files has been modified.
    	The following lists the search order for an OTHERINDEXES
    	resource file:
    	    1. Current working directory.
    	    2. Same directory that the first resource file was read as
    	       specified by the RCFILE resource.
    	    3. User's home directory.
    	    4. Archive directory.
    	    5. Perl's @INC.
        o	FIRST, LAST, TFIRST, and TLAST idx_page_spec arguments to
    	$PGLINK$ are now supported via the FIRSTPGLINK, LASTPGLINK,
        o	$PGLINKLIST$ resource variable changed to print entire
    	list of page links if no arguments are provided.  To get
    	the entire list for thread indexes, use: $PGLINKLIST(T)$.
        o	Date parsing routine updated to recognize dates in the
    	following format: Weekday, Month DD, YYYY HH:MM Zone.
    	Apparently, this is useful if converting mail saved to
    	a file in text format from MS Outlook.
        o	Support for defining Perl function callbacks when a
    	new message header is read and just after a message body
    	has been converted.  Documentation about the callbacks is
    	provided in a new API appendix section in the documentation
    	and is provided in comments in the example
    	provided in the examples/ directory.
        o	Various internal changes have been made to try to eradicate
    	Perl 4-based conventions.  For example, the use of typeglobs to
    	pass by "reference" has been replaced by using real references.
    	Assuming nothing was screwed up, this change should be
    	transparent to most users (with the notable exception of the
    	API changes to MIMEFILTERS registered routines).  However,
    	if you have mucked with MHonArc internals, or created custom
    	modifications, you may need to be aware that changes have
    	been made.
Commits on Nov 1, 2001
Commits on Jul 16, 2001
  1. Update mhonarc to 2.4.9.

    taca authored
    06/10/2001	(2.4.9)
        o	Added the following resources:
    	    MIMEEXCS		List of content-types to exclude
    				from processing.  Exclusion occurs
    				before data is passed to filters.
        o If decoding uuencoded data, the data will
    	be excluded if application/octet-stream is listed the
    	MIMEEXCS resource.
        o If a CID URL is not available, the CID URL
    	is no longer preserved in the converted output.  The CID
    	URL is stripped.
        o	Added the following to content-type table:
    	  application/ms-excel		=> xls:MS-Excel spreadsheet
    	  application/ms-powerpoint	=> ppt:MS-Powerpoint presentation
    	  application/ms-project	=> mpp:MS-Project file
    	The "vnd." official versions are already present, but
    	some application use the above.
        o	TODO list added to distribution.
        Bug Fixes
        See BUGS.
    04/13/2001	(2.4.8)
        o	Added the following resources:
    	    KEEPONRMM   	Do not remove message files from disk
    				when messages are removed from the
        o	m2h_text_plain::filter now uses CHARSETCONVERTERS for
    	translating text data with a specified charset parameter.
    	The only exception is iso-2022-jp, which is handled directly
    	to properly support nourl flag.
        o	m2h_external::filter new arguments:
    		  A comma separated list of message specified filename
    		  extensions to exclude.  I.e.	If the filename
    		  extension matches an extension in excludeexts, the
    		  content will not be written.	The return markup
    		  will contain the name of the attachment, but no
    		  link to the data.  This option is best used with
    		  application/octet-stream to exclude unwanted data
    		  that is not tagged with the proper content-type.
    		  The m2h_null::filter can be used to exclude content
    		  by content-type.
        o	m2h_null::filter will now output a one line description
    	of the excluded content.  This is so the reader knows that
    	there was message content not saved within the archive.
        o	m2h_text_plain::filter new arguments:
    	usename		If extracting uuencoded data, the filename
    			specified should be used.
        o	m2h_text_html::filter new arguments:
     	allowcomments	Preserve any comment declarations.  Normally
     			Comment declarations are munged to prevent
     			SSI attacks or comments that can conflict
     			with MHonArc processing.  Use this option
     			with care.
    	(NOTE: Comment declarations were completely stripped before,
    	 but the regex used was known to crash perl on large comment
    	 declarations, so a simplier expression is now used to
    	 modify comment declarations to prevent possible attacks.)
        Bug Fixes
        See BUGS.
Commits on Apr 20, 2001
Commits on Apr 17, 2001
  1. + move the distfile digest/checksum value from files/md5 to distinfo

    agc authored
    + move the patch digest/checksum values from files/patch-sum to distinfo
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