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Commits on Jan 12, 2005
  1. Renamed marbles to lmarbles

    adam authored
    Changes 1.0.7:
    - configure option --with-profile-path has been replaced with
      autoconf option --localstatedir (04/06/14 M.S.)
    - data files will be installed to $datadir/lmarbles instead
      of $datadir/games/lmarbles (04/06/14 M.S.)
    - replaced strlen with sizeof when building config path (04/06/09 M.S.)
    - renamed marbles.prfs to lmarbles.prfs in the Makefile (04/06/09 M.S.)
    - included header for NetBSD (03/09/30 H.F.)
    Changes 1.0.6:
    - renamed project to LMarbles (02/11/24 M.S.)
    - fixed security holes created by improper use of sprintf 
      (02/11/24 M.S.)
    Changes 1.0.5:
    - switched to SDL_mixer (02/08/10 L.R.)
    - bunch of memory leaks fixed (02/08/10 L.R.)
    - for Win32: (02/08/10 L.R.)
      - edit bug fixed
      - installation details added to README
      - much improved installation system
      - files are always opened in binary mode
      - transparency bug fix
    Changes 1.0.4:
    - fixed a bug in the sound server that caused Marbles to crash
      when exiting too fast (01/07/02 M.S.)
    - fixed a bug that caused Marbles to forget the last used profile 
      (01/07/02 M.S.)
    - fixed a bug in autoswitch which restarted the level when
      the figure was completed with the last move (01/07/02 M.S.)
    - fixed a bug in restart routine that allowed selection of
      a ghost marble (01/07/02 M.S.)
    Changes 1.0.3:
    - score is now properly modified (02/06/24 M.S.)
    - fixed a bug that caused an infinite loop when left-clicking
      an empty tile directly after deselecting a marble (02/06/22 M.S.)
    - added a missing include at top of timer.c
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